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Kardashian Divorce

Normies Have the Last Laugh

11/2/2011 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Matt and Christy Hornbuckle
There is no August 20th wedding curse ... because the "normal" couple whose Santa Barbara wedding was discombobulated by the Kardashian circus is still going strong ... TMZ has learned.

We broke the story ... Matt and Christy Hornbuckle got the shaft on the night before their wedding, when their guests were turned away from the bar at the Biltmore Four Seasons Hotel following the rehearsal dinner ... to make room for the media covering the Kardashian wedding.

But the Hornbuckles say they didn't hold a grudge ... telling TMZ they were actually sad when they heard Kim filed for divorce after a mere 72 days.

And despite the fact they share a wedding date, Christy tells us they don't have anything else in common with the K's ... saying, "We're very happily married, no problems in our paradise ... I guess normal works!"



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1065 days ago

King of TMZ    

Kim Kardashian married the poor guy just so to feel in the zone with sister Kloe and just for the sake of yay getting married wow look at me.... me me me me....
In that family if you're richer (i.e. Lamar) you're treated with respect.
If you're poorer (i.e. Bruce, Scott, and now Kris) you're disposable and have no say whatsoever....
a real gold-digging clan. The poor guy will be happy at the end. Kimky is questionable... the Ho-y image is larger than life. Fake. Over the top. Narcissistic. Delusional. Deluded. Fake again.
The trinity worship only one trinity: Money. Attention. & BBCs... of course her mothers and Kloe's twisting mouths will blame the poor guy on everything... lol and they say he did it for publicity... LOL very hilarious when you think twice about this family judging someone for doing things for publicity... :D

1065 days ago


They are a great example of marriage, love, etc. give them a reality show :)I'm sick of the Kardasions.

1065 days ago


Good for them! Good luck to you guys!

1065 days ago


Actually TMZ you have this wrong. They didn't get the last laugh because in order to do that you have to care about the other party. I have a strong feeling like most of the general public outside the shallow Springer type crowd nobody really gives a second thought about Kardashian. I'm certain that Christy doesn't have a video out there where she's getting peed on. I'm also certain that Matt's family loves Christy. One thing that Kardashian will learn in good time is that a person can be wealthy in many ways from money, to love and health. Your fifteen minutes of undeserved fame are almost up Kim, even TMZ who your family clearly has on speed dial is starting to turn on you. Don't worry though you can go back to impalling yourself on athletes and just go back to being a loser in private. Congrats to the Hornbuckle's on their marriage and I hope it lasts forever, you both look really happy and didn't have to do second takes or have a producer tell you how you should feel during your wedding. Congrats again!

1065 days ago


... saying, "We're very happily married, no problems in our paradise ... I guess normal works!"

Congrats! I hope their marriage lasts for a long, long time.
But hey, Matt and Christy are no celebs and I guess that what they say and/or do is not staged! They seem like real people to me and not as fake as Kim K. and so many other celebs.

1065 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

They may not be celebrities (thank God for them), but if they can afford to have a wedding at the same place as Kim's machine then I don't know if they are exactly "normal" people either. My guess is they are in the 1% crew right along with Kim. It's just that celebrity trumped them in this case.

1065 days ago


The Hornbuckle's are a class act! Best of luck to them :)

1065 days ago


Unfortunate that Kim's entourage ruined the night before their wedding for nothing but they're right there is something to be said for being normal. Honestly who would want to live the shallow vapid life that Kim Kardasian lives? Does she have any friends? I've only seen pictures of her with her sisters and mother.

1065 days ago


yes! i agree everyone that buy's their stuff and keeps watching them and following them is only giving them more and more MONEY TO BLOW, they are Laughing all the way to the Bank, because of suckers buying their Products, Let them get real Jobs and see how far they get, then they can buy all the fancy CAR'S , take all the trips staying in FINEIST Motels, shopping in million dollar store's buying thousands of dollars on shoes, clothes, handbags, etc. etc. dining out, Lavish Lifestyle on evryones MONEY They don't Care how they Blow it because they didn't work for it PEOPLE STOP!! GIVING THEM YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY!! Maybe they will go away. Kim is Paid BIG $$$ to come Places just because it brings in people who spends money there. if you want to keep giving them all your money so they can live this fab Life that you only Dream of, then your as stupid as they are. Khloe married Money so she can waste all his money ! but i'm telling YOU PEOPLE They are throwing money arround like it is NOTHING to them! i've seen it. THEY DON'T GIVE BACK OR HELP OTHERS, IT'S ALL ABOUT THEM..BLAH BLAH BLAH.. :)

1065 days ago

Vegas Wrestling    

No matter what, this is getting publicity, which is exactly what Kim Kardashian wants. Every little tidbit of the divorce will play out on TMZ and Kim will love it.

I am sure many couples married on August 20th and are still going strong.

By the way, the worst thing anyone can do to Kim is stop paying attention to her. It will kill her. She'd rather be abused in the media than ignored.

1065 days ago


I was sure the Hornbuckle wedding was a sham. I mean look at them in the picture pretending to smile and be happy. Keep your eyes open TMZ

1065 days ago


In light of the past few weeks and watching LiLo's eejit father's stunts, I'm inclined to be a wee bit more understanding of this young woman. NOT that she doesn't deserve the same treatment as anyone else, but that anyone else who has a family history of gross dysfunction, addiction, and ******* behaviour. Just sayin'.

1065 days ago


Good for them!!! Now this is how a couple looks when they are truly in love!!

1065 days ago
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