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Kim Kardashian & Kris Humprhies

Reconciliation 'Up in the Air'

11/7/2011 8:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries
Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries threw a Hail Mary Sunday ... to see if they could save their marriage -- and after a four-hour meeting with their pastor, sources close to the couple tell TMZ a reconciliation is "up in the air."

According to our sources, the meeting with Pastor Joel Johnson went well as they talked through lots of issues. We're told the two expressed respect and love for each other ... but both acknowledged a lot is wrong with their relationship.

Our sources say Kris was "ecstatic" Kim made the trip to Minnesota and he truly thinks he can win her back.

As for Kim .... she's unsure if she even wants to give it another go ... but for now, she's willing to keep talking.

Stay tuned. 



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Be smart about this and dont do it Kris, she's nothing but a trouble and you can prob do so much better.

1083 days ago


Like we're all stupid enough to believe this is an attempt at anything other than trying to stop the bleeding of the K brand name. If she was sincere we wouldn't be hearing about it.

1083 days ago


Clearly the Kardashians saw all the backlash and went back to get sympathy from her fans. I can see Kris Jenner already, "Hey doll, go to (ugh) Minnesota and try to make it look like you're getting back with Kris." Kim - "K doll, I don't want to lose my millions." TRASH!

1083 days ago


Don't think this stunt is going to work either. The public knows what Kim is really like. Kim herself prooved that.

1083 days ago

Kathe Thomas    

Stay tuned. Indeed! They need to just go away!

1083 days ago


i wouldnt take her back because she should of thought of all this before she went public with her divorce. and wasnt she just out at a halloween party appearing so happy and then she drops the bomb shes getting a divorce the next day. she is self absorbed and only cares about herself. and im sure Ryan and E told her to make that trip as they're getting emails from pissed off fans and people that went out and brought the magazine with her plastic face on it. this marriage was planned and scripted. thats why her mom got mad about her trying to change her name because she new a divorce was coming. they did it all for money. all of them aint worth a sh#$.

1083 days ago


OK, OK I'm calling it.......

stay tuned later today. Kim and Kris snuggling up with their rings back on having dinner with the parents that hate her.

1083 days ago


@WW: "Here we go again.. The Empire Strikes Back...just another ploy..."


Yes, The PIMPire Strikes Back... and Madame Kris is workin' it/her.

1083 days ago


This is soooo unbelievable it's sickening. Just goes to prove that there is nothing these people won't do to hawk that awful show and sell overpriced knock offs to naive teenage girls. Ryan Seacrest should be admonished for unleashing this low life family on the public!

1083 days ago


There is nothing "up in the air" about this. Kim will get back together with Kris if they think it can save the Kardashian empire. Right now they are going to judge public reaction to Kim's attempt to "save the marriage" and if it looks like its working she will go through with it. Nothing will change, it will be a loveless marriage but it will keep the show going and the money rolling in.

1083 days ago


Wow...I agree with most of these posts, but aren't most of you guilty of putting the money in her pocket? Think about it, if you watch her and her family's stupid show...that is exactly what you are doing. How many of you will continue to watch her and her family's stupid show? Not me!!! Never have...never will. Why don't most of you find the petition on the net asking for "E" to cancel the show? And those that want to be like this pitiful woman...oh please, get a life and a self esteem. Boycott the family by stop watching her show. It is full of lies, and please DO NOT READ the mother's book. Just putting more money into the family that you sit there and criticize.

I agree with:

" Judge Jeanine Pirro couldn't of said it better!"

1083 days ago


Kim should just go away, and stay away. All she wants is money, and fame. She is a heartless person, and cares for no one, but herself. Go to the dump, and stay there. That is where thrash like you belong!

1083 days ago

Joan K    

I would like to know where all the true talent has gone. These dumb azz reality shows are so stupid and so not real, just a bunch of bad acting. Dear Kar trashians please go away, far, far away. You probably have enough money to buy your own island by now so pick up the whole gang and move to one, please!

1083 days ago


When you're hated by the public, knowing this whole thing was nothing but a tv sham, sponcers pay attention to this stuff. They will not want their products associated with her at all.

The ratings will fall, money not being made, sales slipping, no endorcement deals (sponcers won't pay money for someone who is not liked at all)they will be dumped in a heartbeat.

The Kardashians already played their best scam. It backfired big time. No fixing this.

1083 days ago


I don't believe her. Since Kris has some time on his hands, he should lawyer up and get a good PR person to make some quick mula.

1083 days ago
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