Gary Busey Sued For Drunkenly Tackling Woman ... At the Airport

11/16/2011 11:25 AM PST

Gary Busey Lawsuit -- Sued for Drunkenly Tackling Woman At the Airport

Gary Busey got wasted and shouldered a 57-year-old woman to the ground at an Oklahoma airport recently ... in a mad sprint to board an airplane -- this according to a new lawsuit filed against the actor.

The woman -- named Carla Loeffler -- filed the lawsuit in L.A. County Superior Court, claiming she and Busey were waiting for the same flight at Tulsa airport back in May ... when Busey shouldered her without provocation.

According to Loeffler, Busey had been biding his time downing drinks at the airport ... and by the time their flight was called, he was completely faded.

Loeffler claims she was waiting in line on the jetway to board the flight -- and Busey barreled past her in an effort to cut the line, violently knocking her to the ground.

According to the lawsuit, Loeffler sustained injuries as a result of the takedown and she's now demanding unspecified damages. Attempts to reach Gary were unsuccessful.

3:00 PM PST: A rep for Busey tells TMZ ... "Gary Busey has no knowledge whatsoever of any of the alleged events reported, and has never been served with any alleged lawsuit, and has no idea of who this person is."

The rep adds, "According to Mr. Busey, this is nothing other than sleazy gossip and a cheap opportunistic attempt to extract some sort of monetary nuisance settlement from a celebrity, by a professional litigant who has a history of filing lawsuits and claiming personal injury."

And just like Justin Bieber, Busey claims he intends to turn the tables on his accuser and sue her right back for defamation and harassment. The rep continues, "Further, after dismissal and/or successful defense of this lawsuit, we shall file a malicious prosecution lawsuit against not only this fraudulent claimant, but her attorney as well."