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Lindsay Lohan

I'm Beggin' for Mercy!

10/31/2011 9:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
will concede she violated her probation by getting kicked out of her community service program ...TMZ has learned.

Lindsay will appear in court on Wednesday ... where Judge Stephanie Sautner plans to hold a hearing on whether Lindsay violated her probation. But our sources say the hearing may be unnecessary, because Lindsay will not put up a fight.

Sources tell us Lindsay's strategy -- courtesy of Shawn Holley -- is to show the judge she is now really, really serious about complying with the terms of her probation. She'll come to court armed with proof she's logged in 24 hours of service at the morgue -- way more than the 16 hours a week the judge required before Wednesday's hearing. And Lindsay still has time to put in more time.

Lindsay's plan has its risks -- she faces well over a year in jail if the judge throws the book at her. We're told Lindsay is hoping for minimal jail time -- two weeks -- which would actually be way less because of overcrowding.

The wild card, of course, is Judge Sautner, who made it clear at the time of sentencing ... if Lindsay violated probation she would go to jail. Based on the judge's statements ... it's unlikely Lindsay would score a 2-week sentence.

We'll be live streaming Wednesday.  So stay tuned ...



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1088 days ago


I hope she go to jail. That's the only thing will get her sense back. Lindsay grow up please.

1088 days ago


She did the same thing with Judge Fox.

1088 days ago


All your tricks are in your 6" folder.
You've played this one before

1088 days ago


Off with her head!

1088 days ago


“A hearing may not be necessary”? You think Lohan and her sources have any say in the matter? Remember, this isn't just about determining whether she violated her probation- the judge wants to grill the probation dept for writing such a glowing yet inaccurate report, and find out why the therapist claims she attended weekly therapy when we know this not to be true. This is just Lohan trying to minimize things, and if she thinks the judge will be impressed by Lohan's morgue hours, especially when 16 of them were court ordered, you must think the judge is really stupid. She had 6+ months to prove that she's serious, why should anyone believe her under these cir****tances?

1088 days ago


Lindsay deserves absolutely NO MERCY... None at all!

1088 days ago


This is more BS from BLOWhan. She's using a "legal strategy" developed by her attorney; she's not being honest. In other words, she's just trying to influence the judge into giving her less time. What she really should do is stand up, and honestly tell the judge "I'm not going to waste the court's time; it's my fault. I'm the reason that I have problems. It's all me; I'm responsible for what I did, and I've screwed up bigtime". Instead, she'll simply tell the judge that "I won't fight back, and I've done a lot of morgue time, because I want you to give me less time in jail". What a bitch. Still arrogant. Still entitled. Still condescending. Still calculating. Still manipulative.

I hope the judge throws the book at her, and then tells her off, letting her know EXACTLY why she's throwing the book at her. She needs to serve at least 3 months in jail (serve, not be sentenced to & then serve 20%); she needs a horrifying jail experience of being beaten down & having her stuff stolen to scare her straight & get her serious about getting her life back on track. At this point, aversion therapy is the only thing that will reach her, slap her in the face & make her want to change. Personally, I don't think even that will happen, given what a dumbass she is & what assh*les her parents are, but you never know...

1088 days ago

Vegas Wrestling    

I am sure Lindsay will read this, so here goes....

At what point do you think anyone should take you seriously? You have said this over,and over and over. Great, you logged in an extra 8 hours at the morgue, and made sure TMZ was there to "report" on it, it's called showboating. I really believe you are the most disconnected from reality person out there. You have been given chance after chance, more chances than I would be given or any regular person would be given.

You are clueless. The worst part is you exist in a world that freely enables you. You go on Jay Leno and he tells you how awesome it is you're standing up and accepting responsibility only to prove days later you hadn't. Playboy gives you nearly $1,000,000 to pose nude simply because of your infamy now. Seriously, you will make more money being a screw-up than any normal person could make after busting their asses in school and getting a degree or working for their dreams. In the real world, you could not do what you do and keep your job and source of income, yet in the world you live in, it makes you Millions, Millions you will find a way to blow. Hell, didn't you get paid $25,000 to do a commerical while on House Arrest?

