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Joe Paterno's Exit

He Really Does Run PSU

11/9/2011 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Joe Paterno says he's retiring in the wake of Penn State's child sex abuse scandal -- but not until after the season. Should JoePa get 86'd ... NOW? Two former players and angry PSU students weigh-in on Paterno's future and his legacy.

Plus, Michael Jackson's bed -- the one in which he actually died -- is going up for auction. What's something that eerie worth? You gotta see Harv's guess at a final bid.


(4:40) A rarity -- Harvey backtracks over the PSU scandal.
(5:30) If you ever doubted that Joe Paterno runs Penn State -- his statement today announcing his retirement should clear that up.
(8:05) Bruce Clark -- who played football under Joe and accused molester Jerry Sandusky -- is on the phone.
(13:40) Bruce keeps defending Paterno -- but if he were in Paterno's position ... would he have gone to the police?
(20:15) Rich Mauti -- another former PSU player whose son now plays for the team -- is on the horn.
(27:45) Harvey presses Rich about how the current players should handle the game this weekend.
(33:40) A PSU student calls in to support JoePa ... because he's a "figurehead." Harvey points out it doesn't make it right ... because Mussolini was a figurehead too.
(41:50) Did a language barrier effect the outcome of the Conrad Murray case?
(47:00) The guy auctioning off MJ's deathbed calls in.


No Avatar


If Herman Cain is found that he did what he did wouldnt you want him to step of the presidential race or you let him make it to the primary ? rest my case

987 days ago


Must make Harvey feel a bit uncomfortable talking about an old man doing younger ones up the ironic.

987 days ago


Joe is as guilty as the pedophile who committed the act, he kept quiet because of money

987 days ago


EVERYONE who turned said blind-eye is culpable: hence the stepping down of two administration officials with the school.

987 days ago


this guy needs to check his ego and get out now! who cares about the football team? kids got raped! quit and do it with dingnity-you look like football is more important than kids being raped

987 days ago


Sounds like those football players are more supportive of fellow football players now at Penn than they are of the poor kid victims.
As for, "we don't know". the damn Grand Jury report. It has already come out.

987 days ago

Studley Buck    

Let's not rush to judgement.

987 days ago


Joe needs to go sooner than later!! He is culpable for not going to the police!! Sports is not the holy grail!!!

987 days ago


a legend? LOL, yeah , he has quite a legacy now! Paterno is a goat now.

987 days ago


I think he should be fired right now! This man should not be allowed to retire and get his retirement pay. If I had a child at that school, I would pull him out right now if they let him stay. It's a sad when a sport of any kind is more important then all the victims in this case. This man had the responsibility to make sure that the police were notified and that action was taken immediately in this case. He had the responsibility to see it to the end. I could care less if this man has to leave in a cloud of shame. He should!

987 days ago

Veritatis Amans    

Sandusky used the Penn State football program facilities to groom his victims. All the adults who had knowledge of what allegedly happened and did not follow-up have some degree of culpability. Paterno (and others) should have said "This doesn't happen on my watch" and done everything they could to bring this criminal matter to the state and campus police.

You don't just say to a co-worker, "Hey, I just heard Sandusky was sodomozing a 10 yr old in our shower? Can you take care of that? Thanks."

987 days ago


HOW DARE YOU CALL JOE PATERNO A PEDOPHILE!!! May i remind you HE was not the one molesting young boys! He told who he found to be appropriate and trustworthy to make sure the authorities had the information needed. Period. He was not enabling Sandusky to do anything, Paterno never witnessed the acts himself, so who was he to accuse anyone beyond that. He passed on what he had heard, which could have easily been HERSAY, and moved on. He is not an investigator, it was not his responsibility to dig deeper and stalk Sandusky to catch him in the act. JoePA should be allowed to decide when he retires. I was born and raised in State College, and it is COMPLETELY DISGUSTING how all you outsiders are so quick to point the finger at the wrong people. Just because JoePA is such an important part of Penn State, and he is associated with Sandusky, DOES NOT make him guilty of anything!!! Get your ******* facts straight! You people are not just ripping apart a football legacy, you are ripping apart an entire community! Joe Paterno is a good-hearted man, who is now guilt stricken, and now can't even retire without getting **** talked about him? Grow the **** up and focus on the REAL PEDOPHILE JERRY SANDUSKY!

987 days ago


Every single person involved with this should be fired!!
This woman is right...This is a school!! Not just a football program! Those students that support him don't have children either and it didn't happen to them.

987 days ago


We really don't know how much Joe knew and the situation he was told about the kids. Why is Joe taking all the pressure, why not the college president. I am with JOE.

987 days ago


And these comments about it being kept quiet for money?? Where are you getting your facts? NO WHERE is that proven or even stated! I do have support for the victims and their families, thats why i think the focus should stay on Jerry HE is the one that commited these terrible acts.

987 days ago
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