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Penn State Trustees

Reportedly Ask New Coach

to Keep McQueary Off Sidelines

11/10/2011 2:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Penn State board of trustees have reportedly asked new head football coach Tom Bradley to keep Mike McQueary from coaching from the sidelines on Saturday ... out of fear for McQueary's safety.

According to Pennsylvania's Morning Call newspaper ... the board does not plan to fire McQueary or ask him to step down.

McQueary is the person who claims he witnessed Jerry Sandusky raping a pre-teen boy in the Penn State locker room in 2002 ... and reported it to Joe Paterno.

While JoePa was fired for failing to contact police -- McQueary still has a job, despite the fact he also didn't call cops ... and worse yet, he didn't try to stop Sandusky from raping the boy when he had the chance.

It's unclear if Coach Bradley will pull McQueary from the sidelines on Saturday ... or have him coach from the skybox ... or instruct him to simply stay home.

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Hey Penn State Nittany Lions. You guys should change your name to Penn State COWARDLY LIONS!

1016 days ago


Maybe McQuery was getting it from Sandusky too so he didn't want to call the police and be found out. Disgusting human being! He makes me sick to my stomach.

1016 days ago


If they want to legitimately say that Joe Paterno was NOT a scape goat then they have to fire this guy. If Joe was supposed to go to the police with a second hand account of the story because his superiors didn't do anything, then what about the guy that actually saw the crime? He was a grad student, probably in his late 20s at least. Why couldn't he call police?

1016 days ago


After reading the grand jury report, you can locate it simply by typing in your search engine, Grand Jury report on Jerry Sandusky, I am ready to vomit. This person (I won't call him a man), did all the normal pedophile actions. My God, I hope he is put into general population. So many more people knew about this than we were led to believe. Each and every one of them should be fired and/or prosecuted. Pedophile University sports program should be shut down NOW. No more sports. Saturday's game should be forfeited. Shameful, shameless, disgusting. My God, how can ANY of these people live with themselves?

1016 days ago


If you saw a robbery in progress, would your first thought be to call your boss to let him know what you saw?? No, you would call the police! Gee, you would think it should be the same for child rape!

1016 days ago

pissed off    

So PSU thinks it is making a statement in support of the victims and against the lack of reporting by firing Paterno. Seems to me the statement made by NOT firing the idiot that witnessed a 10 year old boy being raped and did NOTHING to stop the assault is heard so much more loudly. What kind of moral human being would see and child being victimized and walk away without kicking some ASS?

1016 days ago

good as gold    

I know a lot of you want McQueary to be fired BUT I doubt Penn St will fire McQueary because he informed his superiors of the incident so now he has whistle-blower status. However, has anyone else noticed when the incident occurred McQueary was a grad asst then all of a sudden he was an asst coach? My guess he was rewarded [by Paterno] with the asst coach job in exchange for keeping his mouth shut.

1016 days ago

Audrey Matisa    

McQueary MUST go! Why? Well, when a 28 year old, six foot, 200 pound man witnesses a little ten year old boy being sodomized by a grown man, what he SHOULD have done.......was storm into that shower, knock Sandusky off that little lad and took that child to safety.


He could have, SHOULD have saved that little guy. McQueary was "distraught"?????????? That little guy was having anal sex performed on him.....by a grown man, a pervert, and another hulking man looked and then LEFT HIM THERE? God help him. Only God could forgive him because I could not.

McQueary has lived with this image in his head all these years? Can you imagine that little guy, defenseless, with a giant hulk of another man performing anal sex on him, knowing that a grown man saw him, could have stopped it, then turn and walk away while the pervert "finishes"????? Didn't stop it? Didn't storm in there an rescue this little kid?

I won't apologize for my rant.

Audrey Matisa

1016 days ago


First and foremost the people involved in this should have called police, everyone of them at the first sign of abuse, and that includes Paterno and McQuery. No mistake about it.

But as I read the posts on here I become more and more frustrated that nobody, and I mean nobody seems to care about the victims feelings in this. But here is something everyone should consider, and it applies to Mike McQuery and this comes from the Attorney assisting in REPRESENTING THE VICTIMS. The full article can be found at http://bleacherreport.com/articles/935361-joe-paterno-fired-alleged-victims-attorney-finds-fault-with-paterno-firing and here are two quotes of his regarding the situation:

The board of trustees got it wrong. They should have consulted the victims before making a decision on Mr. Paterno . They should have considered these victims watch TV and are aware of the students' reaction and may not want to be associated with the downfall of Mr. Paterno (or McQuery, my words). The school instead elected to do what it felt was in its own best interest at the time. Isn’t that what put the school in this position in the first place?

In the wild and tumultuous night that followed Paterno's firing, not one person that I saw raised the question on how the victims might be receiving the news.

He continues:

The way the Board reached its decision raises more concerns than the decision itself. There is no indication the Board considered the impact of the decision on the abuse victims...They see the students reaction to the termination, and to think this does not weigh on their minds would be naive.

Now these victims should not feel any of this is their fault and we should do everything to protect them from abuse. So do any of you not realize these victims read newspapers, watch TV and have access to the internet. How do you think that shower victim might feel reading the posts on here? Do you think he might relive that horrible disgusting act over and over again when everywhere he turns its in front of him?

All I'm asking is that all of us remember the victims in this and that they actually may be reading these posts.
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1016 days ago

Biff Bevin    

I understand why the University fired Joe Paterno-- albeit by a telephone call rather face-to-face which would have been more appropriate. I do not understand why the University didn't fire the Assistant Coach McQueary! He allegedly at one of the early incidents, after all. He was "guilty" of not reporting the event to the police, just as Paterno was. The University seems to be 'protecting' McQueary from "threats" when they should have fired him in the same way they did with Paterno---maybe even not by a telephone call. Paterno could have "done more" for sure, but the same goes for McQueary and Penn State University itself. Peace!

1016 days ago


mc queary and all the sports people involved should be fired

1016 days ago

spetator of a circus     

safety om gosh please ** how about the safty of the child he witness getting abused hello **
He should get the same safty treatment ignored ** he gets what he deserves please trustees wake up GOD see all enough said

1016 days ago

Paul REEB MD    

Penn State's Board as so in ineptly delt with coach Paterno and has destroyed a sacred treasure so few universities have. Shame on you borad. You could have left him to finish the season and retire in grace. No, to look politically correct and make a few high paid attorneys advise the borard you have erred to whole Penn State Nation. Shame,Shame on you. Long live coach Paterno!!!!!!!
It will take decades to repair your damage to the university. You owe the coach and the Penn State Nation an apolgy and your resination as a board.
Paul Reeb MD

1016 days ago


The fact that this guy did nothing right then and there....speaks volumes on its own PERIOD

1016 days ago


This red haired sissy should have stopped the attack. At the very least he should have called police. Not waited until the next day to start the cover up. COWARD. Wonder if he has kids and how he would feel is someone watched his child being sodomized and did nothing. He should be fired.

1016 days ago
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