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Penn Cops

McQueary Never Told Us Jack

11/16/2011 2:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mike McQueary
never once went to the Penn State campus police OR the State College PD after witnessing Jerry Sandusky allegedly rape a 10-year-old boy in 2002 -- this according to reps for both departments. 

According to CBS, neither police bureau has any record of being contacted by Mike McQueary -- despite recent claims McQueary made in an email ... "I did have discussions with police and with the official at the university in charge of police."

In the email, McQueary never specifies which police department he spoke to.

A University official also told CBS, she had no knowledge of any police report ever filed by McQueary.

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This guy could mess up the DA's case if he keeps changing his story. I'm still trippin on the Costas interview with Sandusky, have never seen anything like it with the defense attorney sitting in the studio with Costas and Sandusky on the phone , is the attorney creating reasonable doubt or setting up appeal in advance, it doesn't make any sense , for Satadusky to practically confess on national tv and his loooonnng pauses when asked if he is attracted to kids and the quote about 'I have helped many , many kids , it is chilling to say the least.

There are rumors that the Attorney General has stopped asking for interviews with former employees of Second Mile. Who are they protecting ?

1069 days ago


This is an interesting article about McQueary's interaction with Sandusky after he supposedly saw Sandusky raping that boy. http://aol.sportingnews.com/ncaa-football/feed/2011-11/penn-state-scandal/story/mcqueary-played-in-sanduskys-golf-tourney-after-alleged-rape

1069 days ago


BREAKING NEWS - Authorities have now confirmed that McQueary DID report the incident to an "Officer B. Fife" from an outside district. Attempts to contact Fife's superior "Sheriff A. Taylor" have been unanswered. Stay tuned to further developments.

1069 days ago


TMZ had an article several days ago that McQueary was "Double Fisting" booze and in protective custody. He must have been really drunk when he said he did something to stop the rape. Just because he made eye contact with Sandusky, who then, in all probability, stopped the rape, cause he got caught doesn't mean he "stopped" it. The rapes went on for years after that. Now he is lying again, and the DA needs to shut him up before the trial. He is suppose to be a star witness. He could cause this whole thing to crumble with being such a big fat liar. I can not remember in my 55 years, ever being so furious at these animals. Half-breed, neanderthal, creepy, s*** of the earth...and this guy is almost as bad as Sandusky. No matter what he says, no one will ever understand why he didn't: 1) Throw a towel, his own shirt, anything over this child. 2) Ask the child "what is your name son"? 3) rush out of the shower, running to the nearest telephone to call 911. 4) Get the child immediately to a hospital. What he did in his own words: left the scene shaking and telephoned his father. What a man.

1069 days ago


what is in report is under oath-emails are hear-say...
in any event he saw predophile on campus after attack for years and said nothing, also played in Jerry S golf tournament in 2003,,,that to me is the real crime and him, Paterno and the rest, even coach now had to know, he was been around 33 years and was McQuearys roommate at one time.

1069 days ago


#36,,could be true, a reporter on TV said today just becuz there is not report does not mean he did not talk to them..which isn't hard to believe,,,I will say it again and again, real crime was still allowing this man on campus with boys..up until '07 and not questioning why he still was around little boys, they all turned their head..I read yesterday current coach used to work with Jerry S, up until '08--the entire football staff needs to go, anybody there over 15 years knew something..

1069 days ago


my #39 post..meant to say "he worked out with Jerry"

1069 days ago


Mike should be ashamed of himself. I thought football players were touch guys, this touch guy, turned and walked away from a child being raped. He's no touch guy, he is a money hungry coward. He should have punched Jerry in the face and taken that child straight to the authorities. All he was worried about was his job and his pay. Sacrafice a child for money - that's just wrong!!!!

1069 days ago


Pehaps he participated in the act as well.

1069 days ago


This guy perpetuates the 'dumb jock' stereotype. First it was 'he saw the rape, left to go call his daddy for advice, and then left because that's what daddy said he should do.' Now that he's getting all kinds of flack for his lack of judgment and common sense, it's, 'no, I STOPPED the rape and I called the police.' I just keep thinking about that little boy and how he probably saw this grown-up, imagined the cavalry had come, and then soon realized it was just another kind of monster, instead, one without a spine or a brain.

1069 days ago


Someone needs to flush Penn State down the crapper. What a low class school and disgrace to the university football community. They SUCK!!!!!

1069 days ago


Gingers are just plain gross. Yuck.

1069 days ago


This creep needs to be fired!!

1069 days ago

south carolina    

I am just wondering if he was given his job as an assistant coach in exchange for keeping his mouth shut?!?!?

1069 days ago


This will take years for these kids to get justice. This “POS”, like all the others felt football and their careers were more important than these children. This guy should be fired as well, not just on a leave of absence or whatever. And good luck trying to get a coaching job anywhere else. It makes me sick to my stomach to think this many people have tried to cover this up. And what about the missing D.A? Let us not forget this man presumably knew about these allegations and he is now nowhere to be found.

1069 days ago
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