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Senator Orrin Hatch

GOP Doesn't Have a Shot in Hell


11/14/2011 11:57 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1114_hatch_launchRepublican Senator for Utah Orrin Hatch doesn't have much faith in his party -- telling TMZ NONE of the GOP candidates has a fighting chance to take the Oval Office ... except for one very handsome Mormon.

Not that you have to be good-looking to be President -- Orrin tells us, one man clearly stands out as the ugliest Chief Executive of all time .. and maybe the greatest.


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He sure did tell the thruth on that one. Can you imagine if Cain went against Obama- Cain would loose big time because he doesnt have the support of his own people, nor the latino people. Because he acts like they dont even exist, he just sticks around the white folks like any old uncle tom would. Just makes me want to spit!

1043 days ago


seems like the time from now until 2016 is going from bad to worse. Can it get worse than now? sure can. Put Obama in for another 4 and hold on to all you hold dear.

1043 days ago


I guess people forget that there are TWO Mormon guys running for President here. Romney isn't even from Utah, Huntsman is. For all those that hate on these guys for being Mormon? I don't get it... lest people forget Harry Reid is a devout Mormon, too.. and one that converted when he was an adult. It's really hilarious that Mormon Democrats don't have nearly as much criticism tossed at them as the Republican ones do. Besides... every Mormon I know aren't weird cult-like zombies... they're cool, generous people who work hard and stick to their values. Also, Ronald Reagan had more than a few Mormons on his personal White House staff when he was President.

Seriously? It's no big deal. I think what matters more is who can actually get the job done. I tend to agree that Romney is the only one that would have a shot against Obama and could get something done. Look what he did for the SLC Olympics. He turned a total disaster in to one of the most successful Winter Olympics ever held.

1043 days ago


A lot of people think Hatch is a RINO. That tells you how far right the party has gone in the las 15 years.

1043 days ago


Actually the guy with the best shot in the general election is the "other" Mormon governor, Jon Huntsman. The problem is today's Republicans are so far to the right that they would never nominate him. Romney is willing to pull a McCain and change all his positions on issues from what they were when he was Governor to what they are as Republican nomination candidate.

1043 days ago


Let's not forget that this is the same Orrin Hatch, a Mormon, who tried several times to get an amendment to the Constitution that would allow non-native born Americans to become president because he wanted his buddy Arnold Schwarzenegger to run. This guy is one of the problems with Congress. He's a career politician who protects his own butt first, last and always. (And I don't care if it's a Dem or a Repub, career politicians are killing us.)

1043 days ago


The Current Republican party, as it stands, needs to be replaced by actual right minded conservatives; not the nut-job types like Orrin Hatch. Guys like this are the reason why we end up with douchebags like Obama as president.

1043 days ago


the only person who has not cheated/divorced his wife is the freaking mormon. and all you republicans attack him for being a mormon?!

1043 days ago


What happened to the post on the pedophile? Someone should have punched him.

1043 days ago


I agree with him--as bad as things are, none of them, except possibly Mitt Romney, stands a chance. We need someone we can trust, and that doesn't have the enormous memory problems of Herman Cain. And he paid out thousands of dollars in settlements, and didn't know he did!! Not very presidential. And the other candidates aren't much better.

1043 days ago


I hate Mitt Romney - he's like a slick talking over-grown frat boy. Nice plug for Best Western, TMZ!

1043 days ago

buzz kill    

The American people and the United States will continue to be screwed as long as we keep electing Democrats and Republicans. They are all the same, power hungry, egotistical thieves. We need a President whose only allegiance is to the constitution and taxpayers who have to pay to keep the country running.

1043 days ago


Romney has my vote!

1043 days ago


Now you only have to find out where this guy dissappeared too! Good luck with that, but I am sure Parents all over will feel better once you get a bead on him.

1043 days ago


Hatch is one of the bums that needs to be thrown out.

1043 days ago
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