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Lindsay Lohan

Asks Morgue for Help

In Grave Legal Situation

11/1/2011 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan Ed Winter
Lindsay Lohan figures if the people from the morgue can help dead people, they can do wonders for her, and that's why she's asked them for a letter of recommendation for the very skeptical judge.

We're told Lindsay pleaded with a supervisor at the L.A. County Coroner's Office to write the letter on her behalf ... touting that she's been doing yeoman's work at corpseville.

But our sources say her request got shut down before it reached the man in charge, Ed Winter, and even if it had ... there's no way Winter would have written the letter.

As we've already reported, Lindsay will concede that she violated her probation when she goes to court tomorrow, and Judge Stephanie Sautner will almost certainly send her to jail.  We're told Lindsay is hoping for just 2 weeks behind bars, but that is probably wishful thinking.

We'll be livestreaming Wednesday's hearing at 10am PT.


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Maybe she and her father could share a cell--then they could spend Thanksgiving together. Maybe even Christmas.

1089 days ago


I prefer to see her WORK off an extended CS sentence. While she's an annoying scofflaw, she's no master criminal.

1089 days ago


She was locked out her very first day!
The Assistant Chief Coroner made a statement to the media that he knew she was full of sh*t

1089 days ago


Best possible outcome? The judge sentences her to 16 1/2 months in jail--therefore giving her a bulky sentence yet still keeping her on probation. Not to mention she will also have the Community Service (which is a part of her sentence NOT probation) hanging over her head. I don't know the max you can be sentenced for not completing the CS on time, but I'm sure Lindsay will find out.

1089 days ago


Just because the cupcakes work with the therapist, dont expect them to work with everyone

1089 days ago


One of Lindsay's biggest problems? She doesn't have a day-to-day structure. Since she works contract to contract, she doesn't have any daily structure to keep her in line. This is how many addicts end up back using and I think it may be one of the largest reasons she goes back to using: Boredom. When I was using, I didn't have a job and would go out shopping every day and get high every night. It wasn't until I went to rehab and was actually forced to take on some responsibility, create a daily schedule and STICK TO IT that I started taking things seriously. I started off small--with a part-time job. But, then worked my way up to working semi-full time and going to school. Lindsay uses for emotional reasons-yes. But, she also uses because she's bored. And, unlike many of us, she doesn't HAVE to have a job. It's easy to pull yourself together when you only have to do it once and a while for photo shoots. And, heck, how long could those actually last. My prediction is, Lindsay would pull the same behavior she has at the Women's Shelter and at the morgue on a set for a film. They have very rigorous schedules. I think she's late for several reasons (depending on the day)--she is in withdrawl, she is hungover and can't or won't get up, or she wants to get high so she blows off the CS. The schedule on a film would be virtually the same as CS--if not much, much longer. And, memorizing lines (not doing them), getting into character, and getting to the location is way harder than scrubbing toilets.
And re: her appearance. I used different drugs than her, but when I did, I would stay up all night doing things to my appearance I would NEVER do now. I once accidently plucked my eyebrows WAY too thin. I wore tons of makeup I would never even think of wearing now. The blonde, fake look has just gotten worse and worse over the years (I think even her fans can agree on that). And, she NEVER changes her look. Sure, she may dye her hair from one color to another--but she never cuts her hair or changes the length or texture. In fact, I rarely ever see it any way but down. Nearly every celeb I've ever followed has ALWAYS cut their hair or changed it up once.
In any case, it's not hard to see that Lindsay has started using again. And, not just for the reasons I've stated above--it's written all over her behavior. And, it's just going to continue in this vicious cycle until she either OD's and wakes up or changes the structure in her life.

1089 days ago


That fat azz judge is in the back pocket of the Hollywood execs. She'll talk her smack [bla, bla,bla, bla,bla, bla] make her threats, give her three months, she'll serve two-maybe three weeks that goofy sheriff Baca [another Hollywood flunky] will conjure up some crazy BS--[she needs psychiatric intervention, same BS they did for Paris--to allow her to serve her time in A HOSPITAL]. I've seen this show before. Change the channel.

1089 days ago


Good grief! This is WAY WAY WAY out of line! How stupid is she? It makes it very clear what her intentions with the food was, a bribe. What kind of moron thinks the place she's doing CS at would write here a letter of recommendation for doing what she was ordered to do? Does she have any idea just how many people have to do the exact same thing she does, most of whom don't screw up on their very first day? What a complete loser! She totally deserves to do jail time.

1089 days ago



Lindsay's behavior on set is the same as it is for her community service. Ask James G. Robinson (head of the firm that produced Georgia Rule), who wrote that she had "frequently failed to arrive on time to the set" and he was "well aware that your ongoing all night heavy partying is the real reason for your so called 'exhaustion'". Or you can ask Don Miggs from her recent music video shoot, who stated she held up production for 2 hours the first day of the shoot, and then continued to hold up production the following day. (as a side note, a stylist also noted that a costume Lindsay wore had gone missing!)

1089 days ago


Regardless of what Sheriff Baca said, she wont send Lindsay to jail.
This judge is no different than all the others.
Lindsay just got a big spread em pay check to pay the judge off

1089 days ago

Jay W.     

Ed Winters is a douch!

1089 days ago


Hopefully the judge will make this my best almost-birthday ever, and send her to jail. Wishfull thinking, though.

1089 days ago


Special props, rewards, letters of commendation are appropriate when someone goes over and above what is expected. When you just do what you're supposed to do, (i.e., show up for Court-ordered community service), an letter of commendation is not called for. Most of the population follows the rules everyday without expecting special accolades. It's clear from this request, among other things, nothing has changed, and Ms. Lohan still believes she is special.

1089 days ago

Red Cloud    

quick post

Does Lindsay have the WC, Probation Dept., and the therapist strongly on her side? What is the big deal if the supervisor at the morgue says nothing positive OR negative?

gone, gone, gone..............

1089 days ago

the real diva    

time to throw her butt in jail let her serve time. plain and simple. she tried to butter the morgue up with cupcakes. she thinks she can pull one over on the judge. she is always getting out of things. if us normal people pulled what she has. we would be serving time in jail. lindsay is not special. she needs to obey the law like everyone else..stop getting special treatment. trying to buy her way out of things. and sweet talk the morgue into a letter for the judge. just throw her in jail. leave her there.

1089 days ago
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