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Kim Kardashian

Gone Into Hiding

11/5/2011 3:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian has gone into lockdown, sources close to KK tell TMZ, and she went to great lengths yesterday at LAX to conceal her true location.

Kim's airport arrival caused mass hysteria among the paparazzi (see below). According to our sources, the paps trailed Kim from the airport -- but little did they know ... Kim pulled a switcheroo, switching cars mid-ride, and disappearing to a secret hideout.


We're told Kim will be staying indoors until she begins filming on the Tyler Perry movie "Marriage Counselor." That means Kim will be missing her mother's birthday dinner ... and brother-in-law Lamar Odom's birthday dinner as well.

Our sources say the attention surrounding her because of the divorce is too much for her ... and she's laying low until it dies down.

We're told only her family and a few close friends know where she is.

As we previously reported, Kim has even banned her reality show from shooting any of the divorce aftermath.


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karen dapello    

It's too much for her? You mean she's finally had enough publicity? Doubt that. Seriously doubt that.

1050 days ago


She can lay low all she wants, for as long as she wants. It won't change a thing. The truth is that the public is finally fed up with the lying, scheming, scamming Kardashian Klan.

1050 days ago


Don't really care for Tyler Perry's movies, except the two Janet Jackson was in, but I know I won't be watching this one (Tyler, I think you should reconsider casting Kim in your movie). And, TMZ can I please so more of that cute fresh face of Kris Humphries, I really would like to know how he is doing, with his fine white/black self.

1050 days ago


What a sad and pathetic world we live in today. Look at all these yahoos trying to get a photo of this nobody, just pathetic. It makes you wonder what's to come in the future.
A talentless , vapid woman with a bunch a junk in the trunk getting this much attention? We have gone beyond the bottom of the barrel.

1050 days ago


Why is she going into hiding? It won't change anything...her and her lying fake ass family will still be hated then as they are now. The attention she's getting is backlash from her greed and lies...that's what she can't deal with.

I guess she thought she was so beautiful and loved she could do whatever she wanted to do and no one would go against her.

Wake up Kim and meet the REAL reality. All that surgery and on your face, implants to try and appear as the perfect person, posing in back shots with your big wide inflated ass on display takes no talent to do. You need to learn the things that truly make a person stand out which is truth, humility, honesty, compassion and genuinely caring about a person...but I guess Kim can't help being like she is....look who raised her.

1050 days ago

Memo: Public has OD on the Kardashian crap.Media is losing points in rating war.Kardashian clan is poison to anything that carries there name. Public relation firm are scrabbling to get a lid and contain this crap.News outlets and television programs are losing money hand over fist..when it comes to the Kardashian name.This is what I believe is going on.Everyone is back pedaling to shed a better light on them.It isn't working.

1050 days ago


E!, Ryan Gaycrest must be scripting her "suicide" attempt. lol

1050 days ago


E is equally to blame; I guarantee you it was scripted for the New York show to show Kris being a jerk and it leading up to divorce. Everyone knew it was fake from the get go it was just a matter of how long it would take for Kim to prove everyone right; I'm sure to some extent Kris was part of the sharade but still mislead and deceived by Kim and the Network. I'm sure he has signed a confidientiality agreement; it might be worth being sued for breaking and getting the truth out.

1050 days ago


Is this "Kim Willcashin's" fan mail page?

1050 days ago


Poor little baby people are not feeling sorry for her like she wanted so she's gonna go hide in her $10-million mansion and sulk!

1050 days ago


I think she should hide for good. Now there's a novel idea! She should also hide that fat-man looking sister of her's, khloe? Yes, her!!!

1050 days ago


I used to enjoy the show in the beginning, but after their success it was all about their over the top materialism...the mansions, trips, extravagant lifestyles, paid appearances, etc. After this marriage stunt I am officially over them and hope this is the beginning of the end for them. They made enough money especially considering they have no real talent. I do still think Bruce and Lamar are pretty cool.

1050 days ago

bring back recent posts    

...Kmom must be delusional if she thinks this backlash is going too die down..( we all know Kmom makes all the pr decisions)...Kmom and KK must be absolutely freaking out at not having any control over the public's response too this farce of a season and wedding..= Kmom NOT going to be getting the 10% from pimping out like she is so use too..and KK won't be able to move around with Papps and have the endorsements she LIVES for by being in public eye..nothing like a does of REALITY for them! gotta love it!!!!

1050 days ago


Tyler Perry, if you are reading this you might want to reconsider putting anyone, especially Kim from the K clan in ANY movie. If you keep her in your movie titled Marriage Counselor, your movie is going to tank. I wouldn't pay a dime to see a movie that Kim K is in. She's a disgusting media hog!!!

1050 days ago


Lets nail all the doors shut so she wont bother us,somehow the Kardishian's wont be out of the public eye very long, its not in there game plan, Dang it

1050 days ago
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