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Politics ... Now with More Abs!

10/27/2011 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Politics isn't all boring speeches --- we're ramping up for TMZ D.C. in 2012, and Harvey lays out the plan to cover the hottest personalities (and bodies) in the Beltway.

Also, is boxer Victor Ortiz crazy to sink his 2 million from the Mayweather fight into tacos? He calls in to pitch his restaurant ... and ends up getting marketing tips from us.

Plus, Michael Lohan is officially -- the worst ... fugitive, ever.

(4:21) Huge news -- TMZ D.C. is on the horizon!
(6:00) Harvey breaks down the premise behind TMZ D.C.
(12:50) Rep. Aaron Schock's hilarious introduction to TMZ two years ago ... and how his abs made him a star.
(24:05) Michael Lohan's ridiculous arrest video -- which Harvey says looks like "we're covering an escaped animal from the L.A. Zoo."
(26:34)  Bad news: Michael has to face THAT judge again. 
(29:01) How cute, MiLo and LiLo could be in jail at the same time.
(33:29) Harvey schools Victor Ortiz on the proper way to pitch a new product.
(41:40) Steven Tyler shows off his gruesome injuries from his show fall -- and it's worse than you think it'd be.
(43:55) Steven is adamant -- he did NOT fall of the wagon.
(45:50)  Dr. Murray's defense team is pulling out any big guns.
(49:50) The defense team may have made a HUGE error -- and Elizabeth thinks he'll get convicted.

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Geeze, enough with the boxer. Harvey do you have a man crush on him or what?

1061 days ago

nee nee    

Steven Tyler: Food Poisoning from where? who else got it ? what did he eat?...looks like he got beat up....would have to be quite a violent bathtub fall :)

1061 days ago


Probally slipped getting out and kissed the sink top

1061 days ago


I haven't read many comments, and I don't like being negative...but that Brian guy was an "imbicile" to quote a previous comment. He was not funny, isightful, informative - quite to the contrary, he should not be on screen

1061 days ago

Jim Jones    

This guy is an idiot Babbeling...
Harvey give me the opportunity to push my product I won't screw it up

1061 days ago

Bobby Fontaine    

BREAKING NEWS - a gruesome tale of how Steven Tyler’s assistant Ray Tabano tried to kill Tyler’s teenage girlfriend to get rid of Tyler’s unborn child. When she survived the fire, Tyler forced her to abort their baby boy while surrounded by doctors and lawyers as he snorted cocaine. His aborted son (later named Mike by Julia) however survived the horrifying late term procedure. He was left to suffocate as his father watched him gasp his first and last breaths of life – Julia Holcomb Interview Part 1 -

1061 days ago


get to the point and blahhh zzzzzzzzzzzzz...

1061 days ago


I see botox forehead!!!!

1061 days ago


Must you?

1061 days ago

Fidel Sarcastro    

Honestly I think it could be a good idea to do a TMZ DC. I think that perhaps it could be both good for politicians and constituents. for too long there is this big divide between the governing body and the governed, politicians are shown to be distant, squeaky clean and straight laced and lacking authentic personality. Perhaps showing these politicians that the best way to get the people to support them is to be seen as one of them is to have TMZ doing impromptu bits where the politician is caught off-guard and will be able to answer questions (pointed and off the wall) without being primped and coached by handlers. All i ask is that they don't take a biased approach as to who they interview, how stories are handled etc. FoxNews claims fair and balanced journalism but never delivers, I would hope that TMZ could actually be non-partisan

1061 days ago


TMZ DC could work, however, you will not get away with the shena****ns you pull out in LA. Once you start trashing Capital Hill in the tabloid fashion you do with the LA celebrities they will run you out!

1061 days ago

KAREN Christopher    

Thank God - no Brian today!!

1061 days ago

Flying Blind    

your court recap guy doesn't know sheet about the trial. they said more than once about michael taking pills and the propofol wheel was less than 3 feet from him.

it was an i-v harvey, dr shaffer said the only way was an i-v.

1061 days ago

Flying Blind    

should i say only an i-v to get that level of propofol in his body at time of death. and that the i-v was still running when jackson died.

and that murray took one section of the i-v with him when he left. the part with the propofol upper drip above the y joint.

1061 days ago


Harvey. I know you're jazzed about a political show, but I think TMZ would actually interfere and influence politics in a very negative way. People would try to get on the show to win favor. Your people aren't the brightest bulbs, and could not handle Washington. Most people hate politics and would no*****ch -- you average viewer anyway. Keep the craziness in LA. Don't mess with our government. They have work to do, not build your ego Harvey.

1061 days ago
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