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Lana Wood

Cpt. Says Wagner Left Wood

'To Teach Her a Lesson'

11/18/2011 11:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

111811_lana_wood_videoLana Wood is telling a chilling story about the night her sister died -- that Robert Wagner knew Natalie Wood was in the water ... but instructed the captain of the yacht to "leave her there, teach her a lesson."

In an interview with TMZ, Lana says Captain Dennis Davern told her several details about Natalie's death ... including that there was a drunken fight between Wagner and Natalie that night in 1981.

Lana claims Wagner -- or RJ, as she calls him -- didn't call her until 2 days after Natalie's death and offered her no explanation, other than ... "it was an accident."

As for the reopening of the investigation, Lana says her sister "deserves the truth" -- and she never bought the official explanation about Natalie and the dinghy ... because she knows her sister was afraid she would die in "dark water."


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Good questions Harvey....I can't help but think Wagner is guilty if he did not help. Plus if the guy lies about Natalie(her character) I don't think that would stop him from letting her drown. Wagner phones the attorney before the coast guard? Enough said.

1039 days ago


Right, after 30 years this captain has now new memories. And Lana, who has done nothing in her life except trail after Natalie since she has no life, skills or talents, now wants to hawk a book to get some money since she has no career. Yikes, what a bunch of greedy losers. They were all loaded that night and Natalie died, thats it, now go away and shut up.

1039 days ago


I agree nothing will really come of this. Hopefully, living with any guilt Wagner might have is punishment enough.

1039 days ago


Isn’t it the captain of the ship who is responsible for the passengers?
Even if a drunk Wagner told the captain to leave Natalie in the water isn’t it still the captain’s responsibility for her welfare?

1039 days ago


I see The Bully boys of Hollywood are rally around one of their own and have set their commenters to protest innocence at all cost......There was and has always been something really fishy about her death,,and it was covered up back then and they are still covering it up today.....Thats the real facts here....

1039 days ago


You had to be around to read how nasty Lana was about RJ. Her big beef was she felt RJ stiffed her when he bought Natalie's furs from her for Natalie's daughters. Lana was hard-up for money so took his offer (Natalie left the furs to Lana in her will), but later regretted the priced she settled on. It's hard being the nobody sister to a super-star.

1039 days ago

Big D    

Really TMZ ????? Are you guys in the book selling business now ? 1 story acceptable. 2 stories stomachable. 3,4 and 5 stories in the same day? C'mon. now your pimping the book.

1039 days ago


The death 30 years ago was very suspicious. Everyone was loaded and something nasty happened...but after all this time, nothing new is going to come up, there will be no revelations or prosecution. Lana the fame whore wants money, and there must be some scandal in LA that they need to create a diversion to cover, as the LAPD always does when there is something to cover up involving politician or celebrities. The gullible press and masses will run after this story and whatever they want to cover up will slink on, unreported!

1039 days ago



1039 days ago


I have actually read the book, and I challenge anyone who is responding negatively before reading it to check it out and not just assume what the motivation for writing it is. Stars in Hollywood back then had even more of an ability to cover things up and control their image than stars do now. Robert Wagner was very successful and powerful when this incident took place. Something was very obviously wrong with the entire investigation, and I honestly hope the truth will come out. If Natalie Wood were your daughter, sister, mother or friend aside from being a movie star, wouldn't you want her to receive justice?

1039 days ago


The only money Lana has made since the 80s has been from exploiting Natalie's name. She wrote a book about Natalie, she's jumping in front of the cameras right now...someone wants attention.

1039 days ago


A lot of you people that are commenting to this story either wasn’t even born yet or don’t know anything about this story. Robert Wagner, was a big movie star and a very powerful person in Hollywood in those days, it like saying example George Clooney wouldn’t hurt a fly, but it was known that Robert Wagner had a very big temper, and did abuse women and got way with it because of his fame. Authorities did believe back them that Robert Wagner had something to do with this crime, but with nobody talking, and no evidence, then their no case, simple that, just like to Penn State 15 years later.

1039 days ago


This can not be proven but makes sense. I wondered how Natalie Wood's death could be closed with so many questions left unanswered. The crew worked for her big star husband. Would you cross your boss with whom you are indebted to for a job and future references? Be the only one to tell the truth. If they look deeper, lawyers and publicists played a role spinning her death.

1039 days ago


I believe Wagner has been tortured for 30 yrs. not giving the truth about what really happened that night.

1039 days ago


I tell you what, if the detectives have a very solid lead on this Natalie Wood case it would be much bigger than any episode of that TV show "Cold Case".

1039 days ago
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