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Brett Ratner

Quits Oscars

after Homophobic Slur

11/8/2011 4:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brett Ratner
claims he's officially "resigned" as producer of the 2012 Academy Awards ... after dropping the homophobic F-bomb at a media event Sunday night.

Ratner -- best known for directing the "Rush Hour" movies -- was at a fan Q&A session for "Tower Heist" Sunday when he told the crowd, "Rehearsal is for f*gs."

Now, he's penned an open letter ... apologizing for the "hurtful and stupid things I've said" ... and adding, "Having love in your heart doesn’t count for much if what comes out of your mouth is ugly and bigoted."

Ratner continued, "Being asked to help put on the Oscar show was the proudest moment of my career. But as painful as this may be for me, it would be worse if my association with the show were to be a distraction from the Academy and the high ideals it represents."

Ratner says he's been in contact with GLAAD -- the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation -- and he promises he will work to "increase awareness of the important and troubling issues this episode has raised."

"I deeply regret my actions and I am determined to learn from this experience."

Tom Sherak -- the President of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences -- issued a statement saying, "[Brett] did the right thing for the Academy and for himself."

He added, "Words have meaning, and they have consequences. Brett is a good person, but his comments were unacceptable. We all hope this will be an opportunity to raise awareness about the harm that is caused by reckless and insensitive remarks, regardless of the intent."



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king of dope    

He wouldn't have said that in front of MJ.

1058 days ago

billy cema    

And let's not forget the great number of teens who have committed suicide after being called ugly names by their peers over a period of time.
So words don't hurt? Their loved ones beg to differ!

1058 days ago


Having a sense of humor is not for ****, evidently

1058 days ago


so is Eddie Murohy out?

1058 days ago


Really you can't write **** what the ****

1058 days ago


In UK...that word means a cigarettes. No body cares here. give me a f*g. GAY people you need to stop being so sensitive.

1058 days ago


tmz is for ****...oh noes i must be a homophobe - get a life who gives a f*ck anyway

1058 days ago


He also said he had sex with Olivia Munn, and then admitted last week he lied and it never happened. Juvenile. That said, this guy may be an immature idiot...but he's not a homophobe. It was just another thoughtless comment. He should have apologized and then arranged for Eddie Murphy to roast his ass during the Oscars. Quitting is an overreaction, IMO. I don't like 'the f word' but I don't think this sort of 'f word enforcement' is the answer. By acknowledging the word in this way, people are giving it way too much power. When asked how he dealt with racism in Hollywood, Will Smith once said he dealt with it by not even acknowledging it. Because the second he acknowledged it, he gave his power away to it. People are ALWAYS going to say offensive things. If you don't like it, you can ignore it or you can express your dissent, but then move on. Everyone is way too wrapped up in this word right now.

1058 days ago


Hey Gays...get over it!!! Since the beginning of time someone has been called a name. Somehow they lived. Get over yourselves and stop being a bunch of mambie pansies. You want persecution? Tell the families of millions of Jews who died in the Holocaust, or slaves who were called the "N" word. Somehow they survived. Political Correctness is just a word for people to not get their feelings hurt. Everyone gets their feelings hurt, it's a part of life.Boo Hoo.

1058 days ago


Damn, **** are touchy.

1058 days ago

Chris G.    

GLAAD is so gay! It was not enough? These gays need to STFU. They say that statement every time. What do they want instead?

1058 days ago


Hollywood has made it official: If you use a word that THEY deem offensive to gays, you will be ostracized (and you WILL NOT WORK!!). Conversely, semi-literate blacks in sports and entertainment have littered the universe with the word "n@gger," all on the thoroughly ignorant premise that they are taking the "power" out of the word. Really? What they have actually done is ensure that NO ONE will EVER have any respect for black people, for how can you respect a man who doesn't respect himself? LEARN self-respect from the gays!

1058 days ago

Helpful Handyman    

GLAAD is nothing more than the KGB. It's time one of these actors had the balls to stand up to them, for their freedom of speech.

1058 days ago


the english say *** all the time when referring to a whats the big deal..get over it you homo---sapiens

1058 days ago


It's really pretty simple.. you are an adult... a successful one at that. Know when to keep your damn pie hole shut. Name calling is for 5yr olds.

1058 days ago
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