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Tareq Salahi to Neal Schon


For Banging My Wife

11/20/2011 4:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tareq Salahi ain't taking his internationally humiliating divorce sitting down -- TMZ has learned, he's now demanding his estranged wife and her rock star BF cough up $17 MILLION ... for publicly humiliating him with their torrid affair.

Tareq's attorney just fired off a letter to lawyers for Michaele Salahi and "Journey" guitarist Neal Schon -- claiming the adulterous couple profited unfairly off Tareq's misery ... and sabotaged his career in the process.

The taunting, the $10,000 lingerie shopping sprees, the onstage make-out sessions, the penis pics ... that was all just salt on the wound.

According to Tareq's lawyer, the large-scale publicity surrounding Michaele's affair with Schon skyrocketed ticket sales for Journey's most recent tour -- all while torpedoing several pending TV deals Tareq had previously made with his wife ... before she ran off with the rock star.

Tareq claims Michaele and Neal have since put the wheels in motion for their own reality show -- leaving Tareq in the dust ... with $2 million of debt.

Tareq wants $17 million to compensate him for all his suffering. We reached out to reps for Neal and Michaele -- so far, no word back.


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When my ex cheated I just stopped talking to him. Forever. cookie cutter do it yerself divorce. Cheap. Everyone support themselves. No spousal, no tears, no court. No drama. move on.

1066 days ago


What!!!!!!! This is ridiculous.

1066 days ago


This man is the ultimate con-artist. His winery = bankrupt. His polo tournament = bankrupt. Of COURSE he is going to sue anyone and everyone. He has nothing. The best thing he could do is quickly forget she ever existed. He is going to rack up huge legal bills and then be laughed out of court. She did nothing illegal, immoral, yes, but that is not breaking the law.

1066 days ago


what career?

1066 days ago


This guy is the ultimate con artist. He had no career no money, no life. Instead he has conned his way through life with this get quick rich behavior. He is the ultimate liar. I hope this goes to court and the judge puts him in jail. He is always looking for easy money.

1066 days ago


Ahahahahahahhahahah (pause) Ahahahahaha!!!!!!! Right dude... if that was the case then every middle aged man would be bankrupt for leaving his wife for some 25year old! P.S. if the positions were reversed and Michaele was suing Tareq for the same thing everyone on this board would call her a Gold Digging Whore looking for Money.
Tareq you are a douchebag.

1066 days ago


"sabotaged his career..."

As far as I know, his only career is sneaking into parties uninvited. He can still do that without her. This is just sour grapes because he's not man enough to hold onto his wife. Suck it up, wussy; better get used to it, because it's not going away...

1066 days ago


At first I thought Chaz Bono finally shaved off the Amish beard. Fitting, since he has no balls.

1065 days ago


This should not even make it to the courtroom. Can we sue him for wasting tax dollars in the court system? Get a life Tareq!

1065 days ago


Stop dreaming Tareq. You had no career. The only thing you can do is lie.

1065 days ago


Oh Tariz! Another scam? Your wife left you of her own free will, it's obvious why. All the stunts, the White House, the Housewives of Washington, anything to make 'you' a somebody. You don't have a leg to stand on, with this petty lawsuit. There is nothing worse than a woman, in your case, a man scorned. It's ashame your parent's never instilled an ounce of grace in you.

1065 days ago


Oh waah....go get your diaper changed you big baby

1065 days ago


LOL...she was never your property. and her destroying your career??...really?!...what career? or do u mean whoring in the media? which you are still capable to do. GO AWAY PLEASE.

1065 days ago


The last desperate act of a desperate man. I want 17 million too, I had to endure countless reports on these two ever since they climb out of the gutter to sneak into the White House. I "remain distraught" by their BS and would like to put it behind me "as quickly and quietly as possible."

1065 days ago


Just toss him another plastic skank and he'll be happy.

1065 days ago
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