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New Penn State Coach

Tells Players to Get Counseling

11/11/2011 9:21 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The parents of Penn State Football players were on a teleconference last night with the new coach, who advised them to help their kids out by getting some counseling ... TMZ has learned.

Two of the parents who were on the call tell us ...Tom Bradley advised the group that the school had counselors available to help the players cope.

The parents were most concerned about the safety of their kids.  Bradley said security would be beefed up, with both Penn State police and outside law enforcement present at the game.

And, Bradley said, there would be both "coaching and staff changes," although he was not specific.

As far as Mike McQueary's future is concerned, Bradley said "it'll be a game-to-game decision."

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No Avatar


Why is McQueary getting preferential treatment in this alleged child rape case??

1076 days ago


Counseling? They should all drink poison!
Screw them ALL!!!!

1076 days ago


It would be something is there is a murder involved with the coverup. http://www.nytimes.com/2011/11/09/sports/ncaafootball/questions-on-sandusky-wrapped-in-2005-gricar-mystery.html

1076 days ago


Why would anyone want to play at a university that flat out oondoned child abuse? For years? I hope they all -- McQueary, Curley, Spanier, Sandusky, and Shultz -- go to prison!!

1076 days ago


Some has stated that the football program should be completely shutdown for a couple of years. That may be the best solution to promote healing. But the other athletic programs that feed off the football revenue would suffer greatly as well.

1076 days ago


Professional Counseling (not school counseling) should be provided for as many years as it takes. Are criminal charges being considered against the coach? If not, they should be.

1076 days ago


Counseling? Why would they need it? They weren't molested.

1076 days ago

Mary Ann McQueen    

The suggestion of counseling is the only sign of caring by the school that I've seen. It's a start....but the university has to cut ALL the cancer out including that coward McQueary. He's a big guy.....He could have saved that kid and the others who were violated afterward...

1076 days ago


They should get their priorities in order and cancel the game. This was let go for yrs. You can't tell me that a lot of people didn't know what Sandusky was doing and chose to ignore it.

1076 days ago


From what I've read, it appears there was a coverup on the police investigators side as well. The poop is gonna fan real soon ladies and gents...

Law enforcement has been "investigating" Sandusky for years, yet even after speaking with his victims, who were not wealthy enough to protect themselves and go after Sandusky, they "didn't feel they had a case" so they closed both cases. This was even after the cops listened to Sandusky admit and apologize to one of the victims parents. This has police cover-up written all over it.

Oh and, by the way, one of those investigators is dead now and his family stated that after working that case he decided he HATED PENN STATE FOOTBALL.....

1076 days ago


Game to game? How about "You're Fired, McQueery!!!!

1076 days ago


ok what does m.j and Penn State have in .... ok maybe too soon.

1076 days ago


I understand why some feel that they should shut down Penn State football, however those players are the ones that will suffer for what their coaches did. I mean, what happens to them, especially if they are there to hopefully go to the NFL? Why should they have their lives ruined because of their coaches? Wouldn't that be like allowing the criminals to continue to harm the innocents??

1076 days ago


The football program should be shut down??? This is absurd!!! First off, this did not have to do with FOOTBALL. Sandusky was not affiliated with the football team after 1999 when he "retired". The football team did not take part in this, lets focus on the real issues, you have leading individuals at this institution that didnt stop this, THEY should be the ones punished, not students that are on there to gain some form of education and football happens to be allowing this in the form of scholarships. McQueary should be gone, he should have been gone long before Paterno. Get rid of the issue at the top, but dont punish an institution where the student body did not take part, witness, or allow this to happen. Stop focusing energy on trying to get rid of a sport, focus on finding justice for these children, now adults that fell victim to the ignorance of adults (and not all were apart of the football program)

1076 days ago


Why should have McQueary called the cops when the cops already knew and had done nothing? In 1998, the state police were aware of Sandusky's sexual abuse of a child and they did not pursue the case then. There's just no reason why McQueary should have believed that calling the cops was the right thing to do.

And in 2006, the county prosecutor, Ray Cricar, disappeared and has never been found. There is some reason to believe that calling the cops would have been the wrong decision.

1076 days ago
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