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Kim Kardashian

Filed for Divorce on

Anniversary of 1st Encounter

11/1/2011 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

kim kardashian courtsideOctober 31 isn't just the day Kim Kardashian filed for divorce ... it's the same date that Kim met Kris Humphries for the very first time at a New Jersey Nets basketball game back in 2010.

TMZ has learned ... Kim was sitting courtside at the Izod Center in NJ when she noticed the 6'9" power forward running up and down the court ... and thought he was "cute."

We're told Kim worked her magic and orchestrated a meeting with Kris ... and the two hit it off.

Kim and Kris began dating soon after ... then engaged ... then married ... and on October 31, 2011 ... Kim filed for divorce.

A lot can happen in a year.

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Is it legal to marry yourself? Because that's the only person she truly loves.
She a disgusting dirty sk*nk, who contrived a hoax to make more money. I hope E! sues her. Even the trip to Australia was BS, as she normally uses private jets (especially with her cash). she is such a media whore, it really boggles the mind. Have a look at chloe's fake twitter pic; the whole family is epically fake and disgusting.

1086 days ago


Why is that freak sitting next to her always hanging around her like some butt-boy?

1086 days ago


TMZ is losing credibility fast and the only reason KK gets top billing this morning is because of the advertising revenue; and that's what it's all about. TMZ used to be a decent outlet, but they've gone the way of the supermarket scandal sheet. A pity.

1086 days ago


We had to painfully watch the creation of there empire and now we get to watch it go BOOM! Now that's entertainment. Okay Sears...time to pull there "Kollection" off the shelves and introduce the crap to the dumpster.

1086 days ago


While We have all of these other Problems in America and around the world this is what people pay more attention to?.This Dirty Whore with no Talent and her ****ty Family?..I cant wait for the Day that the Kardashians are Wiped away from this World..YOU HAVE NO TALENT..YOU REALLY ARE NOT THAT GOOD LOOKING..YOU ARE THE SIZE OF A TROLL WITH AN ASS THE SIZE OF NEW JERSEY..YOUR SISTERS ARE ALL DULL WITH NOTHING GOING FROM THEM..YOUR SISTER KHLOE IS A NEANDERTHAL AND YOUR MOM HAS SO MUCH PLASTIC IN HER SHE COULD PROBABLY PRODUCE THE NEXT LINE OF MATELL TOYS...Just Die Already...

1086 days ago


She sounds like a spoiled little rich brat who couldn't get her way and wanted to get back at Kris in the most hurtful way. I am sick of the whole Kardashian bunch. Can't we just jettison them off this planet and be done with them?!?

1086 days ago


It comes to no surprise really. What a shock that it wouldn't last. I think she makes enough to pay back the billion dollar wedding the network paid to air her wedding and everything about it.

1086 days ago


I read on another site that "sources" claim that this event will not hurt the Kardashian brand. I sincerely hope they are wrong. Kim Kardashian made a mockery of marriage ("for better or for worse" anyone?) and the wedding itself was a gross display of overindulgence and greed.

a smart publicist would:
1. Tell Khloe to stop tweeting about how they're hurt by the hateful comments. Well, I'll bet their fans are hurt that they watched a lie on TV.
2. Tell Kim to give back the wedding gifts and at least part of the money she made on the wedding special to charity if she wants to convince the public that she wasn't in it just for the money
3. Do something selfless. Anything selfless
4. Do not film the divorce process or say things that make it look like it's all Kris H's fault. It's not. The public isn't stupid enough to believe that.

1086 days ago


Why can't you pick newsworthy ppl to write articles about? How about covering some of our HEROS that fought and died for this country? Why do you glorify these slutty, whores? They are NOBODIES! My niece who is a Marine Sergeant should have headlines about her! What she does in a day, ppl like Kooky Kim and all the rest of these sleezebags, couldn't do in a lifetime!!! Do some news on ppl that deserve to be in the headlines! Sergeant Brittany Molina, YOU ROCK! You are a TRUE hero!!!

1086 days ago


We can only hope this exposes Kim to her "fans" for what she really is... a superficial, entitled rich girl who doesn't care how many lives she ruins just to get a paycheck.

1086 days ago


SKANKS! RUN, KRIS, RUNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1086 days ago


I told u all it would not last they are from two different worlds and kim is not I repeat going to give up hollywood and move to some hick town now she can get back to doing what she does best spread eagle, its already as wide as the grand canyon.

1086 days ago

Joel Kauftheil    

This Bitch Crazy...

1086 days ago


Everyone knows this gutter porn whore will do anything to generate publicity for herself, she is as lows as it comes on the food chain

1086 days ago


Gross heartless b*** in fur. She looks like a retard in that beautiful dead animal she killed just to look like an idiot. How much did she pay for its life of misery?

1086 days ago
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