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Kim Kardashian

Gone Into Hiding

11/5/2011 3:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian has gone into lockdown, sources close to KK tell TMZ, and she went to great lengths yesterday at LAX to conceal her true location.

Kim's airport arrival caused mass hysteria among the paparazzi (see below). According to our sources, the paps trailed Kim from the airport -- but little did they know ... Kim pulled a switcheroo, switching cars mid-ride, and disappearing to a secret hideout.


We're told Kim will be staying indoors until she begins filming on the Tyler Perry movie "Marriage Counselor." That means Kim will be missing her mother's birthday dinner ... and brother-in-law Lamar Odom's birthday dinner as well.

Our sources say the attention surrounding her because of the divorce is too much for her ... and she's laying low until it dies down.

We're told only her family and a few close friends know where she is.

As we previously reported, Kim has even banned her reality show from shooting any of the divorce aftermath.


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Kim the ***** Kardashian tired of your asz, bring on the rest of your whore family and that bastard sister too.
Heard Momho has a new pool boy to diddle, maybe you will get another sister to ruin.
Tabloids are going to smear you to hell and back.
Crawl back under the rock from which you came!!!

1047 days ago



1044 days ago


Let's hope she stays there and takes her whole loser family with her.

1043 days ago


Thank you. Now we can find a new porn whore to love and hate. I heard "Superhead" Steffans could always use a dollar. It's too bad that the Kardashians have already used up have the NBA and NFL. Oh well, maybe she could do NHL, or MLB, but she'll need some sisters to help her out.

1042 days ago


The most hated family in with their heads!!

1041 days ago


I can not believe you people are so mean and harsh toward The Kardashians, especially Kim. We do not know what all went on with Kim's marriage, but from what I saw; it was something that just snowballed into disaster. Kris H. was always putting her down. He has a sick sense of humor. Should they have gotten married in the first place? No, but it is so easy to get caught up in a wedding. I would imagine more so in a fairytale wedding. The Kardashians have been great entertainment. Exactly what I need a daily dose of. Come on people, lighten up! Get pissed about our economy, people without homes, food, clothing-do something about these REAL problems. Reality stars, come on people. I need mindless entertainment. Calgon doesn't work any more!

1041 days ago

Paul Howell    

you cant hide from god, the money wated could have fed alot of starving kids in the usa.crying over jewelry, really pathetic. on your show you all acy like sluts. evev rob called you a whore. the porn and golden shower is running 24 -7. are you proud of that decision and leak to press. you will have your money, but you and your family will never hace class or acceptance among the whites. that is why you have such low self esteem as with your sisters. poor jenner sisters are to be pimped out by mama pimp, while spineless bj watches.

1034 days ago


All i know is i like Khloe better atleast she knows how to keep it real! F**k the bulls*it

1026 days ago


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1026 days ago


Oh come on we really care where this media whore is??? REALLY??? Kris should consider himself a lucky man to have gotten out alive.....look at what a Kardashian marriage has done to Bruce (I cant recognize your face) Jenner!!!

1026 days ago


Kim now stay far away, and maybe find enough room to take the rest of your family with you. Shut your current TV show down, it is just making you look like a idiot.

1023 days ago


Ha sounds like someone yelled "wuss goin on hoe?"

1017 days ago


I keep going back to an episode when Bruce and Kendall and AKylie confronted Kim because she lied about not taking the girls somewhere,she said she had sprained her foot. when in reality, she had a manicure. The girls and Bruce confronted her and admited that Kim is a pathological liar. Like lying about stopping birth control yet continues to take them.Why not lie about a "fake wedding and marriage" to boost ratings. All the recent books and their timing make you wonder huh?

1006 days ago


Good, go far away and don't bother coming back, you won't be missed.

864 days ago


For the life of me...I cannot figure out WHY this family is so popular and continues to be dominate in the media. They have no talent and no appeal other than a few of them are gorgeous girls. Is that it? I'm confused ...

800 days ago
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