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Penn State

Fans Show Love For Joe Paterno

11/12/2011 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Joe Pa support at Penn State
Tailgating is underway outside Beaver Stadium, and the Penn State fans are showing the love for their legendary ex-coach, Joe Paterno

According to an onlooker, several fans are sporting t-shirts, decorating cardboard cutouts (see below) and carrying signs in support of JoePa . So far, we're told the crowd is well-behaved. 

As we previously reported, FBI and police responded to a bomb threat made last night -- but nothing was found.

A plane just flew overhead (see below) with a sign that, according to multiple witnesses, reads: "Joe is so dirty he needs a shower."

Trust us, that's what it says.

Airplane banner -- Joe is so dirty he needs a shower

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No Avatar


I am LOVING the plane!!!!!

1074 days ago

two cents    

Football takes priority over the rape of children. No wonder this country's in the crapper. And this is our future? Great job parents of these students.

1074 days ago


So much for being a 'devout Catholic' (as Joe Paterno purports to be). Given the church's history of coverups and defending priest pedophiles (for decades), maybe Joe is just another in a long line of the morally corrupt. The church needs to start mandating classes on morality and ethics for all its members. Seriously. There is a real problem here if someone like Paterno cannot tell the difference between right and wrong. I can assure you, to this day, he feels he did nothing wrong. None of them do.

1074 days ago


Look boss - da plane, da plane!!!

1074 days ago


OMG that banner plane. I #loled

1074 days ago


Once again Americans show the world what they really are .. nothing but a cesspool of deviate s***.
My heart goes out to those poor abused kids they didnt stand a chance because the football was more important right!

1074 days ago


All these people making idiot comments and efforts of support for Joe Paterno need to read the grand jury report of Jerry Sandusky. The only reaction a non-pedophile can have to such a report is "I feel like vomiting." I'm sick of people having opinions that are ill informed -- especially in matters as important as this.

1074 days ago


Every letter of support for Joe is a salp in the face of all those who had a life iompacted by his lack of action and concern.

1074 days ago


So Sick of hearing about Joe Pa and the lynch mob that goes off half ****ed judging,running their mouths like they should be the ones to cast stones. What about the eye witness who walked away and did nothing. You finger pointing pricks if you have read the story as it unfolds, Joe Pa was told a fluffed up version of what happened-not that the child was molested-He reported the situation-Sandusky was not even part of the staff any longer and was told to not bring kids to the campus. Joe Pa is not protecting child molesters and he did what he was required to based on the information given. So as far as I am concerned I support Joe Paterno and hope Sandusky burns in hell for what he did to those victims.So try putting away the torches and pitchforks after Paterno and light a candle instead for the children who need the love and support.

1074 days ago

melissa b    

I bet they wouldn't support him if they were forced to suck on the man's penis or forced to take it in their asses. Shame, shame, shame. I don't give a damn how long he worked there, 50 years or 50 days, he should be locked up for the rest of his life so he can't hurt anymore children!

1074 days ago


But wouldn't a good COACH at least try and help the little boy?

Anyone that is capable of looking the other way while watching someone get raped, is also able to look the other way when determining the character of a man.

Joe Paterno should feel shame and guilt, anyone who supports him, likewise!

1074 days ago


May all those who 'support' this man (and the others) who did NOTHING and TURNED THE OTHER WAY from something so HEINOUS done to numerous CHILDREN ROT IN HELL. ROT IN HELL you 'supporters', you're equally as s***my for supporting such a morally bankrupt individual.

1074 days ago


I am so sick of seeing people talk about Joe Paterno. You do realize that you are also taking away the focus on the real bad person, the one who actually committed these crimes right?! Also, why blame the entire school of PSU and ruin it for the students and players? They didn't do anything wrong.

1074 days ago


Who ever is flying that plane...Thank you!! I have to say, what you said was alot nicer then what I would of said.

1074 days ago


AWE, how sweet .. IGNOREant fools showing thier appreciation for PEDIFILE PROTECTORS .. Im gonna puke !

1074 days ago
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