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Kardashian Fam

We Didn't Make a Cent

Off the Wedding

11/2/2011 6:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


The Kardashian family is screaming it from the mountain tops -- trying to convince the world they DID NOT PROFIT from Kim's ill-fated wedding ... but there seems to be a problem with their logic.

Kris Jenner appeared on "Today" this morning ... and said, "It saddens me to think that one of the rumors is that we’ve sold the television rights for millions of dollars, not true. We profited or she profited – absolutely false."

Jenner's statement follows a stern blog post from Kim -- in which she also stated, "There are also reports that I made millions of dollars off of the wedding. These reports are simply not true and it makes me so sad to have to even clarify this."

This morning, Kim appeared on the "Kyle and Jackie O" show in Australia, and once again insisted she didn't marry for cash ... saying, "I would never marry for a TV show, for money, for anything like that, and I think that's really ridiculous that I have to even, you know, kind of defend that but, you know."


Still, Kris admits K&K, "made some money for the pictures that were sold and things like that" ... but says the fam didn't profit, because all of that money went back towards paying for the wedding.

But here's the problem -- most people can't afford a $10 million wedding, and if Kim chose to pump her MASSIVE paychecks back into her wedding, that's her call ... and it STILL COUNTS AS PROFIT. Kim could have had a $6 mil wedding ... and banked $4.

So, we gotta ask ...


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Sure she didn't make any money! Um, don't forget she gets paid for her reality television show, SO SHE WAS PAID FOR THAT EPISODE! Who knows how much, but surely MORE than her normally aired episodes! "I married for love!"/"I got caught up and should have broken off the relationship but didn't want to hurt anyone." THAT IS NOT MARRYING FOR LOVE! Way to contradict yourself...oh wait...I mean LIE! WE ALL KNOW YOU MADE MONEY! Just admit it like a normal person would do! You are doing more damage every time you open your mouth! I wasn't a huge fan of these horrible people, but I do have friends that are...and I will admit, I did watch that episode of the wedding...I wish I could get the time back that I los*****ching that LIE/GARBAGE! I will no longer watch nor allow anyone that I know to watch or buy anything that has to do with these PATHOLOGICAL LIARS! You are SPENT anyway! Now it's about time you GO THE EFF AWAY!

1025 days ago


you could actually smell the HD stank through the cat kept pawing at the screen like it was 3 day old tuna.

1025 days ago


So, let me get this straight. Kim paid for the wedding out of her own pocket, with no return on her investment. She reportedly made about 16 million last year. So, we're expected to believe that she spent most of her entire yearly salary on her wedding?

These people are just making it up as they go along!

1025 days ago


HARVEY HARVEY HARVEY- we are sick of these skanks. I would so adore seeing more of P!NK and her adorable child with the normal name, even David Arquette and how he's dealing with the agony of being voted off the Mirror Ball. PLEASE ! anything but these horrid jokes of a family!!!

1025 days ago


I wouldn't be able to work or do anything if I just post a divorce. I would need some days to recover from that, but Kim went on a business trip to Austrailia because she's in love with money. Its kind of sad at the end. I really feel sorry for Kris that he had to endure in this and have a stupid reputation of being dumb and clueless when he could've met someone else. Kim used him and threw his away like he was nothing. I don't like that because when you do bad to people Karma comes back for you. I think self-Guillotine or another form of suicide is the best option for this family.

1025 days ago


Why do they continue lying? You know somebody is going to come up with an itemized list of profits now. Paid for wedding lol lol

1025 days ago


It was an enormous mistake on their part to address the issue at all. They should have kept their big mouths shut. The backlash is going to be far worse now.

1025 days ago


B O Y C O T T everything and anything KARDASHIAN.
Old Bag Dracula Mom is looking a bit like the viewers and consumers have PUNKED the Kardashians...they are looking as STUPID as the Kardashians made the public look for so many MONEY years. How's it feeling "KRISSY and KIMMY?"

1025 days ago


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!! The Kardashians are the living proof for the fact that White Trash doesn't always come on Welfare. Go take your meds you old hag, stay out of the limelight and take your trashy money greedy bunch of slags with you. What an embarrassement! Don't you have any shame??? Decency? I would have never stepped out in public for a damn year if a sextape of ME had been "leaked" (yeah we all know that is as true as the "leaking" of the Hilton tape). But this bunch has no decent bone in their bodies, it's all about money money money. Don't they see they are the laughter of the sane public??? "The Fame of certain 'celebrities' is only founded on the stupiditiy of their admirers." Think about that.

1025 days ago


Kim - You are a C*NT. Do you really expect us to believe you were "in love" with a person who you would dump w/o second thought because you were not sure whether to live in LA or Minnesota? Please ho, you wouldn't know love if it slapped you in the face.

1025 days ago


Kris Humphries, just go to Men. I feel Homosexuality is the best option for you since a woman scorn you like this.

1025 days ago


...and I would never make a bad porno where some guy pisses all over me just so I could make a buck.

1025 days ago


Her fans trusted. Teens and children trusted her. And she pulled the condom over their heads and picked their pockets.

She's not sad, hurt, reflective or remorseful. She is pissed off and without any shame or embarrassment. THAT is and indication of being a sociopath. Like her father.

1025 days ago


Do they really think people are buying this crap? Honestly they just need to go away and shut up about this. They are protesting too much which usually means they're lying!!!

1025 days ago


One has to wonder what sport she'll spread her legs for next

1025 days ago
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