It doesn't matter if you get sentenced to jail Wednesday. Your lawyer will find a way to get you out fast or some loophole to get you back on House Arrest, which you can spend in a luxury condo in Malibu.

I would say I am tired of your act, but I am not. You're a Modern Freakshow. I literally can't wait to see what you'll do next. America has a morbid fascination with you and how ridiculously you have torpedoed your career that you'd make Millions if you charged people to get to look inside your home 24/7. The saddest part, as you tell the Judge you're really, really, really serious this time and you respect the law is the Millions of people who will laugh at your comment like it's the best stand up act ever.

I'll be watching Wednesday, and I'll watch you get led away in cuffs knowing you'll spend 10% of what someone who can't afford your high paid lawyer would get and you'll get out and you'll commence screwing up again because you realize you'll never truly suffer any consequences for your actions. I just wish the people around you would tell you "Hey, you're a Class A F-UP and you don't deserve the chances you're given anymore!" instead of the gladhanding and ass kissing you'll get from your Mother on down.

Thanks again for the best car crash entertainment going. I just wish for one week you could walk in the shoes of anyone not famous and see what the real World is truly like, something you should be thankful no one is ever going to make you do ever!!

1088 days ago


This dumb ass judge has been threatening this turd with jail for how long now?
Judge: If you violate your probation one more time, you will go to jail.
Lohan: uh, ok. Can I go now?
Judge: I mean it, just one more time. I know I've said that before, and you are constantly thumbing your nose at me, but I mean it this time.
Lohan: Um, yeah. I couldn't do it, cuz I totally had a photo shoot in Paris, so..
Judge: O.K., but just one more time. O.K.?
Lohan: Uhhh, whatever

1088 days ago


they arent gonna do **** to her..havent yet and they wont now.

1088 days ago


She has a pattern she follows and just like her father until they both stop lying to themselves and others nothing is going to change.If the judge and lawyer really want to help this woman follow through on your threats of punishment for the crimes she is guilty of and show her how to take responibilty for her actions.Hopefully if she learns from her mistakes she will be a better person if she does not learn and thumbs her nose at the courts again hope she is in another state that doesn't play the celbrity law and drag her sentence out for probation violation.She will never complete her CS on time.What will be the State of California excuse this time?Who all are getting kick backs from keeping her out of jail????

1088 days ago


I think she uses the Courts as publicity. She could have done her time or contacted the Court when things weren't working out. It's a mystery what to do with her, can't put her in general population. Take away her license. Ship her down South to do time. Where she doesn't know anyone. Boot Camp...

1088 days ago

Good riddance!    

She'll be serious up until she walks out of a door and immediately heads off to the next party to drink, drug, and whore it up. These are definitely just Holley's words and not her own ideas. If brains were dynamite, Lowhan doesn't have enough to blow out a candle. Just like her violent, criminal sperm donor, her only concern for the law is how to ignore it and break it without getting caught. Show her life actually has consequences for bad actions and lock her the hell up!

1088 days ago


The only thing Lindsay is really serious about at this point is staying out of jail. She'll say anything to achieve that goal, but she won't *DO* anything she says she'll do or is told to do by the court. But given California's serious overcrowding in jails & prisons, prisoners like Lohan are the first to walk, because they're stupid but not dangerous to anyone but themselves. Putting her in rehab is a waste of time and money. She's already been to rehab five times and hasn't learned a damned thing. And therapy with a therapist that lies about her weekly compliance or allows her to skate by on a 10-minute phone call is certainly not doing her any good either. She won't learn any lesson that any judge tries to teach her, not by jailing her or trying to rehab her, and teaching people a lesson is not the purpose of the court. And there's not much creativity in the judge's options for sentencing. Lather, rinse, repeat. This will continue until Lohan destroys herself utterly; then every trade mag will dust off the pre-written obituaries, fill in the date, time, and which drugs were involved, and send it to press. No one will be surprised. Not many will grieve, not truly. Lindsay was lost a long time ago, and lacks the will to do anything about it.

1088 days ago
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