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Justin Bieber's Baby Accuser

First Accused Her Boyfriend

Of Being Baby Daddy

11/4/2011 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mariah Yeater
The woman who claims Justin Bieber fathered her child -- originally accused her ex-boyfriend of being the daddy to the very same baby last year ... this according to her ex-BF's grandmother.

TMZ spoke with Frances Lippe ... who tells us Mariah Yeater had been dating her grandson John Terranova in Las Vegas toward the end of high school.

Lippe says Yeater came to their home in December 2010 and told Terranova she was pregnant with his child. He insisted he did not get her pregnant.

The two got into an argument and police were called ... because Yeater allegedly broke a car window out of rage.

Later that day, according to the police report, Yeater returned to the home to work out a payment plan for the window ... and got into another altercation with Terranova ... and allegedly slapped John 3 separate times in the face with her open right hand.

Yeater was arrested and charged for battery.  A court date has been set in Vegas.

Lippe tells us they never heard from Yeater again after the December altercation. 10 months later, Mariah surfaced ... now claiming Bieber is the father. JB says it just ain't true.

Mariah gave birth to a baby boy in San Diego on July 6 -- she did not list a father on the birth certificate.

We've made multiple calls to Yeater's attorneys -- so far, no response.

Terranova reiterated our story to the NY Post, saying Yeater originally tried to pin fatherhood on him. He added, "I know it's not Justin Bieber ... She just wants money. It's a scam."



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Okay I have set here for the last few days, and I have a daughter the is going on four, I don't care if Justin has a baby or not, His still a little boy who is growing up in a big world. His just like every other person, I have heard him talk about his mom and his mom talk about him, the one thing his mother wants for him to be safe and take care of him self, this does not sound like something he would do, either way, Justin is still going to have my support has a fan cause I know a lot of younger people who have babies all the time, he is no different. If this did happen then I do agree that she should have charges brought upon her, cause rapping a child is rapping a child, I don't care what that child says. Justin is just an other child in the singing buzz, and that can be hard on someone. He has a beautiful girl, which if this is true I hope she stands by him throw it. But I am holding my hopes that it's not. I have seen pictures of this girl, she looks hella crazy! I don't like to judge but the girl told her boyfriend that she was dating since high school that he was the father, so their is another reason not to believe her. She beat him up cause he insisted that he wasn't the father. So if Beiber is the dad I pray for him, cause to share a child with someone that crazy is going to be hell on them! So good luck to you Justin Beiber! I hope your career still raises from this and that you still make music cause I love lessening to your songs!

1091 days ago


I had Biebers baby

1091 days ago


That poor kids is going to have a rough life with a nut like that for a mother.

1091 days ago


Its so not true. he goes straight from the concert to a car.. he doesnt stop along the way to have a fling with some ugly white piece of trash.. this woman needs to get a life to be honest..cos she will be the one put in prison for raping a minor and also maybe when there on trial she will confess she never even met himand he never was the dad ....

1091 days ago


So the boyfriend is or is not the father?

1091 days ago


I am assuming half of these comments are from 13 year old girls and maybe even boys. One really fast and easy way to clear this whole entire "might be Beibers baby crap" is have the little sh*t take a DNA test!! Why wait until December 15th to go to court and find out if you have to take one! The only thing he is allowing here is this Mariah and her attorneys to gain attention. If it was my kid I would drag his little ass to have the DNA test done and move on with his life.

1091 days ago


"demonstrably false" is a legal term. Notice they did not say the girl was lying, because then she could sue them for defamation if the test comes back positive. Notice they also said the accusations were malicious (referring to how Justin behaved, etc.) but they did not call the law suit malicious. The language reveals a lot about who is and is not telling the truth here.

Also, notice how long it took for them to issue a denial. This could mean that they have made the decision to settle before a test is carried out. Watch the anti-yeater stories kick into full gear, and watch as she goes away quietly.

1091 days ago

AF Smith    

Take the baby away...dont need the kid the be growing up white trash like his mother

1091 days ago


That is shocking News Your Stuff Work

1091 days ago


You guys didn't break the story. It was on the NYPost website first and they had the exclusive with the ex-boyfriend.

1091 days ago


what happened to dax?

1091 days ago


I have no earthly idea if Justin is the father or not but if it turns out he is the father, I can't wait to read the comments from his "fans" then. I wonder what they would think about their idol if it turns out he really is the father? Beibs, just take a paternity test and either shut her up, or pay for the kid if it turns out to be yours!

1091 days ago

AF Smith    

Take the baby away...dont need the kid the be growing up white trash like his mother

1091 days ago


This post is indicative of Yellow Journalism. The picture you have chosen sets the tone for your narrative. It is as if TMZ has already decided the facts of the case. I guess Harvey is positioning for Biebs to come onto his "program."

I read this and believe that there are more questions than answers. This woman obviously was promiscuous; she was uncertain of the paternity. She leaves the birth cert. blank because she was unsure of who the father is/was. This, coupled with the fact/behavior of her ex-boyfriend signifies the possibility that this woman approached the ex because she could have been embarrassed to be pregnant and uncertain of the father. "Who is the father Mariah?" "Well, it could be John. It could be Justin Bieber. I don't really know."

Justin Bieber should offer to take the paternity test if Mariah offers to reimburse him if/when the test comes out negative (i.e. Biebs is NOT the father). Ugh! Where is Tuman Capote and Maury Povich when you need em'?

1091 days ago


Who cares?! To me, this just means she tried to get the money out of a homely ex before confronting America's Sweet Angel, (and I call him that out of sarcasm). Justin is a young, growing boy who has pootang thrown at him regularly. Of course he's going to ******ome random chick in the bathroom-- just because he can! I hope this crazy bint is telling the truth, I need a good lol. Furthermore, if they investigate her for statutory rape, they definitely need to investigate Selena. He isn't an innocent child getting raped by his fans, he's an adolescent male with boners he can't control. USHER is his mentor, for Christ's sake, and that stupid sell-out probably has more STDs than all of Hollywood combined (but I still love U Remind Me<3). I wish Sweetheart would just take the test, it'd save me from commenting on TMZ's stupid site (btw, "radishes" isn't magically cool because it's on Urban Dictionary).

1091 days ago
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