TMZ Live Justin Bieber Calls in For Big News on Baby Accuser

11/4/2011 12:35 PM PDT

TMZ Live: Justin Bieber Gets News About Baby Accuser

Justin Bieber got a big surprise when he called us to talk about the baby daddy allegation. His reaction to our story about his accuser is ... priceless. 

Plus, what's going on in the Conrad Murray jury room -- and why it's so hard to predict a verdict. And the Kobe Bryant vs. Manny Pacquiao boxing debate leads to ... Harvey vs. Charles?? Watch and pick a winner ... of either fight.

(0:00) We just broke a huge story on the website, that blows the lid off the Justin Bieber paternity case.
(4:07) Justin Bieber is on the phone! We break the news to him ... and his response is as cool as they come.
(6:01) How can he be so chill about  this?
(8:30) Bieber is getting annoyed with people yelling stuff at him about the story ... but we're guessing that's about to die down.
(10:20) Bieber's about to perform with Michael Buble!
(15:19) Can Bieber sue his accuser?
(18:01) Breaking news! T.O. has a bench warrant out for this arrest -- Evan has all the details.
(23:15) Harvey thinks it's "absurd" when people try to guess what juries are going to do. Case in point: O.J. Simpson .
(35:45) Who would win in a fight -- 6'5" Kobe Bryant ... or 5'6" Manny Pacquiao?
(40:30) It's ON! Charles squares up to Harvey! 
(48:40) Sarah Jessica Parker -- horsing around.