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Conrad Murray

I Was Trying to "Tip"

MJ Into Sleep When He Died

11/12/2011 6:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Conrad Murray claims he was only trying to "tip" Michael Jackson into sleep when he gave him a "tiny bit" of Propofol the morning MJ died -- and it's the first hint at what the doctor might have said on the stand.

Murray went into stark detail about June 25, 2009 during the documentary "Michael Jackson and the Doctor: A Fatal Relationship" ... which aired on MSNBC.

In the documentary, Murray says he eventually gave in to Michael begging for "some milk" ... Propofol. Murray says he thought ... "If I give him just a tiny amount of Propofol ... 25 milligrams, slowly infused, I may just tip him into sleep ... and the other medications will now get a chance to work because he had a fair amount of medication on board."

According to Murray's recorded interview with police -- two days after MJ's death -- he had already pumped MJ with sedatives -- Valium, Lorazepam, Midazolam -- but the singer was still unable to fall asleep.

in the docu, Murray claims it was the other drugs -- not the Propofol -- that "overwhelmed" Michael. Of course, Murray also gave MJ those other drugs ... at least according to what he told police.

Maybe not testifying was for the best.


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Propofol is not an addictive drug.
that's why jackson lied to get knocked out; he was neglected by his sneaky family. katherine told joe to leave mj alone for his 'privacy need'. she TOLD OPRAH THAT HER GOD WAS SO IMPORTANT that she sold bibles on june 25, 2009. dumb aaas s b.

971 days ago


MJ was addicted to being cared for. he enjoyed looking bad after he stubbornly set himself for extortion, bad medical and cosmetic procedures.
it didn't bother him after jordan chandler was bludgeoned by his insane father. jackson told lisa marie to let him hug murderers in a child detention center.

where were these fans when they should've cared for his mind and body and let him recover from depression and rebuild his face and end the brainwashing of his kids?

his kids were told to stay out of his bedroom. what kind of life did he want for the kids- a painful life of shame and insecurity which joe jackson enjoyed? his kids were not supposed to worry about their father's decisions. he was supposed to eat healthy and meet their kids in 15 years. mj was a vivacious, strong person who weighed 155 pounds in 1979. now he is no longer scared of expectations from his family and fans. no more mutilation, lies, children and drugs to escape the pain from overdoses, withdrawal symptoms, and mental illness.

mj paid to escape his lies and hatred of joe jackson and the unfulfilled life/decades of failed physical changes/drug euphoria. mj veins collapsed up and down his arm but he never overdosed or lost 15 pounds of weight and common sense. mj was kicked out of surgery centers because he begged for meds. he went around the world with excuses for prescription aliases and injections. he didn't care who destroyed his organs and veins; mj never cried with needles everyday, when his children were nearby. he got propofol from a gynecologist by getting his face treated for pimple scars. doctor best male friend, doctor filmed mj's wedding unpredictable for you phony fans. "mj sycophantic fans: fraud pity partiers"

971 days ago


Murray grossly underestimates people's intelligence, he thinks we can't see through him and his endless lies. He's digging his own grave.

971 days ago


Drug users show the signs Michael Jackson had, inability to sleep for one. I'm sorry he was a "tortured soul," but we all have to figure out how to live our lives. The "kind of pop" or whatever isn't any more important than any other person in the world. When people can't sleep on a regular basis, they can consult sleep experts, sleep disorder centers, and so forth, which exist for the very purpose of retraining people who have gotten into bad sleep patterns. They usually help them quite a lot. If anybody gets tired enough, they WILL sleep. The body shuts down, the brain shuts down for rest. Instead, Jackson used drugs. No doctor, of course, should have provided access to all these drugs. Jackson was worried about things. He had no money because he spent money like a foolish, immature child. I don't care what kind of miserable childhood he had being rich and famous and adored around the world. I know a whole lot of adults who think their childhood sucked, too, yet they have to get on with their lives in a mature, responsible way. You can't throw around money like he did. It's a shame to see so many people desperate for money to pay bills, yet here was a very privileged fellow who had access to millions of dollars, yet he blew through it like water. The hero worship is pointless. He was a singer who achieved great popularity for awhile. There have been many before him and will be many after him.

971 days ago


Murray had already given him enough benzos to down a horse. He tipped him alright. Murray had no clue about the pharmacological effects and interactions of the drugs he was pushing into MJ's dehydrated body. He is a menace to medicine because he didn't even bother to calculate the medications he was giving.

971 days ago


In the do***entary, Murray says he eventually gave in to Michael begging for "some milk" ... Propofol. Murray says he thought ... "If I give him just a tiny amount of Propofol ... 25 milligrams, slowly infused, I may just tip him into sleep ... and the other medications will now get a chance to work because he had a fair amount of medication on board."
If murray gave michael propofol every night for 2 could he "eventually-give-in" to michael begging for some milk????? why would michael have to beg for medication that murray was giving him every single day?
could it be my king wanted some of that organic almond milk prepared by ms chase? could that really be the"MILK"michael was asking for? We all know one of murray's PRIMARY duties was to retrieve michael's breakfast every morning (granola and almond milk.....)

