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'Storage Wars' Stars

Uncover Real-Life Pirates' Chest

Filled with $500,000 in Gold

11/13/2011 6:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The people behind "Storage Wars" just stumbled upon their most incredible discovery yet -- a real-life pirates' chest that's at least 200 years old ... containing half a mil in gold doubloons

Dan and Laura Dotson came across the stash inside a foreclosed storage locker at an auction in Contra Costa County, CA -- which they sold off to one lucky bastard for just over a grand.

The Dotsons discovered the pirates booty after auctioning off the locker -- a small treasure an expert described as "Pieces of Eight Spanish Gold," dating anywhere between the 16th and 19th century.

According to one source, the coin box was so heavy ... it took 3 people to move it out of storage.  

We're told an appraisal expert valued the collection at around $500,000. Yo ho ho!


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Barock Obama     

I, Dave Hester & Larry Sinclair made some sweet love over all thoes coins

1040 days ago


Anyone else smell shena****ns ? ?

1040 days ago



1040 days ago


i hope it is anybody but dave hester.. i wish somebody would drop-kick his arrogant ass. i wish the producers would take him off. he is so disgusting and hateful.

1040 days ago


The box so heavy, 3 people needed to move it. Gold at just $1700 an ounce to make up $500,000 worth would just weigh slightly under 18 pounds. No way this story is true. Would you like to buy my share of the Brooklyn Bridge?

1040 days ago


I'm always amazed at the gullible people out there.


THIS SHOW IS 100% STAGED. It is NOT real.


These empty storage units are filled with rented props from Hollywood that are placed there to grab the viewers attention.

Don't believe me? Then just call the winning bidders retail store and say you want to buy an item you saw them find on Tv. Like Pawn Stars they wont have the item because they never did. Just because you saw it on Tv doesn't mean its real.

1040 days ago


I'm rooting for Barry...He's a sexy silver haired fox...If not him, then Darrell. He's got a special friend type of personality. Just as long as it's not that "YYYYEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAPPPPPPPPP" jackalope Dave Hester. I can't stand him!

1040 days ago


SUNFLOWER: 5 hours ago

i hope it is anybody but dave hester.. i wish somebody would drop-kick his arrogant ass. i wish the producers would take him off. he is so disgusting and hateful.

Dave Hester MAKES this show. Dave and Barry. You're buying into gangsta Jarrod's crying act. He's okay sometimes, but mostly he's just a ****y wannabe.

1040 days ago


Please if this were true the (new owners)Winners would have to dumb as a box of rocks. To show the show what they found. Once the lien is done and the unit is SOLD. Dan and Laura Dotson do not OWN it nor have they discovered it. They the auctioneers are just that auctioneers. The buyer discovered it.

Unless Dan and Laura Dotson went into the unit before the auction. If they did, I would not buy from them. Hope some government CA state folks investigate.
Now think how much gold would it take to make up $500K about 280 ounces. Of scrap less if there is collectable value to the coins. 280 ounces = 17.5 pounds

And it took three people to move 17.5 pounds of gold and a maybe 50 pound chest. YEAH RIGHT.

1040 days ago


Maybe if the auctioneer had followed The California State Law on Storage Lien foreclosures and performed an inventory, the storage company would have gotten their full rent with the overage going to the tenant.

How would you feel losing 1/2 million in gold for a few months back rent on a storage locker?

As an auctioneer who sells storage units I would feel like an idiot for missing a half million dollars worth of gold coins during my inspection and inventory of the unit.

Storage auctioneers need to quit working for $50 a unit and come into the 21st century...

1040 days ago

online conscience    

I believe EVERYTHING I read online. =)

1040 days ago


Obviously this story is bogus because the show is scripted.

1040 days ago


does tmz know when the episode of storage wars is set to air

1039 days ago

Homerer Simpson    

dohhh !

1038 days ago


I hope Brandi got it, and leaves Jarrod. Not seeing what she sees in him

1038 days ago
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