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Joe Paterno's Exit

He Really Does Run PSU

11/9/2011 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Joe Paterno says he's retiring in the wake of Penn State's child sex abuse scandal -- but not until after the season. Should JoePa get 86'd ... NOW? Two former players and angry PSU students weigh-in on Paterno's future and his legacy.

Plus, Michael Jackson's bed -- the one in which he actually died -- is going up for auction. What's something that eerie worth? You gotta see Harv's guess at a final bid.


(4:40) A rarity -- Harvey backtracks over the PSU scandal.
(5:30) If you ever doubted that Joe Paterno runs Penn State -- his statement today announcing his retirement should clear that up.
(8:05) Bruce Clark -- who played football under Joe and accused molester Jerry Sandusky -- is on the phone.
(13:40) Bruce keeps defending Paterno -- but if he were in Paterno's position ... would he have gone to the police?
(20:15) Rich Mauti -- another former PSU player whose son now plays for the team -- is on the horn.
(27:45) Harvey presses Rich about how the current players should handle the game this weekend.
(33:40) A PSU student calls in to support JoePa ... because he's a "figurehead." Harvey points out it doesn't make it right ... because Mussolini was a figurehead too.
(41:50) Did a language barrier effect the outcome of the Conrad Murray case?
(47:00) The guy auctioning off MJ's deathbed calls in.


No Avatar


I wish Old Sandusky had taken Joe in that shower, then Joe could wait as long as he liked to report that one....

1047 days ago


If anyone would of told me that they witnessed a child being molested I would make sure myself that it was reported to the police and that action was taken. I would continue to follow it to make sure that those people were fired and that it was plastered all over the media.

1047 days ago


Throw him out now

1047 days ago


This woman is an idiot. Ask her if she has children? Would she allow this if it happened to her children. Nothing makes up for a child being molested!! Gawd this woman is an idiot!

1047 days ago


Paterno's retirement statement is telling, horrible and extremely selfish:
"That's why I have decided to announce my retirement effective at the end of this season. At this moment the Board of Trustees should not spend a single minute discussing my status. They have far more important matters to address. I want to make this as easy for them as I possibly can."
Translation: I run the show, I will leave when I want, I will coach through the end of the year and who knows, maybe I'll "unretire" if I feel like it.

The young kids/students rallying in support of Joe Paterno remind me of the folks who were cheering the O.J. Simpson verdict years ago. WTF!!

Spend your time and energy supporting the victims and finding deserved punishment for those involved.

I wish that these abused/molested kids had a chance to do what Marsellus Wallace did to Zed and Maynard after the fact!!

1047 days ago


Get this Megan bitch off the ******* phone. Stupid stupid brainless bitch.

1047 days ago

The Bob    

Imagine if it was Paterno's kid who was raped in the shower. You think he would have reported it to the U pres and gone on his way? Or would he have introduced the rapist's face to the business end of a 2X4?

1047 days ago

Peter Pipe'her    

Megan (the caller) is a moron. She is blinded with "JOE PA is great!" rather than the fact that he didn't do more. He should have.

1047 days ago


That TWIT on the phone from Penn State really makes me wonder WHY she is even in school !

1047 days ago

Flying Blind    

why didn't the guy "who saw it happening" not contact the police?

and i don't even know who Joe is, until now.

1047 days ago


Can we please get back to the Thirty Mile Zone - Penn State is far from the TMZ. I'm sick of hearing about JoePa and Penn State.

1047 days ago


Candlelight vigiles??

How does that show the victim that you care? Are you collecting money for their therapy or other compensation? What are you doing for the victim? Standing around chanting does absolutely no good. I have been a victim.... a vigil never made me feel better.

If you had been raped, would you not want all who protected the criminal to be held accountable??

1047 days ago


EXACTLY GI! Joe is not the one that witnessed ANYTHING, so the finger should be pointed at those who DID.

1047 days ago


Let him retire at the end of the season. Penn state should cancel the season immediately out of respect for the victims

1047 days ago


I have a 16 year old son who is exploring colleges - Penn State is one of his choices. Until they "clean house", I will not allow him to attend there. What a travesty! What a severe breakdown in the so-called chain of command. The university itself dropped the ball. I think that this should have been handled immediately by the president of the university. However, I also think that Paterno should have followed up on this issue.

1047 days ago
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