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MJ Estate Slams MSNBC

'Disgusted' by Decision

to Air Murray Documentary

11/9/2011 9:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Michael Jackson Estate is lashing out at MSNBC -- saying it's "disgusted" with the network for planning to air the Conrad Murray documentary this weekend.

The Estate issued a statement ... saying, "Like so many of Michael’s fans, the Estate is also disgusted by MSNBC’s irresponsible and inexplicable decision to air a Conrad Murray 'documentary.'"

The statement continued, "The Co-Executors, John Branca and John McClain, are sending a letter to the top executives at Comcast, NBC Universal and MSNBC to express their disdain for their actions."

The MJ fans are predictably up in arms as well -- in fact, the group, "Justice 4 MJ" is trying to organize a global boycott of the documentary, "Michael Jackson and The Doctor: A Fatal Friendship" ... saying, "The only documentary we want to see is the one of Murray enjoying prison life."

10:40 AM: Jermaine Jackson just tweeted, "I hear all upset/frustrations re Murray doc. It's shameless & sickens me too, but I choose not to give it attention/controversy it craves."


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Melanie Zarth    

Fans, do you see the problem we still have?? The world's most generous, empathetic, and loving man is still being persecuted. I hate to use such cliches, but misunderstood is such an understatement. This just proves the WORLD DOES NEED CHANGING. It is so sad knowing that MJ's ideal of the world doesn't exist, and now we don't have him here to fight for it. It was a world where a if a child skins his knee at recess, the teacher or nurse could hug him to comfort, instead of wondering if the loser parents will try to sue for misconduct. MJ reminded us that "Love is important" But our children are being raised to be skeptical of everyone, instead of loving your neighbor. I tell you it is so painful to hear how WRONG some people have it. So, so sad. CAN EVERYONE DO LIKE 5 MINUTES OF RESEARCH INTO THE ACCUSERS BEFORE SLANDERING???

1045 days ago


I'm much more disgusted by a man whose legacy appears to be that it is a bad thing to be black. Born a black child and died a white something. He tried to remove everything that would associate him with being black. Nose Face, hair you name it. This is truly disgusting. Even his so called "children" are white. He is a shame to any person of color.

1045 days ago

Michael Jackson: Can You Handle The Truth?    

MJ used people, used them. Used them and ditched them. There are many, many people that were hurt by this pedophile maniac. MJ did everything he could to silence and destroy his victims. Molesting them wasn't enough. MJ destroyed entire families. This man hurt people and laughed as his music career gave him a free pass in the media and with his "fans." Well, it looks like God did humanity a favor and silenced this drug pushing, child molesting, corrupting piece of flesh. Amen.

Jermaine, La Toya and the rest of these disgusting, unrepenting, and vile filth are just as bad as their deceased brother. You'd think they would learn by the death of their brother and change their ways...
Nah. They are much too stupid for that. After all, all they wanted was the money.
Just blame Dr. Murray, just like you blame everyone else for all your problems. That'll really help things, wont it?

Shame on his family and fans for not stopping his horrible behavior and for helping him live in a drug-enduced state of denial. His family, fans, and inner circle were his enablers. Kudos, you guys really helped him live a healthy lifestyle... right.

Deaths like these:
Really makes you wonder...

These lyrics from one of his song's says it all:

Michael Jackson - Money
Anything for money
Would lie for you
Would die for you
Even sell my soul to the devil" - Yep, he sure did. Freak

1045 days ago


If anything can be judged from the excerpts of the interview that have been shown so far, this will expose Conrad Murray for the self-serving person that he is.

1045 days ago


I am so tired of this family. They are trying to control and sue for everything. Dirt is going to come out about MJ. Stop acting like MJ worked for the government or secret service. You can't block Comcast for broadcasting something on television but you are the family of MJ.

1045 days ago


Love the estate, I will not be watching this program.
It will be full of lies.

1045 days ago


get over it. MJ is just as guilty. Prosecute his black, child predator ass in the grave.

1045 days ago


oh phk the jacksons...from mama , pimp daddy to the youngest one.......these pigs aint sucked enough of mj's dead carcas yet.........its because these azz oles aint making money off of it. the jacksons are pathetic grave chomping greedy pigs!

1045 days ago


If MJ's family, friends and fans are disgusted by this,then don'*****ch it when it airs. Its not their decision to have something not air, sorry MJ died and all but its done and over with move on.

1045 days ago


Everybody has said what I came to say. They're pissed they're not getting a cut. This family is a plague.

1045 days ago


**** the estate ... they are just as guilty and should thank Conrad for taking the full legal action for something they all helped on

1045 days ago


Hollywood Hacker Breaks His Silence

Long before the Murdoch empire’s phone-hacking scandal, Anthony Pellicano was the private eye that stars feared (and used) most. In his first interview since going to prison, he reveals new details on spying for Schwarzenegger, clearing Cruise's name—and why he dumped Michael Jackson.


Later in the interview, Pellicano reveals that when he agreed to work for Jackson during the star’s 1993 child-molestation case, he warned Jackson that he’d better not be guilty. “I said, ‘You don’t have to worry about cops or lawyers. If I find out anything, I will f--k you over.’ ” The detective took the assignment, but says, “I quit because I found out some truths…He did something far worse to young boys than molest them.” But he refuses to say anything more about it.

1045 days ago


Give me a break! Some people refuse to accept the fact that MJ was a DRUG ADDICT and was equally responsible for his own death. I'm not saying Dr. Murray is innocent, but he is no more guilty than Michael himself. Dr. Murray allowed MJ to manipulate him with huge sums of money and gave him what he craved, DRUGS! Because of his vast wealth, he did this for many years and this is also the reason he got away with his many inappropriate relationships with children. Money can buy almost anything, including but not limited to loyalty, silence, sex and drugs.

1045 days ago


I find it funny that the Estate would be upset. Why? Is it because they can't cash in on this. Or perhaps it could be that Doc. Murray was so close to MJ that some serious things will be coming to light?

Make no mistake I feel that EVERYONE who was involved with MJ should have there day in court and feel the aftermath of this all. But ultimately MJ really did this to himself. It was just a matter of time. So it was about Russian Roulette, which Doctor would be in the seat when he kicked.

MJ didn't love himself. He never found any beauty in his life. He hid behind so many things. It's sad to see this.

The MJ Estate is only concerned with covering things up. Nothing more nothing less.

I'm glad Doc Murray is going to speak. Someone has too.

1045 days ago

Palm Beach, FL    

MSNBC is the slime of news broadcasting, just look at their two biggest idiots, Chris Matthews and Rachel munch... sorry
I meant to say Maddow work for them.

1045 days ago
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