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Conrad Murray

I Was Trying to "Tip"

MJ Into Sleep When He Died

11/12/2011 6:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Conrad Murray claims he was only trying to "tip" Michael Jackson into sleep when he gave him a "tiny bit" of Propofol the morning MJ died -- and it's the first hint at what the doctor might have said on the stand.

Murray went into stark detail about June 25, 2009 during the documentary "Michael Jackson and the Doctor: A Fatal Relationship" ... which aired on MSNBC.

In the documentary, Murray says he eventually gave in to Michael begging for "some milk" ... Propofol. Murray says he thought ... "If I give him just a tiny amount of Propofol ... 25 milligrams, slowly infused, I may just tip him into sleep ... and the other medications will now get a chance to work because he had a fair amount of medication on board."

According to Murray's recorded interview with police -- two days after MJ's death -- he had already pumped MJ with sedatives -- Valium, Lorazepam, Midazolam -- but the singer was still unable to fall asleep.

in the docu, Murray claims it was the other drugs -- not the Propofol -- that "overwhelmed" Michael. Of course, Murray also gave MJ those other drugs ... at least according to what he told police.

Maybe not testifying was for the best.


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Just Reading    

So in this clip he admits that he "knew" he had given MJ enough sedation to put an elephant out...yet STILL injected propofol (sp) which has been proven to be the final ingredient in the fatal mix. Still he believes his often repeated catch phrase "slowly infused" absolves him of any responsibility of administering a drug clearly not meant for use outside of a medical facility.

1076 days ago


I refused to watch this disgusting "do***entary" and NBC should be ashamed! No wonder they are always at the bottom of the ratings.

1076 days ago


He has no excuse. If Michael had some physical reason why he couldn't sleep he should have sent him to a specialist. More likely it was just some pre-concert nerves so he should have sent him to get some psychological help. But no, Murray didn't care about anyone but himself and money. This wasn't even just an emergency one-night thing. It doesn't matter if MJ wanted it, Murray was the Dr, and supposed to be the one in authority.

1076 days ago


LIAR....He put him on a a drip so he could do some emails, talk to his whores
Abandoned his patient...Mj died and the crap kept pouring into him from the drip
This guy is just a sociopath
no conscience and no remorse..

1076 days ago


wow TM are you finally figuring it out that this guy who you said acted like an innocent person while out on bail was not innocent, but in fact a liar.

1076 days ago


Michael couldn't sleep because he was a drug addict and had been one for 25 years. What he needed was friends and a family who gave a **** about him, which of course, he never had. A tragic gay figure, very sad.

1076 days ago

Disgusted with Conrad Murray    

OMG!!! This man needs to go down big time!! What a disgusting self-serving ba**tard!! Regardless of whether you are an MJ fan or not is not the issue. This man is a disgrace to the field of medicine!! Why is TMZ and MSNBC fueling this attention wh*re low life????

1076 days ago


So it looks like the idea that Michael Jackson self-administered the Propofal is finally debunked. Murray admitted that he gave the lethal dose.

1076 days ago


CM's incessant backpedalling in the past 2+ years is akin to him doing the backstroke to Haiti and back!

1076 days ago


Murray will known for the rest of his life as the nam that killed Michael Jackson and as a doctor that FAILED his oath and people under his care miserably

1076 days ago


Any Dr,also any one in the medical field knows how important,it is to give a correct med list to ER doctors,and EMT.If Dr Murray was only using a "tip"what was his problem in giving that information?He very carefully avoided doing so.All murray actions show a awareness of what he was doing,he should not have been.Also,having the propofol shipped to his girfriend apartment,shows deliberate decite,And if Dr Murray kept a accurate record (chart) of what he was doing,that is what charts are for,that could have been presented in court by his Attorney's but the Dr knew enough to not put anything in writing.And not taking the stand,he avoided perjury.

1076 days ago


In a crazy way I am happy Death did this so called do***entary to speak his nonsense that shows the world who he really wonder he didn't take the stand Deputy District Attorney David Walgren would have KILLED him.

1076 days ago


I wish he would just vanish from the face of the Earth. He got his verdict: GUILTY, now disappear, thank you.

1076 days ago


A "tiny" amount of Propofol isn't supported by the autopsy report, which said MJ died from acute propofol intoxication.

1076 days ago

the sea    

Murray's defense is that MJ gave himself the fatal dose, so why would he be "begging for milk"? If he knew how to shoot himself up, he didn't need the doctor!

1076 days ago
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