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Kris Humphries' Family

Kim Is Making a Massive Mistake

11/1/2011 12:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kris Humphries Parents
Kris Humphries
' family has been crushed by Kim Kardashian's decision to end their marriage -- telling friends, the reality star is making a massive "mistake" for giving up on Kris so soon.

Sources close to Kris' family tell TMZ, everyone knew there was tension in the relationship -- but they never imagined divorce was on the table. As one source put it, "Everyone fights."

The Humphries believe Kim is making a huge "mistake" -- insisting she never gave the marriage a fighting chance ... and should have tried harder to make things work.

That said, Kris' fam still believes he can salvage his marriage and talk Kim down off the ledge, convincing her to slam the brakes on divorce proceedings.

According to sources, Kris' family loves Kim and they're hoping beyond hope the divorce doesn't go through -- particularly because "it would kill Kris" if it was really the end.

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Run don't walk. Get away from that Krazy family

1033 days ago


Kris, This is a total blessing. She is a total head case and so incredibly selfish and self centered. They are a screwed up dysfunctional family and you should consider yourself blessed. This was not you. God has intervened here. Go and find a beautiful woman inside and out. Kim is a total shame, she is disgusting in every sense of the word. I hope her so called career plummets through the toilet. She deserves nothing more. Hang in there.

1033 days ago


how sad. the father worked hard and made a name for himself. the mother leaves him; however, he dies. she keeps his name for recognition purposes and rides on his fame. them she sees her daughters are future moneymarkers and becomes a "family broker" brokering out herself, her kids for whatever money and attention. she loves the limelight. remember "the apples do not fall far from the tree." the mother is truly incredibly vain and self centered..

1033 days ago


Kim is a slut she needs to continue to soak black *****. Kris I feel bad that you were not saved by the Bell. Well see you in dancing with stars or please do not get drunk so that you would not end up on the doctor Drew show.

1033 days ago


I'm just upset that this girl (Kim K) used something like marriage to make money and further her career. It's a disgrace, there are enough in dealing with a relationship and the statistics are staggering in the # of divorces. She is no role model and the situation is disgusting.

1033 days ago


99% of the comments on this article are clearly in Kris' camp. The Kardashian run is over, I hope Ryan Seacrest gets burned too, we (the public)deserve better TV.

1033 days ago


The moment I saw that Kris grew that awful looking mustashe a few days before their wedding and saying he did it to "send Kim a message", I thought this marriage is not going to last. That immature gesture wasn't about a loving relationship and wedding. It was already shouting that there was going to be a power struggle and that Kris was too insecure to be married to a celebrity who has an ego as big as his. I'm not a big fan of Kim's, but Kris also kept tossing Kim around like a rag doll. Yes, he is physically strong and she is so much smaller, but he did it in such a way that it only would have been a matter of time before she got physically hurt. In a couple of TV episodes he threw her into the water onto her ear, he threw her high up and onto the bed, nearly missing her head on the wall. Kim may be a self-centered woman, but Kris was just a big immature child. Not a good match for a real marriage.

1033 days ago


Well Kris there is a resaon fo everything in our life.You still young and handsome ,I am sure God have something much better waiting for you.When God closes a door he opens another.I wish all the best for Kim too .

1033 days ago


It's funny that she's so surprised that she has to defend her motives for getting married. All of Kim's past actions have been carefully calculated towards making her rich and famous. And building momager Kris Jenner's empire. Why should this situation be an isolated incident? Every member of the Kardashian family has skewed priorities and a warped perception of what's important in life. I think there was always trouble in paradise, but they didn't want to end a story line that made "good" tv.

1033 days ago

Buddy The Elf    

They look like normal folks - they should EMBRACE this and run the hell away from this freak of a family.

1033 days ago


Kim Kardashian and Kris H's mom; a slut fight between two white-trash n-lovers.

1033 days ago


This poor dumb kid got stuck in the crosshairs of the Kardashian juggernaut. I feel bad for him. I'm sure he is in love with her, but I'm also sure, as an NBA player, he has an ego the size of Manhattan as well as being a young dumb kid. Kim, having already been in a divorce as well as in a sex scandal has been so hardened by those experiences that one more divorce for her is no big deal. But I think its going to kill him. If he does get to play BBall this year he will play like crap because of this.

1033 days ago


I don't blame Kris' parents, I wouldn't have wanted my son married to that gold digging tramp either. She learned how to be the skank that she is from her cheating mother Kris Jenna, who cheated on their father, that's why he divorced her mother. Kris parents should have kicked his butt for even dealing with her. This heffer thougt she could fool Reggie Bush and Ray J and they both kicked her butt to the curve, even if she wants to say she broke up with them, they wouldn't married the skank. I was wondering why I didn't see Kris mom on camera at the wedding, just his dad a few times.

1033 days ago


Kris' dad is HOT!

1033 days ago


Ok, so you want your son to stay with someone who doesn't want to be with him? They should be glad to be able to no longer be a part of such a money-grubbing, attention-hogging family. Oh wait, but maybe that's what they really want.

1033 days ago
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