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Kim Kardashian

Banning Divorce Drama

From E! Reality Show

11/5/2011 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian
There will be no two-part Kardashian divorce special on E! ... this according to sources who tell us Kim did NOT want cameras to document the private, emotional moments behind her divorce.

Sources close to the family tell TMZ ... Kim will not be shooting any footage for "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" until the beginning of next year ... and is insisting she does not want to exploit the "real" moments behind the divorce on TV.

We're told Kim will most likely acknowledge the split when filming picks up again -- but all of the behind the scenes crying, fighting and other divorce-related stuff will not air on the show.

If you're still craving a nasty reality break-up ... don't worry, "Jersey Shore" starts again real soon.


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what would she be crying over? Stock Market Crash. She is the 1%

1062 days ago


Of those 72 days they were " married", how many days were they actually together? I bet if you break it down it was a max of two weeks. So even 72 days is a sham. Why didn't she let him travel with her during her trips? Sham sham sham. Only reason I can figure out.

1062 days ago


Hey Kim, the saving your "career" ship sailed. In other words your 15 minutes are up. Don't let the door hit you in your giant ass on the way out, although it would probably break any door ever made.

1062 days ago

Fred Farkel    

Three things the world needs to get rid of:

1) Kardashians
2) Jersey Shore
3) Barack Obama

Thank you

1062 days ago


Allow me to say BULLSH*T. I guarantee that the whore will find a way to work it in, to gain publicity for her scripted "reality (don't make me laugh)" show. This bitch would show a video of herself taking a dump if she thought it would get her the money & attention that she desperately craves on a daily basis. What a money grubbing, grasping whore...

1062 days ago

Joan K    

Okay so now the public is finally realizing that this whole family is a joke, it is about time. Just the name of the show, Keeping up with the Kartrashians should tell all of us something, they don't think the public can keep up with them and they have probably been laughing at all of of us for the past few years because we have made these A holes rich. All the public has to do is not buy any of their dumb azz books, clothes perfume, shoes and whatever else they are selling and the sponsers of the products will dump them. Stop watching the show and maybe they will come down to earth a little and realize they are no better then any of us, in fact they are fools. All of the reality shows are garbage, think about it, The "REAL" housewives, Jersey Shore, Kate plus 8, at least they dropped that show,, oh yeah, Sister wives, all losers.

1062 days ago


Sure there was 'drama'!!!

PRETEND drama for the show!

The week before she announced the divorce there were photos/pictures of them coming down the sidewalk (she in her floppy hat & furry vest and he -Kris walking beside her). She had a stern look on her face and they got in her white Bentley that was parked on the street. They sat in the car for several minutes facing each other talking and it did not appear to be a friendly discussion. Kim K. even moved her visor to look out the front car window and then kept talking with Kris. There were no smiles or closeness yet at the end they gave each other a peck.

During this time not one other person walked down the sidewalk, not one other photographer was seen - and you know a multitude of photographers are on the scene when there is an opportunity for a 'Candid' shot.

When I saw this (before divorce announcement) it just struck me as odd that someone would sit in a car - a known white Bentley at that - having an 'obvious' serious/intimate discussion and not have any concern about who might see this.

Then I realized - It's Kim K.- 'obviously' filming for her show.

Remember - there are also photos of Kim K. from earlier that day (same outfit) where she is 'scouting' locations for Kendall Jenner's 16th birthday party.

Didn't you know???? Kendall 'got a show' for her 16th birthday!!!!! And you know as well as I do that Kim's scouting was being filmed to include in the show as well as other Kim activities from that day !!!(see above )

Do not be fooled!!!

1062 days ago


I hope the ho is made to pay back every last penny of that wedding.

1062 days ago


She's banning cameras because she doesn't want the public to see the truth about her publicity-stunt wedding and planned divorce

1062 days ago


This SPIN simply confirms that there IS video of the happenings surrounding her dumping Kris Humphries, which makes everything she does and will do, even SICKER. Boycott anything Karda$hian

1062 days ago


Eh, I deleted all things Kardashian from my DVR and Twitter and Facebook after this fiasco... I wonder how a whole entire family can just sell themselves to the devil.....

1062 days ago


dd, I heard that they were going to show Kendall's 16th birthday party....give me a break. Donate the money to homeless shelter....wait it's mama Kri$ trying to cash in on another daughter. Who cares!?!?! E! Wake-up and smell the coffee!?!?!?

1062 days ago


That's too bad we can't see it, because it can and will be used against her in a court of law....The Fraudashians are out in full damage control force, and hope they get their asses sued for the frauds and skanks they are.

1062 days ago


Of course she didn't want cameras to film her behaving like a money grubbing douche.

BTW. I like that interview with Kim's mom where she says she doesn't like Indian Givers... Oh you mean Indian givers like your daughter who offer themselves to a man forever and then bail after 72 days?

If Kim can keep the 2 million dollar ring then I say her ex husband should be allowed to keep banging her every Sunday.

1062 days ago


What a waste of a human body.

1062 days ago
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