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Robert Wagner

I'm a Murder Suspect ... On TV

11/22/2011 8:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

File this under bad timing ... actor Robert Wagner -- currently the target in the Natalie Wood death probe -- will play a murder suspect on "NCIS" tonight.

In the episode, 81-year-old Wagner -- who plays Michael Weatherly's father on the show -- is arrested after police find him in a car with a dead body in the trunk.

It's pretty ironic -- considering the real-life L.A. County Sheriff's Department just reopened a 30-year-old homicide investigation into the death of Wagner's wife Natalie Wood.

Wagner's not officially a suspect -- but there's no denying ... investigators are definitely looking into the possibility that Wagner was responsible for Wood's death.


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i think he was responsible for Natalie's death..I dont believe she would have went near that dingy without a life jacket on...I am deathly afraid of water,as was Natalie, so I know I would want a life jacket handy at all times while on a boat of any kind. I really think and always have thought he murdered her, and got away with it.

1068 days ago


I don't think R.J deliberately killed Natalie,but he knows something,did something to her, in a fit of drunken rage.All three men should have to take a detailed polygraph test.I think Walken knows something,as well.He just hired a lawyer!Guilty conscience,I'd wager!Too many unanswered questions.She was so beautiful and talented~

1068 days ago


I said it from day one that Mr. Wagner killed her and stuck to that for 30 years. If Mr wagner was arguing with Mr Walken wouldn t Natlie be by her husbands side telling him to calm down like my wife and i am sure others would have done.. He Is guilty...

1068 days ago


This is publicity stunt to sell a book and it is hurting people. The books author is a relentless bit-bull that pushes the system until they give in against their better judgement. There has to be some protection for victims of bully behaviour. I've dealt with a bully like this and although you say no to them 100 times they just keep pressing until you crack and give in just to make them stop.

1068 days ago


20 years ago an elderly gentlemen I know said RW was bi and that Natalie walked in on RW and CW and freaked out and took off to go to land. For someone who was afraid of water maybe she was so upset she didn't care OR she threated to go to the media. Also he said cocaine was involved. Crazy Hollywood people!

1068 days ago


There is no way I will ever believe that Natalie's death was anything more than a terrible accident. The press that is out on this now and the reopening of the case is nothing more than an attempt to sell books for the Captain and get Lana Wood back in front of a camera. I will never believe Robert Wagner would ever have done anything to cause harm to Natalie. I think it is shameful that the timing of this is the 30th year since she died. Let her rest in peace, leave her children alone, leave Robert Wagner alone. They have lost someone they loved. We didn't even know her and we loved her. Can you imagine how they must feel during this smut campaign? How many of you writing comments weren't even born when she died? Where has our decency gone!

1068 days ago


There is no way I will ever believe that Natalie's death was anything more than a terrible accident. The press that is out on this now and the reopening of the case is nothing more than an attempt to sell books for the Captain and get Lana Wood back in front of a camera. Robert Wagner would never have done anything to cause harm to Natalie. I think it is shameful that the timing of this is the 30th year since she died, the captain wrote a book and poor Lana can feel sorry for hersel****ain. Read Lana's book and read Robert Wagner's book. One claimed to love her but spent an awful lot of time using her, the other loved her all the time.

1068 days ago


I always thought Wagner was guilty , my opinion.

1068 days ago


So, he plays Casey Anthony driving around with a body in the trunk of his car. BTW, there's a 3 year statute of limitations on manslaughter in CA, so the DA couldn't charge RJ if he wanted to.

1068 days ago


I think Robert W did it . jealously can kill and he was totally pissed off and pissed drunk had the motive and opp and i really find it hard to believe natalie would (who was so scaryed of drowning) would get into a dingy, that didn't happen so he beat her up then pushed her in thats it. And while he is not going to be charged he is however going to have people looking at him with a look and on his grave stone it will say -natalies killer- only u just won't see it but it will be there just the same.

1068 days ago


he pushed her, she fell over the rail and died. prove it now, NOT going to happen.

