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Michael Lohan

Hannibal Lecter Jail Entrance

10/28/2011 3:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If we didn't know better, we would have guessed cops were transporting a dangerous serial killer in Tampa moments ago -- but no ... it was just Michael Lohan arriving to jail.

As we previously reported, Michael was transferred to a local hospital Thursday morning after his arrest -- when he fell 34-feet from his hotel balcony ... in what cops believe was an attempt to escape.

Michael was brought back to jail today in a wheelchair ... and it was hilariously suspenseful -- check the footage. It goes great with some fava beans and a nice chianti.

3:55 PM: And for good measure, here's MiLo's brand spankin' new mug shot. Hello, Clarice.

Michael Lohan mug shot 2011


No Avatar


Great parental role model there. I would have loved to see video of this moron falling on his ass. It would have made for a great montage with the Benny Hill theme.

1034 days ago


So THIS was Lindsay's "role model" growing up. I feel for her, she's had one messed up life. Then add in the mother in denial, won't grow up herself and will now sell her in the book.

1034 days ago


Hmmm, . . . that's weird, . . . I thought Dr. Drew cured this guy!!!

1034 days ago


That Michael....he's a character!

1034 days ago

Bad Billy    

How much did it cost the taxpayers to have 6 guards, plus vehicle to do all this!?

1034 days ago

Just sayin    

I knew there was something evil/dark/controlling about him. His journey to fame has not happened in his "time frame". Now his craziness is coming out & he is not so well "self guarded". Flush his ass down with the rest of the sh^t that belongs in the sewer. Narcissti*****tle bitch.

1034 days ago


Resources, time, MONEY--all being wasted on this stupid lying fool. I hope they put him in jail--his escapades are getting more ridiculous as time goes on.

1034 days ago


And Michael takes the lead with 6 Mug Shots, come on LiLo your Pops up'd ya one. YOUR TURN!

1034 days ago

Throwback kid    

The best thing that could happen to this attention seeking creep is to put him in a cell with a huge black inmate, and let the inmate spead Michaels bony a-s-s cheeks and just sodomize him! Maybe this is the only thing that will make Michael Lohan not want to go back to jail? So far nothing else has worked. I usually don't condone inmates forcing anal s-e-x on other inmates but when it comes to Lohan I am willing to make an exception.

1034 days ago


Clearly Lindsay didnt get her acting ability from her father, what a scammer.

1034 days ago


i remember not too long ago kate was passed out, wearing nothing, except panties i think., anyway he posed her by spreading her legs apart and taking a camera pic and putting that on the internet. then, let us not forget his crusade to "save lilo". i personally think the balcony fiasco was a ploy to be in the tabloids, but he went too far this time. i think he's in very deep trouble now. the public does not like him, and why would anyone? i wonder what his defenition of a man is?!?!

1034 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

God-Is-Busy alright, dealing with the Blowhans!!!!!!!!

1034 days ago


Good Lord. Everytime I see this jerk-off in action my sympathy level for Lindsay increases. To be saddled with the fact that half her genes come from this d-bag has to be devastating. Don't really know what to think about Dina and realize she's not at the top of anyone's "parent of the year" list, but at least she's not constantly making an ass of herself in public. This ass actually thrives on and welcomes the publicity he gets from these episodes... incredible.

1034 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

One thing is certain, Milo is a "flight" risk!!!!!!

1034 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

What happened to all the Blohans changing their names to Sullivan"? Dilo is as FOS as they come. With all her lies, it's no wonder God-Is-Busy!

1034 days ago
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