TMZ Live Politics ... Now with More Abs!

10/27/2011 12:30 PM PDT

TMZ Live: Politics ... Now with More Abs!!

Politics isn't all boring speeches --- we're ramping up for TMZ D.C. in 2012, and Harvey lays out the plan to cover the hottest personalities (and bodies) in the Beltway.

Also, is boxer Victor Ortiz crazy to sink his 2 million from the Mayweather fight into tacos? He calls in to pitch his restaurant ... and ends up getting marketing tips from us.

Plus, Michael Lohan is officially -- the worst ... fugitive, ever.

(4:21) Huge news -- TMZ D.C. is on the horizon!
(6:00) Harvey breaks down the premise behind TMZ D.C.
(12:50) Rep. Aaron Schock's hilarious introduction to TMZ two years ago ... and how his abs made him a star.
(24:05) Michael Lohan's ridiculous arrest video -- which Harvey says looks like "we're covering an escaped animal from the L.A. Zoo."
(26:34)  Bad news: Michael has to face THAT judge again. 
(29:01) How cute, MiLo and LiLo could be in jail at the same time.
(33:29) Harvey schools Victor Ortiz on the proper way to pitch a new product.
(41:40) Steven Tyler shows off his gruesome injuries from his show fall -- and it's worse than you think it'd be.
(43:55) Steven is adamant -- he did NOT fall of the wagon.
(45:50)  Dr. Murray's defense team is pulling out any big guns.
(49:50) The defense team may have made a HUGE error -- and Elizabeth thinks he'll get convicted.