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Lindsay Lohan

Released from Jail

11/7/2011 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1106-lindsay-lohan-tmz-EXLindsay Lohan has been released from jail -- a mere 4.5 hours after she checked in.

As we first reported, Lindsay checked into the Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood, CA last night at 8:48 PM PST to begin serving her 30-day jail sentence.

She was released at approximately 1:30AM. Tough life.



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Absolutely infuriating, but no surprise. This little wench is making a joke of the entire American legal system, much like her sister losers Pari******on and others.

1089 days ago


Yes our Goddess wins again, ha ha to all the haters. you lose ..again. we love you Lindsay

1089 days ago


@red Cloud
Let me remind you to what you REALLY said:
Red Cloud 19 days ago
You haters will be soooo fkng pissssseeedd when she stacks up an impressive number of hours and makes the judge HAPPY, so happy that the judge will give Lindsay just a little feather tap, and send her on her merry way. I'll be laughing. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
gone, gone, gone.............
You were wrong on BOTH accounts. Lindsay completed NO extra hours, AND she didn't receive a feather tap. In fact, FAR from it. Lindsay is now tied to these courts for SIX MORE MONTHS. She has to complete a LOT of CS, AND if she doesn't SHE WILL SEE JAIL TIME (albeit, only 30+ days). She's so tied up, why would any producer hire her until AFTER she is done with this mess. So, even your other prediction that Lindsay will sign for TWO movies by the end of the year, seems quite far fetched at this point!

1089 days ago


If the California courts won't give her consequences, it would be nice to see the media wise up. Stop giving this waste of talent and her family (especially her pathetic excuse for a mother) any publicity. Stop taking pictures of her and writing about her...hit her where it hurts.

1089 days ago


Maybe if California would realize what a joke their judicial system is and make criminals suffer actual consequences, their jails wouldn't be over crowded. If I ever wanted to break the law, I would head to California to do it so I could get away with it.

1089 days ago


Well I guess that makes Shawn Holley a lot better Lawyer than Harvey will ever be!! He is the biggest jack ass on the planet! All mouth and no brains..
She really does walk quietly and carry a big stick..
TMZ has 4 months to find a replacement for Lindsay ..'cos I bet she is out of LA when this is finished ..

1089 days ago


Can anyone show that her treatment by the courts is any different from the average in Los Angeles, or even anywhere else in the US? Or are people making assumptions?

It's just everything I've read during a cursory search suggests it isn't:

And this one, on page 25, suggests in 1996 people sentenced to county jail in LA served 25% of their sentence:

No doubt things have got worse in LA's jail system since 1996 and even worse because of budget cuts. I could be totally wrong, I read quick, but I did a superficial, cursory search. It just strikes me that the key question to whether LL received celebrity justice is whether she was treated any differently from anyone else convicted of felonies in LA.

1089 days ago


The California legal system is whack. Not even the judges can dole out justice.

1089 days ago


Still will never understand 'why' so many are upset with Lindsey herself, her lifestyle, what she does, her attire & the list is endless... For so many to hate WITHOUT even knowing the person OR WITHOUT Lindsey even effecting their lives in general is quite bizarre..... Perhaps it's envy of her status & her finances or of what she has that the haters don't & wish they had..... Basically, thus far, Lindsey has & is following the judges ruling & instructions without deviation..... I wish her the best!!

1089 days ago


I just had this vision of her leaving jail for the 500th time and announcing {cue Schwarzenegger accent} "I'll be back!"

1089 days ago


Lindsay said the part of being booked she always looks forward to is being deloused for free. "It's like going to a spa, and I love the smell of moth balls". It can last for months before I need to come back".

1089 days ago


Lindsay Lohan wins again! I enjoy seeing how the haters whine about it. All that time and effort to put Lindsay Lohan in prison and you fail again. HILARIOUS!

1089 days ago


would love for her to spend a FULL night in a NYC jail, no toilet paper, no heat, jizz all over the walls California seems like a real joke guess thats the place to go to commit crimes

1089 days ago


I wonder why LA County even bothers booking 30 day sentences if they get out so soon? Seems kind of silly. Also I wonder why Judge Sautner even bothered giving Lindsay the 30 days why not just suspend the entire sentence? I am from the east coast so I have no idea how it works out there. I am just happy that the Judge gave her another chance. I think this is far more beneficial to Lindsay than sitting in a jail cell for however much 300 days equals. I know many have her counted out but she is still young it’s not too late for her. Lindsay really has accomplished so much for someone her age. I hope the new strict terms and working at the morgue will give her structure that she needs in her life. I know she has made mistakes but I am not willing to count her out yet. No one knows what happened behind closed doors during her childhood, life that lead her down this path but I am rooting for her to get off of it. Let the thumbs down for my differing opinion begin!

1089 days ago


If TMZ follows their nomal pattern they will be posting a new little tidbet on Lohan around 12:00 west coast time....along with their Kim K up date.....gotta keep their hits going...........and the Lohan inc posters will get a full days pay for a good job done.......

And heads up Lohan Inc....Kim K is moving up hard on Lindsay heels getting more hits and more face need to do something about that her she's going go down like a lead ball........

Stay tuned for the farther adventures of "Lindsay Does Hollywood" and "Kim K komes klean with Kris" subtitled What ? You don't believe Me ?"

1089 days ago
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