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What Happened to Natalie?

Captain, Sis & Author Speak Out

11/18/2011 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


All the major players in the Natalie Wood death investigation joined us today ... and gave up all the details that led to the case being re-opened after 30 years.

One huge revelation -- Dennis Davern, captain of "The Splendour" -- says everyone on board, including himself, was wasted on booze! Plus, author Marti Rulli on how her dogged efforts renewed investigators' interest in the case.

Also, Lana Wood talks about her strange relationship with Robert Wagner since the night her sister died -- and they all tells us what they think really happened that mysterious night.


(0:00) Harvey breaks down the entire Natalie Woods case.
(12:05) Author Marti Rulli -- who spearheaded the campaign to have the case reopened -- is on the phone.
(13:45) How Rulli convinced cops to open it back up.
(16:30) What did Christopher Walken see?
(29:10) Natalie's sister Lana calls in -- and says Robert Wagner never talked to her about what happened.
(31:45) Lana says the captain of the boat, Dennis Davern, told her that Robert didn't save Natalie to teach her a lesson.
(37:05) Lana says Davern told her Robert was responsible for Natalie's death.
(43:00) Davern is on the phone now -- and he explains the events leading up to Natalie's death.
(45:50) What did Dennis hear that night?
(46:20) Davern says Wagner told his straight-up ... DON'T call the Coast Guard.
(51:01) Davern says he was smashed the night of Natalie's death.


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this guy lost hid captain's license twice; once for being drunk and once for running someone's boat aground. He wants money that is all.

1068 days ago


I find this very interesting. I knew someone not related to Hollywood or the conspiracy theories that Hollywood tries to employ, but had connections to the investigators of that day, and he told me several years ago that the investigators knew it was not an accident. confirmation. Very sad, but not alarming.

1068 days ago


I'm a little confused. Why is the Sherriff's office holding press conferences, saying Robert Wagner and Christopher Walken are not suspects? Since when do investigators start telling everyone everything right up front? It seems like they're sucking up to the celebrities here; who do they work for? I mean, c'mon; they need to conduct an investigation free from having to explain everything in public statements. Do your jobs, guys; leave the press conferences to attention whores like blohan & whoretrashians...

1068 days ago

who farted    

Years and years ago I worked with Natalie's daughter. She looked just like her. I think she was about 13-14. It was so creepy. And she was a snob.

1068 days ago

who farted    

i read that Natalie had 2 dozen bruises on her body and a cut on her face. Sounds like domestic violence. Even though this captain is a drunk, he was still there and knows what really went on. I agree, Robert Wagner probably was paying him to keep his mouth shut for the last 30 years. Maybe NAtalie and Christopher were having a fling and RObert got jealous.

1068 days ago


murder is murder yesterday or 30yrs ago....she needs the truth to be told so she can finally find peace...
ppl stop making excuses for robert and let the law take care of him...DRUNK IS NOT AN EXCUSE AND NEVER SHOULD BE....

1068 days ago


I ran across the author in a chat room over a year ago. She was ranting vociferousy on this topic to anyone who would listen. You may or may not believe her evidence -- there's plenty of room for debate over just what happened. But as to Wagner's folks implying that she is an opportunist out for a quick buck, that's just crap. She very strongly believes everything she is saying and is truly interested in justice. I have no doubt of that.

The captain would have no credibility on a witness stand but I tend to believe him for the following reasons:

1. The author seems to know him fairly well and, as I mentioned, I believe she is looking for the truth.

2. Of all the accounts of the events of that night, his sounds the most plausible.

3. I've never met a liar* who tried to substantiate the credibility of his story by prefacing it with something like, "Well, I'd sucked down a few hits, popped a 'lude, and I was blottoed out of my gourd on booze... Anyway, here's exactly what happened..."

* Hunter S. Thompson was not a liar, though granted "We were somewhere around Barstow on the edge of the desert when the drugs began to take hold" does tend to undermine my point.

1068 days ago


I believe her anger over rode her fears (with the help of alcohol) and she untied the dingy to to leave just as she did the night before only this time without the captain.
she fell and hit her head and was knocked out & passed out cold, a tragic accident with no mystery.
I think it's a shame this is being done to her family and her her memory.

1068 days ago


I give props to Lana Wood and the author of the book, Ms. Rulli. Neither have let this horrible incident die. Lana Wood reminds me of Sharon Tate's sister, they both want to see justice served. I believe Cristopher Walken must have heard something. Also Wagner is he didn't beat the hell out of her before, (24 abraisions to her body, cut on her cheek) that was his wife, why didn't he jump in after her?
Did he really wait 4 hrs? If he in fact did, something is way wrong with this picture.
There is no statute of limitations on murder. Whether it was intent or just a coverup of a crime it is still guilt.
Mr. Wagner and Mr. Walken need to lay it to rest, finally, for her sister and for Natalie Wood herself.
It's just not believable as written..

1068 days ago


Regarding the votes on reopening the Natalie Woods case... pointless? Is that serious? 79% of the people who voted think reopening the case is pointless? God forbid any of you lose a relative and have no closure. I would never wi***** open anyone, nor would I think reopening a case regarding a death.. which was so brushed over seemingly enough... is pointless. I really hope some closure comes to the Wood family.

1068 days ago


Okay, I must really be missing something here. 30 years ago the stories said everyone on the yacht that night had been drinking. Robert Wagner and Natalie Wood argued about Christopher Walken. Natalie Wood drowned that night, while Robert Wagner failed to call for help right away. Lana Wood didn't believe her sister would go near the water. What exactly is different?

1068 days ago


Howard Robard Hughes IIV.....Wow that's spooky! Clarify just a little bit. So you're saying Robert Wagner, Jean Peters, Stan Hugh were in cahoots together. They brought down Howard Hughes? Could you get a little more specific about the studio mob? You referred to Wagner as being a studio mob lady killer?

1067 days ago


Does anyone at TMZ do research? You would know then that Lana was a blood sucking hanger on that Natalie had finally cut off financially. She has every reason to dislike Robert Wagner and it all has to do with money. It's the one constant in pretty much all of Wood's bios. The other 2 are promoting a book. c'mon folks. I want to know what financially the Sherif's office is getting out of this.

1064 days ago


I have followed this story for years. The events surrounding Natalie Wood's death were very suspicious. I do believe the Captain of the boat, and I do believe the woman on the other boat who heard someone calling. I'm certain that her death was accidental, or she was pushed, but the delay in calling the Coast Guard caused her death by drowning and probably freezing water. I hope that the investigation goes well.

1064 days ago


Remember 1981;domestic violence was tolerated and it was ok
for a husband to "beat" or "discipline" his wife, on some levels of society. Lots of times, the police would not come
to a domestic violence call! Now add to this mix; Wagner was
51; which for many men back then was the start of erectile
dysfunction> No viagra and a commonly prescribed blood pressure medicine which cause importence. Now you have rumors
of a younger lover (Walken) and we have an incendiary
situation! right!

1062 days ago
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