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Lindsay Lohan

Released from Jail

11/7/2011 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1106-lindsay-lohan-tmz-EXLindsay Lohan has been released from jail -- a mere 4.5 hours after she checked in.

As we first reported, Lindsay checked into the Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood, CA last night at 8:48 PM PST to begin serving her 30-day jail sentence.

She was released at approximately 1:30AM. Tough life.



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My Little Girls    

OMG... It takes long then that to groom both my little Yorkie... They should have at least have her scrub the cell down for the next prisoner. This is crazy.. Money Talks and BS Walks.. in the Judaical system here in California. How sad.. The poor always get screwed in all areas of our Society.. why should this be any different.. IMO

1051 days ago


You know damn well if she was black or latino she would be now serving 2 years from her 5 year sentence. smh

1051 days ago


seriously what the **** is going on with this freaking justice??? This dumb ass needs to be in jail so she can learn her lesson. This is pathetic that they let her go again.

1051 days ago

Cheryl Icard    

What a joke. This really sends the wrong message.
If it were anyone else, this would not have happend.
Carma Lindsey you will get yours.

1051 days ago


And the lesson learned was what???....

1051 days ago


If you think about it calling the CA system a joke will be forgotten in your minds but Lindsay is only making a fool of herself. Her antics will be remembered by everyone who sees her forever. She may be laughing now and maybe she doesn't know any better but could any of us bare the embarassment that is her life? Really? Would any of us even leave our houses knowing so many people are either grossing out or laughing at us on this level. Is there a drug out there that makes her just not feel wierd about any of this?
Where is her embarassment?

1051 days ago


no wonder she keeps breaking the law because she can get away with everything that money can buy even the judicial system if it was US regular people we rotten there in our sentence if its 30 days we spend that whole 30 days,but this brats whore ,addict, lesbo,and low class woman get away with it because she has money that can buy the system,i hope she will swallow lots of pills and die already because she is not gonna change if there are no serious punishment or maybe she get paralyzed hit by another drunk and druggies driver die already Lindsay we dont want you in this world specially our teenage are a real bad bad influence this is what America kids are?so sad and ashame

1051 days ago


Need I say more. LiLo. A friend of the prison system.

1051 days ago


Leave the girl alone you f'd up haters.... easy to be the judges when your pathetic lives consist of little more than trolling on message boards to insult people with lives WAYYY more interesting than your own. Now isn't there a thread over on Perez Hilton you should be pouncing on just about now... hater trolls, get lives.

1051 days ago


And I don't know how ignorant most of you are about the legal system in general, but early releases such as this are actually quite common ACROSS the country not just in CA. And almost all of the time it's NORMAL, EVERYDAY NOBODY'S, just like all of you, that are being released. You're only hating so much on Miss Lohan because the press needs something to talk about and pull in readers.

1051 days ago



1051 days ago


wow I guess the sheriff lied or he only needed a short amount of time to bang her and then say she has done her time either way the cop lied

1051 days ago

Miss Bu    

HEY TMZ how about a countdown clock til her next arrest!!!

1051 days ago


Four hours in jail...SMH

1051 days ago


203. Blood Red Witch: 4 hours ago
Serious post first, LL should have chosen jail this time makes no sense she didnt. As Nicole says, she would have done a few days, her sentence would be 'maxed out' (do a shot) and she would be done. (until her next case she picks up)
On the other hand, the continued CS and structure is the best thing for her. If, big if, she can dig deep and find the disapline to do it.
Isn't this her 8th or 9th mug shot? I seem to remember that 1 or 2 were not released. Do we only count the ones that were released

Hi hun! I know it seems as though just doing the jail time would be best because of overcrowding but I am happy Lindsay chose this path as its the best route for her. She needs this type of structure. Honestly I would have liked to see atleast somedrug testing myself. I want to see her get better! I know she can and I think Judge Sautner is doing a good thing by giving her these new terms in an attempt to lead her down the right path. Also if Lindsay wants her career back on track then she HAS TO complete probation and not take the easy way out. Lindsay has to prove to the public and to the industry that she can complete what is asked of her. I think maybe Lindsay didnt go with the jail beacuse deep down she wants to change and prove that she can do this.

I think this is mugshot number 7 but dont qoute me on that.

1051 days ago
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