1068 days ago


sell the book folks, sell the book. she was drunk and fell over or maybe not, prove it now. too late and no one ever believed that CW and RW were not doing it.

1068 days ago


Mr. Wagner...It's impossible that you killed her. Here is why...She was heard screming for help for 25 minutes and she was saying she was drowning. If someone was murdering her they would not allow that to go on as it would implicate them as she spoke. She didn't say, Robert stop, or don't kill me, she said I'm drowing, help me...

Also, she was wearing socks. No one should ever wear sockes on a deck since one will fall immediatly. It's like walking on ice. She wasn't wearing shoes so she wasn't leaving either, so my guess is that she fell because of the socks.
When Robert realized she had drowned he may have covered up for her, not wanting people to think she commited suicide which explains why he didn't hear her either because of music as the captai said he was playing, or just didn't dawn on him it was her and when he got there it was too late. Remember that the other two didn't hear her either and they were in the boat. Robert may have also tried to cover up for himself, not that he did it, but so people would not think what they do now. By letting the dingy lose it would show that she was leaving on her own, but no shoes...So, the only explanation is my therory. It's the only thing that adds up. This was an unfortunate accident and people should let this tragedy rest. This man is not a murderer, and if anything tried to protect her and him since it would be easier then telling the truth. He may not have known the truth. No one until me just now has mentioned the socks. I have spend a lot of time on boats, yatchs and one knows socks are a no no, unless your inside and in bed and she wasn't. The deck and socks don't mix...Good luck Mr. Wagner. I have just solved this for you. How could you have done it when she screamed for 25 minutes. She could have implicated you and didn't...

1068 days ago


Mr. Wagner...Read #47...You should approve making a movie based on these facts to clear your name, your family, and to make sure no one continues with the rumors now or after your gone. There's enough evidence to clear these rumors. Who would try and kill someone in public and leave them alone for 25 minutes to implicate them as they scream. I could write, even act as I look like her, or just assist in clearing your name. The socks made her fall, plain and simple. Her screaming for help suggests no one was near her, etc, etc...Read number 47...Mke the movie and clear this mess for ounce and all, just remember me since I'm the ony person who made this clear to your TV prosecuters. They want the truth, then fine, I hope...Good luck...

1068 days ago


Soething else. Mr. Wagner did not stay around to identify her body. Someone who is guilty would have stayed behind to look like the adoring husband. All the little things, the not wearing shoes meaning she wasn't leaving either, point to innocent. The only guilty thing was Mr. wagner trying to protect himself, which he had no choice. The arguments, the drinking, etc, would have made people think he did it, and losening up the dingy, was the only way to alliviate some doubts, but totally understandable. One panics, knows he will be judged and lessens the burden, but her not wearing shoes is what makes me say this because who would leave to go to a resort and not take at least slippes. By trapping himself, he trapped the truth from coming out also, which is so unfortunate. Mr. Wagner, there's no way you could be guilty, and you shouldn't have to deal with the rumors. If you were going to hurt her, one would think the person would stay there until the job was done and not allow the person to scream for almost half hour. No one else went to help her. As I mentioned in #47, the captain mentioned playing music, plus the others didn't hear her either, so being inside, maybe passed out also, could not have saved her. Your letting go of the dingy, if you not her, think you only because of the no shoe situation, was brilliant and done in panis, but not necessary. If someone was trying to kill me I would stay, stop and call out thei name, and say they were killing me. She had almost 30 minutes to do this and never said this, according to witnesses. But you may not have known this at the time, and just panicked. You may have taught she tried to hurt herself and covered up for her by letting the dingy go. There's no other explanation and it all adds up. Anyway, enough rampling from me and I just wsh you would clear your name for her sake and her children. It's impossible you did it, so move on...Anyone who can put two and two together could figure this out also. Maybe people don't know that sockes makes one slip on a deck. Maybe you didn't know this either unless you wore them on a boat. I have and fell and learned to never wear socks on a deck. I had bruises for months and wasn't even tipsy. Good luck. Never be afraid of the truth. Sometimes it takes time to see the full picture. Bye

1068 days ago
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