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Frankie Valli

'Jersey Boys' Could Cost Him

Pretty Penny in Divorce

11/22/2011 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Frankie Valli divorcing Randy Valli
Frankie Valli -- the lead singer of "The Four Seasons" and brainchild behind the musical "Jersey Boys" -- is learning a hard lesson about marrying younger women, because his ex is trying to take him to the cleaners.

Randy Valli -- who was married to Frankie for 27 years -- has filed legal docs, asking the divorce judge for attorney's fees, but what's really interesting is how much money he makes -- and she already gets.

According to legal docs, Frankie is raking in more than $515,000 per month -- presumably a big chunk is from "Jersey Boys." 

But 51-year-old Randy is already getting a big piece of the 77-year-old Frankie.  For starters, she gets $30,000 a month -- $5 grand in spousal support, and $25,000 grand a month in royalties from "Jersey Boys."

And this is interesting ... even though she's pulling in more than a third of a million bucks a year, the docs say she's getting $810 a month in public assistance.  It looks like that money is for a portion of his SSI because she's taking care of their minor children.

Hmmm.... Harvey just announced to the room he's thinkin' of a TMZ musical.


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nipples mugee    

Those Jerkey Boys sure have somw funny phone pranks..

1031 days ago


That would SSA social security for minor children of a retired person. It is NOT public assistance.

1031 days ago


Don't try to paint her as some kind of younger gold digger. She was married to him for 27 years and probably had a big hand in his later success.

1031 days ago


It makes me SICK that I have worked all my adult life, live paycheck to paycheck without all the bells and whistles, and people like her who have money handed to her, ALOT of money, still accepts assistance. YOU PEOPLE MAKE ME SICK!

1031 days ago


She's getting SSI when people with legitimate disability's are being denied because SSI pays doctors to find people not disabled? What a ****.

1031 days ago


Even if the SSI is for a minor disabled child, with that income they still shouldn't qualify. I'll say it again our household income has ALWAYS counted against how much my husband recieved from being disabled ... SSI or SSD IS public assistance!! When we first got married, with one minor child they dropped his benefits to just over $100 a month because I worked ($9 an hour by the way no $500,000 or even $30,000 a month) So long as the child is living with the parents their income should count against any benefits just like it does for the rest of us.

IF.. it's just his own SS retirement money that he paid into then fine.

1031 days ago


I read the rules. Seems each of this minor children are eligible for half of his total monthly SS payment until they are 18. What bull crap. Greed!

1031 days ago

Necola Grigsby    

I honestely do not know what "Jersey Boys" is about. I have never seen it and I do not plan on seeing it any time soon. My question is, how can a woman getting $30,000 a month get benifits from any Governmental Programs, I had a job making $11.00 bucks an hour, and I was denied assistance for my daughter and I, WHAT THE FRICK IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE.

1031 days ago


Moran,,, of corse TMZ has it wrong again...they are a bunch of stoners. She IS NOT getting PUBLIC called Social Security....he is 77 Yrs old and put that money in SS he worked... That is not free...but mist of you all want a hand out ...that is not what he is giving his wife.... are you too stupid to know the difference....

1031 days ago


give em hell lynn

1031 days ago

Thurston Howell III    

Social Security is going broke so why are millionaires getting SS checks? Yes, they paid into what? They don't need the money! How greedy can you be anyway?

1031 days ago


This information is incorrect. I am 100% positive that he is on SSA for retirement benefits and that the children are receiving AUXILLARY benefits since they are under the age of 18. These benefits are payable to the parent who is caring for the children. THESE ARE NOT LOW INCOME BENEFITS. They are being paid because he paid into Social Security therefore he deserves what he paid in. SSI is a low income program and SSA doesn't even pay children's benefits in that case. People should do a little better research before posting false information. I WOULD KNOW BECAUSE I AM A SOCIAL SECURITY CLAIMS REPRESENTATIVE WHO TAKES AND PROCESSES THESE APPLICATIONS!

1031 days ago


Let see...27 Yrs and three children ...he is making 500,00.00 and she only get 30,00.00 a mth. That is not fair...Randy take his ASS back to court and get half his money,,,,,you go girl.....he is old and ugly..she put up with that for 27 Yrs couldn't pay me any amount to go out with that...

1031 days ago


Jersey is not a community property state. Asking for attorneys fees is common place unless she starts pulling a Gibson/Ox routine with lawyers.

1031 days ago


welcome to divorce american style for men. a good reason to stay single

1031 days ago
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