TMZ Live Jerry Sandusky's Words Could Haunt Him

11/15/2011 12:30 PM PST

TMZ Live -- Jerry Sandusky's Own Words Could Haunt Him

Conrad Murray is suicidal -- and remains in a jail medical ward -- but not everyone's buying it. We're weighing in on whether this could impact Murray's upcoming sentencing.

Plus, Jerry Sandusky's bizarre Bob Costas interview could end up being 'exhibit A' in his future trial.

Also, Harvey makes the case for Howard Stern to be a judge on "America's Got Talent" -- while Parents Television Council prez Tim Winter rips him. And, is Michael Jordan a "Richard?" You gotta hear what former NBAer Olden Polynice says about MJ and the NBA lockout.

(3:36) Harvey's theory on why Conrad Murray is suicidal -- he never mentally prepared himself for a guilty verdict.
(6:18) Charles plays "cynical Sally" -- he thinks Conrad is faking it so he can stay in the medical ward.
(8:15) Awesome question -- is Conrad still eligible for house arrest now the he's suicidal?
(20:15) Jerry Sandusky's shocking interview -- in which he hesitated to say he wasn't sexually attracted to young boys.
(22:20) Can this interview be admissible in court?
(27:15) Sandusky admits he showered with young boys.
(31:36) Sandusky's lawyer admits it's possible he's guilty!
(37:20) Tim Winter -- President of the Parents TV Council --  debates Harvey about Howard Stern's possible place on "America's Got Talent."
(46:05) Former NBA play Olden Polynice calls out Michael Jordan for siding with the owners and not the players.