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Ryan Seacrest Sued

You Let Persians Humiliate Me!

11/18/2011 4:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ryan Seacrest
is being sued by a woman who claims she was "humiliated" in a taping of the new reality show he's producing called "Shahs of Sunset" ... insisting she was "forced against her will" to play the role of the "bad girl."

The show is being hailed as the "Persian Jersey Shore" -- featuring a bunch of young, rich Persians galavanting around Los Angeles.

But according to a new lawsuit, filed by a woman named Kathy Salem, the show is just as insane and violent as every other reality show in TV ... a lesson she claims she learned at a fancy Hollywood party back in July.

Salem claims she signed a waiver before entering the shindig and understood she would appear on the show ... but "she did not understand that she might be blind sided and forced against her will to play a demeaning and humiliating role."

Salem claims when she was inside the party, she was confronted by the stars of the show -- who began to bully her and become "verbally abusive" because she was talking to a man who was allegedly engaged.

Salem claims things escalated quickly -- and she was attacked by multiple people -- one of whom tried to rip her top off and another who threw a cup of water in her face.

Salem claims the show is set to air in February -- but she wants a judge to force Ryan to pull any footage in which she appears.

Salem is suing Seacrest, his production company and Bravo -- demanding at least $100,000 in damages.

Calls to Seacrest's people have not been returned.

A rep for Bravo tells us, "Bravo has not seen a copy of the complaint, and thus we cannot comment."


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That's great news. When you play with pigs, you get dirty. Sounds like Seacrest and that loser deserve each other.

1038 days ago

Conservatives are Cowards    

You signed on to play a "demeaning and humiliating role" when you decided that instead of working or having any dignity in your life, you'd be a "reality television star" instead. This lawsuit is moot, as anyone who even volunteers to be in reality programming lacks the requisite dignity to be demeaned.

This is the price you pay for eschewing getting a real job for a quick payday. Nobody "forced" you to do anything, regardless of how stupid, weak-willed or untalented you may be.

It's simply not possible to humiliate, demean, degrade or otherwise reduce the social and/or emotional status of the kinds of losers that go on reality television beyond what these sorry excuses for "people" have already subjected themselves to.

1038 days ago


Can we sue Ryan for inflicting the Kardashians on us?

1038 days ago


Join the majority. Get Ryan Seacrest and all his shows off tv.

1038 days ago

44 Magnum    

Someone should smack the living stink out of Ryan Douchebag for producing a show as vile as this. Persians are the s*** of the earth. Nobody likes Persians. What are people thinking about? These reality shows need to go. It really shows how UGLY people are

1038 days ago


IT'S ABOUT TIME, we, the public, began to show united strength against people like Seacrest, Kardashians, Lohans, Tyler Perry, who behave as if we owe our very souls to them. These people have perfected the art of "playing" the public for all they can get from them just because they found celebrity status by being at the "right" place at the "right" time even tho some have found popular status by devious means. Prime examples, Kardashians. The Occupy people started a trend which probably will lead to celebrities on a smaller scale if the courts and judges do not buckle under pressure by big time honchos for people like Lohan who, so far, has beaten the system. Now, the latest is, overcrowded jails which seems to say, "you win!" So, what else is new???

1038 days ago


What the hell do you mean, "Persians". My cat is a persian. There are no Persians anymore, they're IRANIANS. Call them by their rightful name (of course, they can't name the show that and have anyone watch it!)

1038 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

i'm just wondering if she'll let the show air it, if they add a zero to that digit.? wanna bet, yes?

1038 days ago

For Sooth?    

This little dweeb needs to be whipped with the collective dildoes of the Kartrashians. And don't bother cleaning them first.

1038 days ago


what did you expect putting persians on a reality show of course they come with packages... usually the packages are attorneys.. sorry ryan maybe next time you should think twice before ever including persians in your reality

1034 days ago


what did you expect putting persians on a reality show of course they come with packages... usually the packages are attorneys.. sorry ryan maybe next time you should think twice before ever including persians in your reality

1034 days ago

Austin Hoffman    

this show looks like it gon' b absolutely AWESOME!!!

LMAO at the pic of these dudes trying to fist-pump:

964 days ago


Just pick up a Backstage West sometime. You can find out how the season is going to go for a lot of reality shows. Wasn't he the producer of Sunset Tan? or whatever it was called. They were listed every week in there. Need an attractive guy and girl who are going to get caught fooling around in tanning bed. Ect. Either way I don't like him and I hope she gets something. Just because I don't like him lol

651 days ago


You mean those dumb ass Persians on Bravo tv. I like the other lady with a fat ass.....yum yum

581 days ago


Who' s watching this excrement ? No, really...?

581 days ago
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