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Penn State Head Coach:

Mike McQueary

NOT in Protective Custody

11/15/2011 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

New Penn State head coach Tom Bradley insists Mike McQueary was not in protective custody last week, despite reports to the contrary.

Bradley answered several questions today at a news conference, claiming the PSU assistant was not in protective custody and that Bradley knew where McQueary was ... although Bradley never specified the location.

Reports circulated that McQueary -- who was placed on administrative leave last week -- had been put in protective custody after receiving death threats.

Bradley also said he spoke to McQueary on Saturday -- the day of the big Nebraska game -- to ask if the former assistant coach was okay.

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Who cares. I would prefer they NOT protect him.

1071 days ago


BTW I posted this the same day you reported that he was in protective custody...

Mike McQueary Not In Protective Custody, His Father Says

Nov 11 8:14p by Brian Floyd

This is likely all a semantics argument, but Penn State wide receivers coach Mike McQueary's father says his son is not in State College, but also isn't in protective custody. Earlier, McQueary reportedly told the Nittany Lions' wide receivers he was no longer their coach and that he was in protective custody away from State College. McQueary has come under fire for not calling police after allegedly witnessing former Penn State assistant Jerry Sandusky abusing a child in the locker room in 2002.

While his father did say McQueary is not being guarded, he did have time for a joke.

"Actually I should tell you yes, he's surrounded by 80 guards. I should tell you they're all armed with bazookas," John McQueary told ESPN.com. "But to the best of my knowledge that's not true."

While McQueary isn't being guarded, he is away from his home for his own protection, it would seem. In other words, it sounds as if something was crossed up in the original message to the players -- or misinterpreted -- but McQueary is still in seclusion, though not in custody anywhere.


1071 days ago


After the Sandusky interview last night, McQueary probably should be in protective custody--that guy came off as an absolute creep, manipulator, liar and weirdo---and McQueary protected him? Saw him around the locker rooms afterwards, with kids, for years? Its beyond shameful--its frightful.

McQueary is a danger to other children because of his silence and non involvement. He values a Game over the safety and protection of children. Children that are most vulnerable. If he isnt in protective custody, he should just hide himself.

1071 days ago

Dan Koz    

For the people who wish that McQuery NOT be protected and support violence against him, remember one important thing- He is the ONLY witness against Sandusky. Thus, he is a crucial person in ensuring the monster Sandusky goes to jail. You can hate what he did (or didnt do), but we HAVE to protect him in order to ensure that he can testify and help to put Sandusky away.

1071 days ago


'former coach" is he or is he not...he should NOT BE ON ADMIN LEAVE..he should be fired..and/or shot along with his stupid dad, that thinks this whole thing is funny somehow...
effin jerks who call themsleves men..what a joke Penn State

1071 days ago


maybe the alumni can go to happy valley and tear down that statue of paterno..replace it with a real man of honor and not a disgraced coach "that has done so much for young men"

1071 days ago


He is a key witness against Sandusky, inspite of his own shortcomings, if something happens to him then it weakens the case against Sandusky!

1071 days ago


Mike McQueary is an idiot!

1071 days ago


McQreary reported this to his supervisor, and probably thought they'd deal with it. Yea he should have stopped the child rape, but he may have been too shocked to do anything. At least he reported it, he's not a monster like the rapist just a flawed human being like most of us.

1071 days ago


McQueary wrote an E mail last week to his former team mates which he says he didn't just witness the rape in the shower but intervened and pulled them apart before leaving.
He also told his teammates in the E mail that at that time he had some tuff hard decisions to make.( yea ok)

what do you make of that? he said nothing about pulling them apart in the Grand Jury testimony.
it was a child being raped! so even if you believe his new version he's still a self serving lame.

1071 days ago


The more I think about it the more I am convinced that Sandusky is sick....not an excuse but he is sick.....BUT McQueary saw this happening, did not stop it, did not say to the child "you come with me", and went to work everyday after the incident and saw that that man was there and still did nothing....I think he deserves some legal punishment too.

1071 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

He SHOULD be in protective custody, because understandably there are people out there who want to beat him to a pulp.
Sandusky wasn't even working for Paterno anymore at the time that mcqueary say him with the boy in the shower. Why didn't HE go to the cops instead of going to his daddy, then to his other daddy the next day, effectively washing his hands of it. "I told two people so I'm done with it." All he thought about was covering his ass & saving his career, & gave barely a second's thought to the welfare of the boy. As far as Paterno: What if you owned a company, & one of your employees comes to you & tells you that one of your former employees was a child molester? THat's hearsay. So now it's in YOUR lap?

As far as I'm concerned, it's sandusly, mcqueary, & Penn State administration who failed, & failed not just morally, but criminally, & THEY should be punished.

1071 days ago


This guy is a disgusting creep and does not deserve any favours like protective custody!! He needs to be fired!!

1071 days ago


What do you call an older woman that chases younger guys? A Cougar
What do you call an older man that chases little boys? A Nittney Lion

1071 days ago


So Tom Bradley was worried and asked poor McQueary if he was ok….. too bad McQueary did not bother to ask the child being assaulted if he was ok…..

1071 days ago
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