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Conrad Murray Trial

LAPD Rejoices

Over Guilty Verdict

11/7/2011 3:31 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The LAPD couldn't be happier with today's guilty verdict in the Conrad Murray manslaughter trial -- telling TMZ, the verdict represents a "victory " in the eyes of law enforcement.

A rep for the LAPD issued the statement -- claiming, the department "applauded" the jury's verdict.

According to the rep, "Today's verdict of guilty is confirmation that the combined efforts of our investigators, criminalists, Coroner investigators and the District Attorney's Office were sound."

The rep adds, "The investigators have worked diligently on this case and were confident throughout the process that the investigation supported the allegation of involuntary manslaughter."


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Hope to see some of you at Michael's Fanfest!!!!! After today's wonderful news, I'm really going to enjoy myself celebrating Michael's wonderful legacy in Las Vegas!!!
Let me know if you plan to attend on 12/3/09..........
I think I might stay all week now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Celebrating my king's life all during that week leading up to the main event.

MJFanfest at 12 noon
MJCirque du Soliel at 7:00pm (The Immortal World Tour)

pegasus, missy, barbara, mimi, lc4michael,siggisi, brigahfromUK,moni,sofi,cherwood, leelee, BarbA, and all the fans to numerous to name.
seeya off the

1019 days ago

That's Right    

No harsh words for you doc, I don't think you knew what you were doing and only wanted to keep MJ happy. However, first do no harm! Many lives has been destroyed forever, there are no winners here.

1019 days ago


Michael knew he had a problem for years - and never got help.

The Jackson Family knew Michael had a problem and for years - but never insisted upon/conducted an intervention.

-We can make Conrad Murray the bad guy/fall guy in this:

But the truth is everyone, including Michael, had a hand.

This is what happens when everyone looks the other way.

1019 days ago


Hey Harvy I was listening to you on XM Radio earlier and know upset you are about the DA stepping in and taking the praises..The guy who won the case wasnt even featured in this news piece..Its from AP...

1019 days ago


I'm not shocked at the LAPD taking a position for or against a citizen. I'm not shocked at the militant opposition to citizens by law enforcement today...They seem to relish in beating, shooting and physically harming citizens conducting protests, as our constitution encourages. In Fullerton police killed and mentally retarded man on camera for no particular reason...Long beach Law Enforcement officers put twenty bullets into a guy sitting on a porch before they even told him that they were police....
Law Enforcement is no longer here to serve and protect us, Law Enforcement is cherry picking laws and attitudes they see fit to enforce. How many people will say they had a poor experience with Law Enforcement?
They carry weapons much to aggressive for everyday criminal interactions. They behave arrogantly in performing their duties and they decide who is guilty, and who is not on the spot without regard to the rights of citizens.

Police are out of control.

1019 days ago


Jackson was an addict who would have died regardless of Murray's actions...definitely malpractice, but not manslaughter. Gotta love LA justice, letting the pedobears go while wasting tax dollars on criminal trials that should have been civil suits.

1019 days ago


I'm sorry I don't buy it..the LAPD,Coolage and Sneeden are most likely giving CM kudos for doing something they have been trying to do to MJ for years.They are just as despicable as Murry

1019 days ago

Michael Jackson Was A Pedo    

Know what an even bigger victory is? A sick pedophile dying thanks to his drug addiction! Hahaha.
Thanks again, Dr. Murray!! You're a TRUE hero!

1019 days ago

Throwback kid    

Is this the same LAPD that beat Rodney King within an inch of his life?

1019 days ago


The doctor had no business taping his patient Michael, while he was drugged up. The jury did the right thing here. Imagine if you trusted your Doctor to help you sleep and he brought this drug, by the gallons, to your house, administered it, yacked on the phone with his girlfriends, while you just DIED. Absolutely the right verdict. How many more super talented people like Elvis and Michael and Marilyn Monroe have to die at the hands of some star struck doctor taking commands from them to "gimme more drugs"? Why can't the doctors just say NO! NO, This is going to kill you and I don't want to be a part of it. A true man or woman of healing would have done everything possible for the huge monthly salary they received, to find some way to help Michael sleep at night. NO, this doctor decided to give him "milk". A man of medicine knows this is dangerous and not to walk away for even one second after administered. He is dead. Leave him alone now. Let him rest in peace. Justice was served. This has nothing to do with Michael's past. Smart jury and great prosecutor who got shoved out of the way by his superiors in the press conference.

1019 days ago


Why are you people, Donna Dung, all boo hoo about Michael Jackson being dead. He was a nasty ass black boy. Rotten, Rotten Rotten.

1019 days ago

Best Mom    

November 29 - the day the Jackson Family gets to speak in court and address Conrad Murray. Let it be tape-recorded statements from each of Michael's children - played loud and clear in court. That would be amazing!

1019 days ago


Victory in the eyes of LAPD?? Interesting they had time to form an opinion between contract killings and making "side money". On the other hand.. I like my Rock stars to get their drugs from sleazy back-alley dealers anyways. Keep it real.

1019 days ago


This being L.A. and all, he should be out in a Week, time served!

1019 days ago


Don't get me wrong..I think that Dr. Murray is irresponsible and what he did was wrong and should have consequence. But the truth is Michael Jackson had drug dependency issues for years, his death was inevitable. When Janet Jackson was interviewed on Oprah she herself spoke of his issues and said she feared the loss of his life for some time. Its so frustrating to me that he is only be persecuted because the Jackson's are a wealthy, media attention seeking family. Thousands of people die from addictions every year, and no one cares about them?! Its just so sad..and backwards to me.

1019 days ago
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