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Lindsay Lohan

Jail Was 'Scary'

11/7/2011 9:02 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan in jail
Lindsay Lohan
is telling friends ... her 4.5 hour stint in the pokey was "scary" ... even though she was never placed with the general population.

We're told Lindsay was alone in her cell during her time in custody at Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood, CA.

Sources tell us Lindsay described the jail as "cold" -- saying it's one of the worst places she's ever been in her life.

Lindsay is telling friends the experience was another wake up call ... insisting she's learned from her mistakes and wants to put her problems behind her.

We're told Lindsay didn't eat anything during her stay at Lynwood -- then again, it's not like she had time for a meal.


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Ghost Rider    

As long as she didnt get kicked in the face while she was trying to sleep, she is just complaining again.

1020 days ago

TMZ - ThatThingYourMamaWarnedYouAbout    

4.5 hours? That's not even enough time for the over paid babysitters at the jail to issue her a bed roll and a sack lunch. Shame all the way around!

1020 days ago


Article on Lindsay costing California taxpayers millions!

1020 days ago


Chick please. 4.5 hrs? If that was me, I am sure they would have found room for my 30days. SMMFH....

1020 days ago


Like this was her first stint in jail. Please...she will not learn.

1020 days ago

LA Native    

Grow up you little twunt.


1020 days ago


you know, the saddest thing is this all came from a relatively simple DUI in 2007(?).... if the dumb bitch did what she was supposed to do alllllllll those years ago, it would not have gotten this bad.... 4 years, 5 mugshots and x amount of community service not done, she still can't seem to take responsibility for her actions...
and of course, the farce that is the american/californian justice system will keep her in their revolving jail cell doors...

1020 days ago


Give me a break, this bitch is making a sham of the justice system, If I would of done the things she did, Im sure my ass would be sitting in jail. GIVE ME A BREAK. Put her where she belongs.

1020 days ago


I have a feeling her Playboy pics will be scary. "Firecrotch!!".

1020 days ago

the real diva    

4.5 hours puh-leeze should of been more time. she should be in jail for a long she keeps getting away with it i will never know..she needs to do real time in jail. she has to learn that she cannot get away with it all. she needs to serve time. she may say this has scared her. but she will be back on drugs and alcohol in no time. she will never change. her criminal record will end up longer then her acting resume the way she is going. she will have more mug shots then she will have of movies she has been in.she needs to be in jail.

1020 days ago

Don Bigger    

... If 30 days can be served in 4.5 hours and she's facing another 240 days if she screws up her new probation terms, then why not just go ahead and blow off probation. The remaining 240 days could be served in 36 hours and she'd be done with it ...

1020 days ago


Did anyone believe big head Baca when he lied & said they had room for her. Bwahahaha. What he meant was they had a few hours she could visit. I commented she would not spent time & was right. Thanks to Gov. Brown trying to balance his budget by overloading the county budget by sending state prison inmates to county jails. Brown & Baca make me sick.

1020 days ago

Hey Now    

Whew...4.5 hours. That's some hard time right there. I'm surprised she avoided being shanked or worse. Oh, wait...

1020 days ago


"When nothing changes... nothing changes"

The education of the Lohan family is really not very high. Lindsay was offered by a prison minister back in 2007 that he would serve her jail and probation time if she would enroll in a faith-based treatment program for 12 months.

Let's see..... 2007-2008 ... finished program
2008-2011... free and clear to do whatever

2007-2011 into 2012... nothing but more pain and sorrow...spending money on bail bonds, attorneys, court costs, therapy, etc. etc. etc.

AND the KICKER.... she still is not done... and has to try to walk a fine line until??? Who the hell knows. This case can go on and on and on and on and on and on.

Just look at old man Lohan... has he learned anything?

1020 days ago


This girl will never learn until someone cares enough about her to see that she gets long-term professional help. I kinda feel sorry for her because she has no caring Mom or Dad. Maybe Britany's father should take her on. He's seems to have the right touch.

1020 days ago
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