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Sharon Tate

Jewelry From Grisly Murder

Up For Auction

11/22/2011 1:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Murdered actress Sharon Tate's engagement ring -- the one she was said to be wearing when she was stabbed to death by the Manson Family  -- can now be yours, TMZ has learned ... if you're willing to drop at least $10,000.

According to the auction house hocking the ring, Tate's husband -- director Roman Polanski -- removed it from her finger when he was identifying her body at the morgue. He proposed to her with it in 1967. 

For those who forget -- Sharon and her unborn child were brutally murdered in 1969 by followers of Charles Manson. Police were unable to determine a motive.

The ring hits the auction block on November 30th at ... along with a ton of other Hollywood and music memorabilia, including one of Madonna's bustiers and Justin Bieber's Super Bowl commercial jacket (below).

Check out the gallery below for more.
UPDATE: There are multiple stories that it was Roman Polanski's agent William Tennant -- and not Roman himself -- who identified Tate's body at the morgue. Roman was not in the country at the time.



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Alan Patierno    

The auction description said she was PROBABLY wearing this when she was killed- she was not! ALso- her father Paul Tate-not Roman Polanski- identified her body at the LA morgue.

1033 days ago

Thurston Howell III    

Who has put the ring up for auction? Wouldn't Sharon's sister have ownership of the ring? If this is a fake, people are cruel.

Let this beautiful woman rest in peace.

1033 days ago


First time I've had a gag reflex from a TMZ story.

1033 days ago


C'mon this is such a scam. Hawkin 'a' ring. Never would be Sharon Tates engagement ring. Niether of any of these so called celebrity knock offs.

Little known fact. Mansons followers went to the house to kill Terry Mulcher (Doris Day's son) and anyone else in the house. Manson was expecting Mulcher to get Manson a record deal with his mother's connections. Mulcher didn't come through and blew him off. Manson found out where he lived.

Turned out Terry Mulcher had already moved out had been gone and Sharon Tate just so happened to rent the same house. Nothing to do with anything.

Sharon Tate was 8 months pregnant. Didn't matter kill everyone in the house and they did.

Just look at the Jacksons trying to sell replicas of Michael Jacksons Thriller and Beat It jackets (which they had nothing to do with) yet, calling it the J5 collection for what $2400.00 a piece because they signed their names that no one cares about.

I believe the Brooklyn Bridge is still up for sale.

1033 days ago

Straight Talkin Texan    

I don't know what the "true" story is here. I just want to comment on the ring. It's an antique (vintage) ring with what look like rubies surrounding an opal center. The picture doesn't do it justice. I'm sure the ring is beautiful in person because opal and ruby look great together.

1033 days ago


you know roman polanski went crazy that day sharon was killed and never came back - it's so sad, so many people destroyed by that monster manson

1033 days ago


Worst murder scene ever. And the way it went down. Dark forces at play.

1033 days ago


so by purchasing the ring your supporting a fugitive of the USA? Hardly seems legal.

1033 days ago


Linds quacked that you'd get a better deal at That's a little disturbing cuz that means Linds knows about the ring. I hope they've got it locked up tight. Real tight.

1033 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

what a disgusting pig, to have actually removed the ring from her finger after she was brutally murdered. what, was he trying to pawn it to pay for some young hot ass???? disgusting.

1033 days ago

karen dapello    

See, you guys just don't bother doing even the slightest research - if you'd read even the most basic background of the Tate murders, you'd know that Roman was in Europe when it happened, and William Tennant has always been identified as being the one who ID'ed the bodies at the house. It took Roman time to get back, as air travel was nowhere near as expeditious as it is today. And whoever above said it was an ugly ring, look back at the styles of the day, it was the 60's and everything was very Renaissance styled - that ring was very in then.

1033 days ago


TMZ you need to get your facts straight. Although this ring did belong to Sharon she was not wearing it when she was killed. At least according to the coroner and Vince Bugliosi, she was only waering her plain gold wedding band.

1033 days ago


This was not Sharon's wedding ring. She had a simple gold band that she was laid to rest wearing. This ring was stolen after she passed away and was for sale on ebay a while back..Also, Roman NEVER saw Sharon's body...One of Roman's friends ID'd the body, then Sharon's father did too.

1033 days ago


Harvey Levin makes it a point the ring is worth more than 10k got to be alot more than that. Like it's legitimate.

Be serious. will possibly make some bucks and disappear.

Polanski was in Europe making a movie. Has nothing to do with this BS ring scam.

1033 days ago


[quote]Roman was not in the country at the time.[/quote]

LMFAO. He is a joke and needs to pay for what he did. the fact that he still roams free is a mockery. Maybe someone should get Dog the bounty hunter on the case. I would pay to see that.

1033 days ago
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