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Penn State Scandal

JoePa's Only Part of the Problem

11/8/2011 12:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Joe Paterno's catching all the heat -- but is someone higher on the Penn State food chain really to blame for covering up the child sex abuse scandal? ESPN Radio 1450's Cory Giger and PSU students join us for the heated debate. 

Plus, presidential hopeful Herman Cain says he's never even met his latest accuser -- and the shocking news of Heavy D's death ... as it broke in the TMZ newsroom.


(0:00) No time for teases today -- Harvey and Charles jump right into the PSU molestation scandal.
(4:00) Evan is adamant -- PSU should fire coach Joe Paterno.
(5:01) Charles is so fired up now ... Harvey can't get a word in.
(7:10) Corey Giger from ESPN radio is on the horn -- and he's disgusted JoePa didn't contact the police.
(10:01) How many people knew?
(14:15) Corey says rumors have been swirling about this scandal for years ... it just wasn't an easy story the break.
(28:00) Breaking news -- Herman Cain is addressing the sexual harassment claims.
(33:01) Herman says he saw Gloria Allred and his accuser for "the very first time" during yesterday's news conference.
(42:01) More breaking news -- rapper Heavy D is dead ... and we just broke the story.
(47:05) Evan has more details on Heavy's death -- and talks about awesome D was whenever TMZ ran into him.


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Veritatis Amans    

Fall guy? It's indecent to use such a casual term in an accusation of such gravitas. Every one of the adults has culpability here if they did not follow up to make sure a police report was made. We are talking about 8 -14 year kids! Come on - even if each one of these guys did not have an express legal obligation here, they certainly each had a moral obligation. And if your morals don't include protecting young boys from sexual molestation (some of which allegedly occurred in the shower of your Univ locker room)you should take a hike out of the civilized world.

Was it easy to overlook because these were at-risk kids? Would they allow this to happen to their own sons and daughters?

You don't just pass the buck when it comes to child molestation.

1017 days ago


Duh, TMZ - Paterno is catching most (not all)of the heat because he is the face of the university and one of the most famous coaches of all time. He has more power at the university than anyone else. The president and athletics director take orders from Paterno, not the other way around.

1017 days ago


Paterno COULD have picked up the phone and called the police. That would have stopped the pervert cold. He chose to report it ONLY

1017 days ago


After Murray comes out of jail will he be entitled to practice again in the US? or do you think there is a good chance he will go back to his native country?

1017 days ago


Paterno COULD have picked up the phone and called the police. That would have stopped the pervert cold. He chose to report it ONLY to the Athletic Director, who did nothing. If the cops had been called right away, no one else would have gotten into trouble (probably). However, the "program" was more important than the children, so the abuse kept going and going ...

1017 days ago


In the photo that I saw that baby looks like Bieber.

1017 days ago


Paterno isn't the "fall guy", he was responsible for making sure this pervert was fired but instead he stuck his head in the sand. Or maybe ole Joe is a perv too, who knows.

1017 days ago


Why does TMZ continue to appear as though they are pro-Murray? Why on earth do you continue to post stuff such as the Kurt Loder statement when Michael's children are out there? I realize you are a gossip site and not a true news site, but it would be great if you had some class not to continue on with news stories like that. I realize that's an oxymoron - class and TMZ - but decency would be nice.

1017 days ago


What on earth would Joe and Katherine be suing Dr. Murray for? That man doesn't even have anything, and he too has children. Don't people ever know when to stop? He's been convicted.

1017 days ago

Daniel C.    

Let's see: 1) The witness, who is the ONLY person that can file a police report (witness statement) didn't go to the police. 2) The university officials, who are bound to diligently investigate the claim, did not do so. Yet: 3) Joe Paterno, who did not witness the alleged offense, actually did what he was supposed to and went to his bosses rather than the police, so why is HE the one that is getting the most heat?

Obviously, he is the biggest name, and it makes the mediocre crowd feel good about themselves to tear down a great man who has done more for his community than most of us can be bothered to do.

1017 days ago


What kind of a retirement package did Sandusky get when he retired in 1999. Did Penn State sweep it away back then? Didn't the first allegations come in 1998?

1017 days ago


Paterno is in the last year of his contract.

1017 days ago


Harvey is the greatest!

1017 days ago

El Capitan    

why cant celebrities have tiny problems?!

1017 days ago


Bieber just needs to put-up or shut-up. Do, the DNA test NOW, why wait? He protesteth TOO much. The DNA test would END it, IF he's telling the truth.

1017 days ago
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