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Chaz Bono

The Report of My Death

Is Greatly Exaggerated

11/4/2011 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chaz Bono is pissed off at the National Enquirer for running a story that predicts he will DIE in 4 years -- claiming the whole thing's a "smear campaign" that's "blatantly false" ...  TMZ has learned.

The "story" is plastered right on the cover of the Nov. 11 issue with a headline that screams, "Chaz Bono -- ONLY 4 YEARS TO LIVE."

The article cites "expert" opinions from a guy named Dr. Patrick Wanis, who claims Chaz's weight combined with the stress and various medications associated with his gender reassignment "increase Chaz's risk of an early death." The Enquirer says Wanis predicts Chaz will likely die by 2015.

But Chaz claims the whole thing is a steaming pile of crap -- and his legal team fired off a letter to the Enquirer demanding they print a retraction and issue a public apology ASAP.

In the letter, Chaz's lawyer calls the story, "blatantly false and defamatory" -- adding, "The salacious and inflammatory headline and article were crafted for the malicious purpose of discriminating against our client's gender and sexual orientation."

"Further, the statements you attribute to Dr. Patrick Wanis and your depiction of him as a medical doctor specializing in transgender health issues are highly misleading and blatantly false."

Chaz's lawyer says if the Enquirer does not retract the story, Chaz will sue.


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Wow, it's amazing how little you can buy a "doctor" for these days.

1047 days ago


Chaz is just Chastity without the -tity.

1047 days ago


Chaz, go far away as we had enough of you. You are just a bearded lady who is very mixed up with your sexuality. No matter how hard you try, your DNA will always be that of a woman!!! I feel sorry for how messed up you are and what you did to your body.

1046 days ago


i bet she really has thought about this perdiction a time or two.

1046 days ago


Disgusting.. National Enquirer is evil and sicko! They need to closed down. Disgusting!

1046 days ago


Who are all these moronic goops with all their nasy words.? You are just three mistakes from disaster....

1046 days ago


Dumb to sue. This gives Chaz the opportunity to go on talk shows and get PAID$$ to explain why the article is bogus. This is FREE publicity for Chaz.

1046 days ago


Jut let he-her live her-his life the way she-he wants....gaw!

1046 days ago


And who cares what this thing does or has done. Whatever it is, it's pretty disgusting.DWTS will really have to reach way down in the gutter to top this pick.

1046 days ago


What a terrible joke to have him/her on Dancing with the Stars. It was all done for ratings. Chaz is very, very heavy, no personality, etc.
Enquirer sucks, but Chaz is NO STAR. Get a real job. Who paid for all the surgery and medicine?

1046 days ago

Shirley Moore    

I can't believe how cruel people can be. Chaz is doing something to help him feel better about himself. Others just talk about about it or moan about their problems, never stepping up. I hope Chaz lives a long healthy life the way he wants. Blessings and prayers to you!!

1046 days ago


Chaz should take it as a wake-up call and drop some weight. On DWTS she was the only one looking like she was going to drop dead, and her routines were the most simple. In every shot she is huffing and puffing and sweating profusely. She seems to be getting bigger...

1046 days ago


Also....I never saw what Chastity thought was wrong with just being herself, a lesbian. I don't understand how she thinks she is transforming into a man but has a lesbian girlfriend. Although I try not to think about that! I don't care if she wants to try to be a man...I don't consider her a man though. What is strange to me is for all the drugs she is pumping into herself you would think she would be tough like a guy but apparently they don't change personality so what's the point? It didn't increase her athletic endurance either. The fact she is so bothered by comments about her weight, her dancing, the lightest slight is very much more indicative of what would bother a woman than a man. Sad but true - lucky men are blessed to care less about their weight and think they will live forever! As one poster wrote she was more accepted in trying to be a man then she was as herself as a lesbian- and for that I feel sorry for her. Cutting your breasts off and loading yourself up with drugs just to feel better about yourself cannot be fun.

1046 days ago

Soapy Johnson    

Chaz, you're doing it again. Read this!! You need to grow a pair ...

1046 days ago


Wish she/he would go away already. She can't dance, act or communicate without transgender comments. You not famous for nothing with substance. Your not another type of man, your transgender and still have lady reproductive organs.

1046 days ago
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