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Manny Pacquiao

Sticking It to Marquez

with Post-Fight Song

11/13/2011 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It wasn't enough for Manny Pacquaio to beat Juan Manuel Marquez in a close decision last night in Las Vegas -- later on in the evening, Manny took the stage at the House of Blues and performed "La Bamba" ... perhaps the most famous song from Marquez's native Mexico.

Soy capitan indeed.

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I tell you it is not really pacman in front of Marquez it is his look alike, it's PAKSIW

1074 days ago


Marquez answered every in accurate punch that Manny through for the whole 12 rounds with clear scoring punches. Yes Manny was the agressor, but just because you pressure the fight means nothing. Especially when your countered every time you engage. Juan won clearly, and controlled the fight. All I can say is if Manny has that much of a problem fighting Marquez he wants no part of Mayweather. Floyd is twice as fast and twice as good of a counter puncher than Marquez. And his footwork is 1000 times better. Every one will be extremely dissappointed to wait years to see Floyd control Manny as if sparring with an amatuer he is tutoring. Mayweather may not stop Manny, but I promise it would be a boxing lesson taught by Floyd for 12 rounds.

1074 days ago


You ******* retards must be on crack. La Bomba, the most famous song from Mexico?!?!?!? Offensive!!!!!!!

1074 days ago


..why CAN'T people never accept defeats?robbed again and again and again?oh!!!c'mon!!!!

1073 days ago


To be the champ, you gotta beat the champ! Marquez has got to knock Pacquiao out to become the champ the same way everyone is asking Manny to knock Marquez out to clearly establish that he's the champ. Marquez fought hard and smart but that doesn't make him the champ. Check the stats everyone, Pacquiao landed more punches than Marquez. Everyone thinks Pacquiao lost because they didn't see the usual beating that Pacquiao dishes out to his opponents but that doesn't mean he lost. If you dunk over Kobe Bryant, it doesn't necessarily follow that you're a better player, it only means that you can. Marquez lasted 12 rounds without getting the usual beating, it didn't make him a winner, it just proved that he can last. Marquez is the one with everything to gain, why doesn't he try to knock Pacquiao out? Again, to be the champ, you gotta beat the champ!

Btw, people nowadays prefer UFC because it's fast paced, exciting and matches different disciplines and combinations of disciplines which people really like seeing. It has nothing to do with how the sport is judged. Watch UFC long enough and I'm sure you'll also be complaining how the judging goes because there's nothing wrong with the sport. What's wrong is that you talk faster than you think. Pacquiao is the only reason why people are still watching boxing. Again, to be the champ, you gotta beat the champ. Check the stats so you wouldn't be so emotionally biased.

1073 days ago


Without a doubt Manny Paquiao is the winner of this fight...Yes this was a close fight.. but you cannot deny the fact that Paquiao is the aggressor throughout the fight, hes the one whos making the move considering that he is the champion...while Marquez is just simply waiting for his chance to counter attack...You cannot beat a champion just like..you have to prove that you have the power to make a champion kneel before you..Yes Marquez is good on what he does...But does everybody knows this was enough?..think about it?

1073 days ago


Manny always kneels and prays after every fight it didn't mean he was crying because he lost. They were both great that night, unfortunately Marquez didn't gave his best on the last rounds, he was too confident, for us who watched on PPV we could see the scores and stats and it was indeed close fight, the funny thing is the decision wasn't announced yet and marquez went and climb the corner of the ring raising his hands as if he won! while the scores were flashing on the screen shows he lost. Manny deserve to win he worked & trained hard for it, and for those who bash him for his singing, let him be maybe he is frustrated singer wannabe. He is a great guy even though he may not sing well, and to TMZ please stop creating a fire between pacquiao & marquez, its just sports nothing personal. And to that commenter who said Asians can't sing you clearly don't know what you are talking about. Pacquiao will always be an icon and a testimony that nothing is impossible if you have determination and belief in yourself. The way he overcome his hard life in his younger years alone deserves my respect for him even if he is not a world champ.

1073 days ago

Roger That    

They fixed the fight for what? We all know now Packy can't beat Floyd Mayweather. I feel bad for Marquez tho

1073 days ago


Folks, before claiming that your boy (Manny or Juan) won that fight, please ask yourself if you know how the fight is judged. Don't let your anger or hate toward a fighter clog your judgement. Also, please don't go by what the so called "expert" said. Last night Emual Stewart ( boxing trainer and comentator) said Manny won that fight. On the other hand, Kevin Lole (the sport writer) said Juan won that fight. In my opinion, I thought Juan Marquez won that fight, but after I watched the fight over and over on my DVR in slow motion it is clear that Manny won that fight. Manny landed more shots and power punches. That's why his whole face is puffy and swollen and his right eye is almost shut. Sometimes it hard to see Manny's short close punches. SPEAKING FROM A NON-FILIPINO AND NON-MEXICAN STAND POINT.

By the way, lets assume that I am Manny and you are Juan Marquez. If I landed two soft punches to your face and you landed one hard punch to my face, who do you think won that fight? It is me who landed two punches or it is you who land one punch? Fight is over guys. You guys are just wasting your time bashing in each other face. Every fighter who fought in a very close fight will never accept defeat. This is natural. JM needs to accept the fact that he lost or else this will bother him for the rest of his life and he will take this disappointment to his grave. Pacman won and JM lost. Lesson learned for you JM. I give you all the respect. your a great boxer but you will never beat Pacman. You get aggressive, you get knockdown or almost gets Knockout. You counter, still not enough. You did both and still not enough. You can't even knock pacman down???You should of done what Pacman did to Morales for their trilogy. Pacman accepted defeat the first fight but came back and badly defeated him the next 2 fights.
JM your a very good technical fighter but its just not enough. Please stop blaming the judges and just accept defeat. This will make you crazy and evidently, you already showing some signs of it...
Now to the the Mayweather fans. Don't expect Pacman won't be ready for that right counter. Yeah, he is a great counter puncher but his weakness is fighting a south paw who loves to throw left straight. That's why he doesn't want to do anything with Pacquaio. If you watch his fights he has a problem blocking left straight and left hooks. So Mayweather just fight Pacman and let us see you fight and give boxing fans what they want to see. PEACE!!

1073 days ago


PacMan Sucks! La bamba is Son Jarocho, the most famous song is cielito lindo putis!!! arriba mx.

1073 days ago


Pacquiao's victory is a fraud.
Pacman did not defeated Marquez.

Marquez's rules

1073 days ago


well, if floyd really believes that he can beat pacquiao then he must fight him. if he continue believing that he can beat pacquiao yet do not figh him, then he is just dreaming. only dreamers believe that what happen in a dream is real. com'n floyd, wake up, wash your face, lace your gloves and fight pac... don't hibernate. floyd fans, wake floyd up, help him make his dream into a reality!

1073 days ago


well, if floyd really thinks he can beat pacquiao then why not fight him? only a dreamer believes in his sleep that something real has happened. is floyd and his fans are all asleep? wake up floyed, wash your face,lace your gloves and fight money pacquiao. there, it is then a reality, not just dreaming that you beat pacquiao. floyd fans, wake floyd up!

1073 days ago


Pacquiao you little bitch you barley won. Marquez proved Saturday night that your no longer the best P4P fighter. Don't even fight mayweather hell beat your ass.

1073 days ago


Manny didn't even show up to his post party. This is an old video.

1073 days ago
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