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Bieber's Alleged Baby Mama


11/4/2011 4:23 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mariah Yeater mugshot
TMZ has obtained the mug shot for the woman who claims she's Justin Bieber's baby mama ... taken moments after she was arrested for allegedly slapping her ex-BF last year ... the OTHER guy she accused of fathering her child.

As we previously reported, Mariah Yeater was charged with battery in December 2010 for slapping her ex-BF John Terranova ... after she told the guy he was the father of her then-unborn baby.

John claims the baby isn't his -- ditto for Bieber.

Yeater is due back in a Vegas courtroom in the near future.


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Professor Chaos    

Part of me believes her. The other part realizes that Bieber is just WAY too gay for this type of behavior. Sure, Selena Gomez and him have a great PR thing going that makes him appear heterosexual but it's fairly obvious he's not.

992 days ago


Her lawyers are going to have egg all over their face soon. I got some property down by the Everglades I would like to unload if you believe this one. Prosecute this woman for statutory rape at the very least. I don't believe for one second that he would pick this skank out of the audience to bang in 30 seconds. The true victim here is the poor little baby. He is going to grow up one day and see what an awful whore his mother is. Give him up to a family longing for years to have a beautiful little baby boy. You are not going to get $12,000 a month in child support.

992 days ago


She looks pretty good for 35. I personally wouldn't peg her for being over 30 in that pic.

992 days ago


In amidst all of this, Bieber doesn't deny NOT sleeping with her.

Go, Justin you do have an ounce of manliness in you.

992 days ago


Why are you going postal on this chick? The Biebs could have taken a DNA swab months ago (which is when he learned of this apparently) and be done with it. Does Biebs like the publicity also? Seems ridiculous to not just do the DNA

992 days ago


sounds to me like this woman is just a crazy, obsessed fan of Justin Bieber, she is probably so delusional that she really believes that she slept with Justin Bieber and that he fathered her baby when it never even happend, she is just looking for 15 minutes of fame and money. I wouldn't be shocked if she has tried to stalk him a few times and I really doubt that Justin would fool around with this trailer trash psycho, I'm not a Bieber fan either, but I really think this crazy woman is trying anything she can to get to Justin Bieber, maybe she tried writing him hundreds of letters and he didn't respond and she got angry and decided to pin a baby on him to make him respond and notice her, she already tried to pin her baby on another guy and it turned out not to be his, she probably has no idea who the real father of her baby is. This woman obviously needs psychiatric help.

992 days ago


this woman needs to be tied down and thrown in a mental hospital. im not a big beiber fan but this makes me sick. shes like 30 and hes what 16 or 17? woah lady calm yourself..

992 days ago

Howling Drunky    

A hoax perpetrated by Bieber's handlers who fear his homosexuality will turn off the prepubescent girls they so easily take advantage of. This may extend his career another couple years. Unfortunately.

992 days ago

Old Rutabaga    

Gimmy-a-break, Justin wouldn't get within ten feet of this chick. He can have anyone he wants - you decide.

992 days ago


All this proves is she's got a very bad taste in men.

992 days ago


no puede ser es re vieja esa mina una vividora!

992 days ago


Why should anybody have to provide anyone else with a DNA sample just because it is requested. I don't want my DNA on record, who would???

And does this girl not have a photo of herself with JB, who he says he never met? That would cause quite an uproar. It is unlikely she met him sexed him and never took a picture of them together with her cell phone for a memento.

992 days ago


another billie jean....

992 days ago


Shouldn't the boyfriend do the paternity test first, the one who is mentioned in this article?

992 days ago


that bitch looks almost 30!! No way Bieber would go for that with all the young hotties at his concerts!!

992 days ago
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