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Tyler Perry

I Do ... Still Want Kim Kardashian

To Be in My Movie

11/7/2011 3:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian has already lost one man in her life this week, but she won't be losing another -- Tyler Perry is keeping her in his new film ... despite a serious outcry for him to divorce her from the project.

It was announced last month Kim would have a role in the movie "Marriage Counselor" -- which became even more ironic when announcing her split from Kris Humphries a week later.

Perry's fans have flocked to his web site, begging him to reconsider Kim. One post reads, "... why are you even considering putting no talent, show everything Kim K in a movie. I will not support that movie ..."

But Perry is standing strong, telling TMZ any rumors that say she's out are false. He added, "She is scheduled to work as planned."

Let's hope shooting on the movie doesn't go longer than 72 days.


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Tyler no ones wants to see any of that family in anything, unless you are making a do***entary about trashy families and Kim's rise to (cough) fame after making her debut of getting pissed on and banged

1084 days ago


Well i gotta say.i hate kim k. more than i love tyler gotta say i'll be a no-show at your movie...all the good out-of-work actors out there are scratching their heads i,m sure,or tyler maybe you have lowered your standards...

1084 days ago


I am his target audience and I will not be seeing this movie.

1084 days ago


His movies suck anyways so it isn't surprising he would cast other no talent people. Seriously, name 1 good movie he's every made.

1084 days ago


That is one movie I would have gone to see, but he is keeping Kim so I won't spend my money on that movie!!!

1084 days ago

Mags la Roche    

Tyler Perry should change his name to "I only pretended to be a man of values, now I'm just like Bernie Maddoff: I WANT IT ALL EVEN AT THE COST OF MY SON'S LIFE" or nickname Looser.

1084 days ago


why does tmz censor the word " no*****ching " idk its not like i said **** or ****

1084 days ago


Ok, Harvey & TMZ -

Here we go again....
TMZ is the ONLY media outlet with the alleged Scoop from Mr. Perry himself!

Quite frankly, your Exclusive is much ado about nothing to begin with....

"But Perry is standing strong, telling TMZ any rumors that say she's out are false. He added, "She is scheduled to work as planned."

Bogus reporting because there are NOT any "rumors" stating this person is "out" of the movie.
However, there are calls/requests to Mr. Perry to have her removed from the cast for it. NOTHING about her being OUT!!! NOTHING to state as FALSE!!!!

I wonder how Mr. Perry had time to speak to TMZ on such short notice yesterday given his busy schedule.....????

"Rumor" has it he was busy in Houston, TX with Oprah Winfrey yesterday.......

1084 days ago


I'm white and I see and get all of his movies, but I also am getting tired of hjis constant preaching for Black men not to beat their women, black girls not to be hos....and there is where Kim comes in. Did anyone ever notice how fake even her Carl's commercial was...could you imagine 90 minutes of that. Besides, Lionsgate is the one to contact, they back and distribute all his films. Tyler, if you do this, don't count on the usual great opening weekend. Kim is toxic waste. Good luck with that movie.

1084 days ago


Maybe Kim's work in this film will help her heal or even help her reach an epiphany. As far as Tyler is concerned wouldn't it be going against his word to fire her.I believe there is a reason behind EVERYONE he casts in his films.

1083 days ago


Kim K is about as popular right now as Mel Gibson if he had never acted in a movie before. Good call, your movie will fail hard.

1083 days ago


Wow, WE ARE SUCH GREAT CHRISTIAN FOLKS AREN'T WE... ALL BECAUSE SOMEONE (KIM.K)HAS A LONG LIST OF TRASH IN HER LIFE ALL OF US GOOD FOLKS ARE BETTER THEN SHE IS... NO I DON'T THINK OF HER AS A GOOD OR EVEN GREAT ACTRESS OR STAR BUT SHE IS A HUMAN BEING AND TO BE HONEST TO TAKE THE TIME TO WRITE TYLER AND TELL HIM HOW YOU WILL BOYCOTT A MOVIE MIND YOU, SAYS A LOT ABOUT US SEGREGATED BLACK FOLKS... HE'S HAD SOME NO TALENT HAVING PEOPLE IN HIS MOVIES BEFORE, YET FOR THE MOMENT WHATEVER THEIR PART WAS IT FIT AND THE MOVIE DID GREAT.... Church folks, morally correct( 1. Of or concerned with the judgment of the goodness or badness of human action and character: moral scrutiny; a moral quandary.)Without blemish saints you! Im just as Black as you are and while I wouldn't judge you for your choices, what rights do you have to condemn tTyler for his? Just Don't Go See It! Duh! If that's how you feel, It just might be as good as all the rest of the movies & plays that you love so much, that's made by the SAME MAN. You'll Boycott the movie but not the freaky Little Pastor's that's running around here touching on our youth but KIM K. is a we as a race that's fought to overcome sho'll do act/talk like some

1083 days ago

Connie Key    

I love Tyler Perry movies and plays and have a copy of everything he's done. I've also gone to see live plays so I guess I'm a hard core Tyler Perry fan. The decision to use Kim Whoredasian is his but; I will no*****ch nor purchase this movie. My decision hs nothing to do with color but character!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1083 days ago

special k    

I really like all of the previous tyler Perry movies and have supported him up until NOW.. Why would you want a HOE to star in your movie. Well guess this will be one Tyler Perry movie that I'll miss. I literally can't stand Kim Hoedastian/Humphreys whatever her name is. He should rename to movie to You need several marriage counselors to keep yo legs closed..

1083 days ago

Willie ringo    

What the name of this movie will be? Kim Does Tyler, hell she already done smashed Reggie, Ray J, etc PORN STAR Bruh nothing christian about it, Hollywood has changed you bruh....

1083 days ago
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