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Kim Kardashian Sued

Caught Up in Hairy Mess

11/14/2011 7:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian
In a new legal move, a competing hair removal company claims Kim Kardashian and the company she works for have misled consumers about all things follicle.

Kim is the hairless face of TRIA, a home laser hair-removal system. Radiant, a rival company that sells no!no! hair, claims Kim has deceived the public with her pitch, specifically ...

-- Kim claims she uses TRIA over her entire body, but Radiant maintains even TRIA says it's not safe for the face, head, ears, neck, nipples, genitals or anus.

-- Kim touts TRIA by claiming "You'll never need razors or shaving cream again."  But according to the lawsuit, TRIA's instructions note the product is supposed to be used in concert with shaving.

-- Kim has said numerous times she's been getting professional hair removal treatments for more than a decade, so Radiant wants to know how she can possibly say TRIA is her secret.

Radiant wants TRIA and Kim to stop making the alleged false claims ... and is seeking unspecified damages.

We've learned Kim just re-signed with TRIA.  She's got a new, 18-month deal as the company's spokesperson.  She's a hairless wonder!



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@niclole...actually Madori is a honeydew mellon liquore.

Still I wouldn't trust any products she promotes. Wonder what sears will do with all of this horrible publicity.

1039 days ago


And there goes TRIA's stock...

1039 days ago


I bet she has to use a weed whacker for her pubes.

1039 days ago


Kim K. is such a total fraud. I cannot for the life of me understand being a "fan" of hers.

1039 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

LMFAO about time someone is speaking out about this fake ŧ§... I'm wondering when is someone going to sue her for misleading consumers about fit in your jeans by Friday. Because Mon thru Fri Kim and KHhloe don't seem to fit in any of their jeans that's why they use spandex all the time. And what about quickfaketrim if this system worked why is Khloe chunky? Kim isn't a thin lady either! With that said anything for a $$$ false advertising..

1039 days ago


Kim or ANY Kardashian "DECEIVING" someone? ((((gasp)))))
No Way! Say it isn't so. #sarcasm

1039 days ago


I wish I could sue the entire Kardashian family for being a public annoyance plastering their attention seeking media selves everywhere to feel relevant and entitled. Ugh.

Their mother has her girls sign on to the oddest endorsement deals that they probably never even use.

Kris signed one to promote urinary incontinence or some pee pad thing. Yuck.

1039 days ago


Do they have the equivalent of AA, for those females who are media whores?

"Hello, I'm Kim Kardashian and I'm a voyeur whore! Pay me and I'll put my face on anything! And then play the victim when responsibility for that, comes to call."

"Hiiii, Kimmmm!"

1039 days ago


Everytime I see Kim Kardashian's photograph, all I can visualize is a 5'5" "bleached anus."

1039 days ago


Oh man, what is going on with these GREAT role models of today...
Heart be still (very upset now) Kim has lied?

1039 days ago


Is there such a thing as a true commercial in the first place?

We can hope the Kartrashian's will fall off the publicity radar. Won't hurt my feelings if I never saw one of them on tv again, just sayin . . .

1039 days ago


Stop supporting Kim K and her family and she will stop making money. Blame yourself.

1039 days ago


TRIA...You jumped back on a sinking boat. Fools! Boycott TRIA and boycott anything/everything KarTRA$Hian.

1039 days ago


And so it begins...this family, especially "Kim" will see bricks falling from their "brand."

1039 days ago

Biggie Johnson    

If it's not safe on your anus that eliminates that Skank from using it ANYWHERE !

1039 days ago
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