Murray is simply giving his one sided lie regarding what michael may have said or wanted. Again murray has no proof.
Conrad murray is evil and he does not have a conscience. Conrad Murray has no awareness of a moral or ethical aspect. Not so much as an urge to prefer right over wrong. Conrad Murray is a convoluted markedly abnormal pathalogical liar!!!!.......and convicted murderer!!

971 days ago


The key forensic evidence of the trial was that it was the propofol that killed him, and testimony from an expert anesthesiologist that it's strictly for operations; it's not a drug to be used for falling asleep or for anything else. So, idiotic ex-Dr. murray just admitted his incompetence and his guilt in causing Michael Jackson's death. What a dumbass...

971 days ago


Forgot to add that dumbass ex-dr. murray wanted $1 Million a month to be MJ's private doctor, and it was his incompetence that killed him. Surely there were better doctors available for less than 1/10th the cost. Maybe MJ shouldn't have hired a doctor only upon his being black & instead interviewed them based on their knowledge, integrity, reputation and competence, regardless of color; he'd have weeded out dumbass ex-dr. murray & he'd still be alive...

971 days ago


Murray seemed repulsed by MJ's drugged behaviour and WHINING for Profofol. MJ got on Murray's last nerve and so he GAVE him what he wanted.. OOPS.. MJ did not wake up!! i think Murray DISLIKED MJ and wanted OUT!!

971 days ago


Michael Jackson doctor Conrad Murray spent thousands on lapdancers after landing job with King of Pop


CONRAD Murray spent thousands of dollars on lapdancers after landing a job from Michael Jackson, telling one girl he was milking the singer for everything he could.

Earning a staggering £93,000 a month simply to help the King of Pop get a good night's sleep, Murray couldn't believe his luck.

The married 58-year-old, a father of at least seven children from a string of mistresses, was the star's personal physician, a job which would change his world forever.

The doctor's life is now in tatters, his reputation ruined, but stripper Tanya Heller remembers a very different Murray.

Sipping champagne at Spearmint Rhino strip club in Las Vegas, he told Tanya he was a "big shot" doctor trusted by Jacko.

Tanya, 27, said: "He was so full of himself. He would come in two, three times a week and spent money like he was a movie star.

"He blurted out all kinds of private stuff he probably shouldn't have.

"He told me he wanted to make as much money as possible out of the situation.

"He didn't seem to care about him. He said some horrible things about him, that he was a weird freak, paranoid and reclusive.

"I thought he was very rude and ungrateful after getting such a job."

Heart doctor Murray was hired by Jackson in May 2009 - nearly three years after they met - as the star prepared for 50 comeback shows.

But while living in LA he spent his nights roaming seedy strip joints getting drunk and looking for young women to charm.

During his six week trial Murray was painted as greedy, manipulative and criminally negligent. Prosecutors pointed to Murray's complicated love life as the reason he was not giving the star his full attention when he administered propofol to him the day he died.

Murray was on the phone to ****tail waitress Sade Anding, 25, when he found Jackson in trouble and raised the alarm.

He was texting stripper Michelle Bella that morning and another woman, Bridgette Morgan, called about a plane ticket he said he was purchasing so she could visit him.

While he was seeing the three other women, the doctor was living with his 29-year-old lover Nicole Alvarez, also a stripper and the mother of one of his children.

Meanwhile, the out-of-control doc had let business interests slip and he was blighted by outstanding debts and tax demands.

He had filed for bankruptcy in 1992 and in 2002. Five tax bills were filed against him between 1993 and 2003, for sums of more than £27,000.

Three judgments were filed against Murray or his company in 2008 totalling more than £265,000. Two other companies claimed Murray owed them a total of £215,000.

The Jackson job appeared to offer troubled Murray the chance of financial salvation... in fact he was to fall even further.

Read more:

971 days ago

They R all Liars N Grifters    

michael jackson's legacy

971 days ago


For all the fans, here's MJ in action (from the Howard Stern show).

971 days ago


TOO BAD FOR THE TOXICOLOGY REPORT THAT PROVED YOU HAD HIM ON AN IV DRIP!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep lying a-hole ...I LOVE IT. You're showing the world what a sociopath, narcissist, lying, cheating, no knowledge PIECE OF SH*T you really are.

971 days ago


QUESTION: I'm pretty sure the judge will give Conrad Murray crap for talking like this.....Conrad Murray was filming this do***entary DURING the trial, and did at least one sit down interview too....Isn't that against the gag order the judge had in place?...BECAUSE I remember Murray's lawyer Flanagan got in trouble from the judge when he said things to a HLN camera...SOOOOO Conrad Murray is in big trouble right?????

971 days ago
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