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Penn State Scandal

Giving Mike McQueary a Pass?!

11/10/2011 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Penn State fires Joe Paterno, but says it's cool for Mike McQueary to coach this weekend? The same McQueary who, according to testimony, witnessed Jerry Sandusky's alleged rape of a young boy.

Matt Hahn -- Rachel Uchitel's husband and a former PSU player -- joined us to rip his alma mater's handling of the scandal. Plus, student body prez TJ Bard tries to explain why some students are on the fence about an issue that's so black and white.

Outrage and frustration -- two things you'll feel after today's episode. We did.


(3:01) PSU fires Paterno, but not McQueary -- who witnessed a boy being raped ... and then ran away like a coward.
(6:40) Harvey reads the shocking grand jury testimony about what McQueary claims to have witnessed.
(10:25) PSU student body president TJ Bard is on the phone. He says if "anyone has aided in the continued abuse of a child" doesn't belong at the school -- but refuses to say McQueary should be fired.
(12:45) Why won't Bard stand up against McQueary?
(15:00) How can the students honor the victims ... if they let McQueary at the game? 
(17:10) Shocking -- there's no line of communication between the university and Bard.
(23:50) Another student calls in -- and won't take a hard stand on the issue. So frustrating.
(42:40) Matt Hahn -- Rachel Uchitel's husband and former PSU football player -- calls in ... and FINALLY ... someone takes a serious stand against the school.


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Deb Colorado    

gutsygirl...a 10 year old child??????? Hellllooooo.

1077 days ago


TMZ is being sandbagged by Penn State PR department...

1077 days ago

Average Critical Thinker    

Huffington says that on March 1, 2002 McQueary saw a naked boy, of about 10, being subjected to anal intercourse by Sandusky. The next day, he told Joe Paterno "what he had seen". But what exactly did McQueary report? Did he say "I saw Sandusky in the locker room with a kid." or did he say "I saw Sandusky horsing around in the shower with a kid." or did he say "I saw Sandusky raping a kid." All these would count as reporting "what he had seen", and all are reports of misbehavior. But the first alternative reports weirdness that should have led to Sandusky being kicked out of Penn State, while the third alternative reports a serious felony crime. Do we know what was actually SAID to Paterno on March 2, 2002?

1077 days ago


This university is so messed up

1077 days ago


From these students, it sounds like Penn State NEUTERED Lions. Take a stand against a man who does nothing when seeing a BOY anally raped?

1077 days ago


Is this man married? Does he have children? Clearly he doesn't believe in going out of his way to protect a child - definitely not father material. I'm wondering what type of house he grew up in? Did his father do the same thing to him? Is that why he just walked away, does he think this is normal behavior? This whole thing is just crazy. He should be fired, blackballed, blacklisted, etc... Hope you can live with yourself pal. You are a real prize of a (so-called) human being.

1077 days ago

Deb Colorado    

I must wonder how often this has happened at other universities. My daughter's best friend was raped by a football player here in Colorado. I think it happens more than we know.

1077 days ago

who dat    

Supposedly these higher level schools mold leaders. What a joke. If T.J is any example, this school is putting out confused followers. Those of you who can't afford 40K year for Penn State don't worry. Integrity obviously isn't being taught there.

1077 days ago

cheerio salad    

I am a PSU student living in CALIFORNIA as a student in their distance program studying PSYCHOLOGY. Why should we feel different depending on what region of the country we live in!? I am personally DISGUSTED. FIRE EVERYONE INVOLVED. A UNIVERSITY should focus on higher education and the practice of ETHICS- not MANIPULATION. Get McQueary OUT NOW!

1077 days ago


What about 'Whistle Blower' status? Could that be a legal hang up that's why they are keeping McCueary?

1077 days ago


My cousin is a student at PSU and I fear for her safety. This is horrible and the university should be ashamed. FIRE! McQuery he was an eye witness! He could have been a hero instead he slithered away like a snake. The police should have been notified. This went one for TOO long and all involved should be kicked to the curb. You can't call yourself a reputable university when you continue to keep those type of people on payroll! These students are RIDICULOUS! They are rioting because they are upset about Paterno being fired yet the student body president agrees they should have all been fired. These KIDS have no guidance at PSU and obviously no morals! I'm disgusted. Utterly disgusted.

1077 days ago


Mark Madden made some serious allegations earlier today that the scandal could be about to get a whole lot worse (even though it seems hard to believe it could). Penn State officials may be waiting to see what further information comes out and if they can still do any damage control.

I think the students there are so conflicted because they're seeing their worlds fall apart. It's perhaps too soon to expect them to have found that new compass yet.

1077 days ago

Anonymous for safety    

I am an employee/student of PSU. Noone knows why McQueary still has a job. People here are split. Alot of people are pissed that Paterno was fired. Alot are happy these guys were ousted cuz it is such a sickening situation and they tried to cover it for so long. Everything is twisted and everyone is confused as to what is going on. All I know is, I'm staying out of State College Saturday. Drunken, angry people and Westboro Baptist Church. It is going to be so ugly!!!

1077 days ago


Fired???? He should be cuffed and put in a jail cell, STAT!

1077 days ago

J Green    

I find it completely disgusting that McQuerry witnessed the act happening and did not physically do anything to stop it!!!! What an a-hole!!!! They are all responsible and should all be held accountable!!!!

1077 days ago
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