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Should Read to Kids!

11/13/2011 11:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Vivid Entertainment president Steven Hirsch thinks Sasha Grey is the porn version of Jackie Robinson ... hoping she's opened the door for other adult stars to read books to kids.

As TMZ first reported, Sasha read children's books at Emerson Elementary School in Compton on November 2 as part of the Read Across America program. Even though we have photos of Sasha reading to kids, a rep for the school denies she was ever there. 

Regardless, Hirsch fired off a letter commending the school for allowing Grey to appear. In the letter, Hirsch offers up two of his stars -- Chyna and Allie Haze -- as possible future volunteers.

So he's saying there are three porn stars who can read? Who knew? 


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1076 days ago

Deb Colorado    

More porn stars should read to school children. Really?????

1076 days ago


This wouldn't be an issue if holier-than-thou idiots didn't make it one. If the adults didn't react, the kids would have no idea who she is.

1076 days ago

I am Spartacus    

why is this news? Who cares what Steve Hirsch thinks? The TMZ staff watches so much porn that they bow down to all porn stars and this vivid guy so anything they say or do they think its newsworthy when its not.

1076 days ago


Great, what this is telling all the pedophiles in California is all an adult with no child in the school system has to do is volunteer with Read Across America, which apparently doesn't even give the schools, much less the parents of children in the public education, a head's up who will be in their child's classrooms.

1076 days ago


This is not celebrity news, porn stars are not celebrities.This is the Vivid porn company knowing or is paying TMZ for this exposure. TMZ just loses viewers when you report on this garbage.

1076 days ago

buzz kill    

These s*** contribute to the moral decline of this country more than any other group. Forty years ago porno was limited and hidden, and had less effect on the youth. Sex in a loving relationship is normal, in your face fu.king is vulgar and disgusting. Youth today think thats normal. No wonder this country is so srewed up.

1076 days ago


I've really had it with this whole story and all the porn-addicted trolls on the internet commenting about how great all this is. Enough is enough.

1076 days ago


TMZ you are sooooooooooo hypicritcal.......If it was a gay man or woman you won't say a dam thing....

As long as this woman doesnt't walk into the classroom buck naked to read to those kids from Porn books she ain't doing anything wrong... those children do not know that she is a porn star and would not know if idiots like you hadn't saw a chance to make money off the story......
So sick of your homophobic call of foul, or the racist crys of foul you jump on when some unforunate semi-famous person specks before he every other person in the world....Are you so dam inscure in you gayist, or race or your religious choice that you have to jump sky high at any thing you think is about you......GROW UP and GROW A THICKER SKIN like the rest of people in the world.....

1076 days ago


Porn stars have no business being around kids. Their ilk and lifestyle are disgusting.

1076 days ago

V Kint    

There's a reason she was reading to kids in COMPTON, instead of say ...Steven Hirsch's school district!

1076 days ago


People who think that Sasha Grey is just some average porn star a la Jenna Jameson has clearly never seen any of her "performances". She is possibly the most self-degrading porn actor out there; having the most foul things imaginable done to her mouth and ******* (and back again) for money. She stopped performing for a long time because of an extreme case of anal warts. It is very clear that she absolutely hates herself.

I wish people who think it's cool with porn "stars" would think twice before they let kids get exposed to these girls. It is not a lifestyle that is glamorous by any stretch of the imagination, and you don't want your kids to think these girls are "cool". They are NOT cool. They are sad birds with broken wings, desperately trying to get the attention their fathers never gave them.

Yes I live right in the heart of Porn Valley and I am frequently involved in these girls' future well-being.

1076 days ago


I think it pretty much depends on how messed up the former/current porn star is in terms of drug and alcohol abuse and criminal record. Kids this young need adults that are good role models to be involved in their studies.

1076 days ago


Surrise surprise! Steven Hirsch of Vivid figured what GREAT FREE publicity and has reared his butt ugly head.

Say perhaps Sasha can read "The Oldman and The Seaman"?
Sorry couldn't resist.

1076 days ago


And dollars to donuts Sasha sits back in the back round of this (calculated) controversy snickering to herself "mission accomplished", I'm all over the place, people are talking about ME. Good/bad I could care less! You're paying attention to ME! It worked in my porn career when I shot off my mouth about all the filthy things I was sooo eager to do, and it will hopefully work in this latest MANIPULATION of the media (people are so easilly manipulated ya know :D)I'm on TMZ, Late Night monologue fodder(granted being ridiculed)etc.
Gee, I wonder just "who" leaked out she was doing these readings?
Hmm, couldn't be HER now could it!!!! lmao

Whore monger Steven Hirsch couldn't pass up this chance for the free promo so had to join in and strike while the (calculated) controversy was hot.
Whores and whore mongers have a given knack for exploitation being that's all they're good for.

Even at the expense of innocent pubescent children... (sigh)

1076 days ago
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