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Natalie Wood Investigation

Exercise in Futility

11/22/2011 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Natalie Wood & Robert Wagner

Sources in the L.A. County District Attorney's Office are scratching their heads over the Natalie Wood death investigation, because they say there's no way the D.A. is going to prosecute Robert Wagner or anyone else.

Although the L.A. County Sheriff's Dept. says Robert Wagner is not a suspect, it's pretty clear -- as the last person to see Natalie Wood alive --  he's the target of the probe. 

Under California law, even if Wagner accidentally pushed Natalie into the dark water ... the most he could be charged with is involuntary manslaughter.  But here's the problem -- there's a statute of limitations of 3 years for that crime, so prosecutors would have had to file charges 27 years ago.   Ditto voluntary manslaughter, which has a statute of limitations of 3 years.

The only crime for which anyone could be prosecuted is first degree murder, because there's no statute of limitations.   Remember, there are no possible witnesses other than Robert Wagner.  Short of a bizarre confession, D.A. sources say there's no chance of a prosecution.  BTW, there's a 6-year statute of limitations on second degree murder.

As for why the Sheriff is investigating the death ... one D.A. source said, "It's an exercise in futility.  I just don't get it."



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What about Murder, In a Previous post this individual had stated the following:

Sophiecat: 4 days ago
For years, RJ and Stephanie Powers had a close, inappropriately close, "friendship", that included "benefits", due to the fact that Stephanie Powers' live-in love, William Holden, was a raging alcoholic who could no longer have sex due to impotence from his advanced alcoholism.

Stephanie Powers and William Holden had explosive, knock-out fights and then would kiss-and-make-up, continuing to live together until William Holden's "untimely" death, from (supposedly)falling and receiving a fatal head wound.

"RJ" knew that William Holden's death was NO ACCIDENT - Stephanie Powers had confessed that she had struck William Holden with an object, and left him lying on the floor, bleeding profusely from his head wound.

At the time, Stephanie Powers and Robert Wagner starred in "Hart to Hart", a successful television program. If it ever came to light that Stephanie Powers had caused (or at the very least, contributed to) the death of William Holden, "Hart to Hart" would be CANCELLED.

But Natalie was SICK of Stephanie Powers and her hysterical late-night phone calls to "RJ" after a row with Holden, and SICK of the cat-and-mouse games Stephanie and "RJ" played with Natalie in her efforts to "catch 'em in the act", and it was well known, WELL KNOWN, that "RJ" and Stephanie Powers slept together frequently.

THAT, my friends, was what the big fight was all about - Stephanie Powers and the "secret" truth of William Holden's death.

Natalie was SICK of her, and was threatening to go to the cops with what she knew about Stephanie. "RJ" couldn't let that happen.

And Christopher Walken? Natalie and "RJ" know some very damning secrets about HIM, too. So it was easy to get Walken to keep HIS mouth shut - unless, of course, he wanted the world to know about HIS weird little, uh, "habits".

1064 days ago

Ghost Rider    

I get it. This is all just a bunch of hoopla to get people talking about other things. Keeping in mind there are many more important things going on in the world, this all is practically irrelevant info. Now you do what they told ya!

1064 days ago


They've got either 1) nothing better to do, 2) no other crimes to investigate, 3) their heads up their arises.

1064 days ago


sorry for typo...... meant asses

1064 days ago


Why are they wasting taxpayers money on this investigation?

1064 days ago


The investigation proves once again that the only type of wood that doesn't float is Natalie. I'll be here all week.

1064 days ago


Seriously Spectra (or whatever) - where, exactly, do you get all you far-fetched ideas from? Could it be your imagination?
And as for the new "investigation" - I think it was to detract from all the headline-grabbing, damning deficiencies of the LA Sherrifs department under Lee Baca. The bogus re-opening of the Wood "case" did exactly that - stole the attention from Baca.

1064 days ago

Dragon Tattoo    

The world laughs at CA celebrity justice. Lindsay made it clear tho the world, you are considered a celeb, no one can touch you.

1064 days ago

hung and dashing    

Well, we all know that Natalie wasn't out there tying up a dinghy as only Robert Wagner told the public. And we know he didn't get the Coast Guard to look for her or assist. And he didn't turn on any search lights. And he knew she was missing off the boat. And was married to her TWICE so surely he knew of her phobia of dark waters. And we know he was drinking (maybe drugging) and in a rage. We know he smashed a bottle as he argued with Christopher Walken. We know that he went to his cabin to find Natalie in nightgown brushing her hair. We know he argued horribly with her. And we know that just then Natalie just had to tie up a dinghy banging against the boat - which makes so much sense when arguing in a nightgown. But then, we know that only Robert Wagner said that's what she was doing. And we know that she was very likely in the water shouting for help according to an ear witness in another yacht. Shouts which we know Robert Wagner didn't hear or ignored. And we know from the Coast Guard that Natalie was probably alive and treading water for perhaps HOURS - in a marina around the yacht on which Robert Wagner supposedly was looking for her. So we now know a lot. Whether Statutes of Limitation apply to revelations of such events is secondary.

1063 days ago


It's too difficult for Sheriff Crooked's deputies & detectives to work real cases so they re-open one knowing it's too old to solve but gets their faces on TV.. this lame agency should've solved it 30 yrs ago when they had the chance instead of having their starstruck heads up their jackazzes like they still do today. Can Sheriff Crooked be recalled or sent to be cellies with Mike Carona??

1063 days ago


One of the best PR scheme to come along in a long time.

Write a book, convince some knucklehead at the L.A. Sheriffs office to open an investigation on a case that's 30 years old, get national exposure, make lots of money.

1063 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

This happened in an era when the cops were easily greased and these Hollywood biggies owned em all, even OJ had some in his back pocket too. Wagner's guilty of being a jealous ******* and let her jump when she said "oh yea I'll jump right now" and he said "go ahead" and she did like an idiot, he left her thinking he'd teach her a lesson, dumped the dinghy in the water and she died which he didn't expect. THAT"S WHAT HAPPENED. and the cops let him slide.

1063 days ago

Will Yablome    

She was hot, hot, hot!

1063 days ago


this was all about selling a one cares and in a few days this will all go away..

1063 days ago


Regardless, of whether punishment can be handed out and enforced, every victim deserves a full and complete investigation into what happened to them and have the truth come out. In a case no matter how old there are more questions than answers, a reopening of the case is merited.
These people didn't just write this book, it was written over two years ago. Maybe,his conscience got the best of him after all these years.

1063 days ago
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